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THAD WEEK: Thad gets a Tenga Soft Tube (NSFW)

by on March 6th, 2012 at 10:45 pm, under Video

Enjoy 8 minutes and 18 seconds of good ol’ Thad manhandling and reviewing a Tenga Soft Tube US Cup, which my roommate tells me is basically a Japanese Fleshlight. The main difference, I guess, is that the Tenga isn’t designed to be washed and reused, which makes importing one even stupider than actually buying a masturbation aid in the first place. God gave you hands for a reason, guys!

If you’d like to see the second half of his Tenga review with “hands-on” impressions, click here. Of course, this video features nudity and masturbation, making it OBVIOUSLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and apparently he has to put on a Bible Black rape scene to attain tumescence. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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THAD WEEK: Thad’s FBI affidavit

by on March 5th, 2012 at 7:09 pm, under Image

Hey everybody, and welcome to THAD WEEK! In honor of the celebrated Thaddeus McMichael, we’re going to post something from the treasure trove of his lewd, lascivious life every day for the entire week. Or we’ll die trying.

Today, we share with you Thad’s very own CRIMINAL COMPLAINT filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. (You know, from his arrest last week.) I’m linking the imgur gallery because as of now, it has over 163,000 views and has transferred over 20 GB in bandwidth, which is more than I care to take responsibility for on our humble hosting plan. We’ve saved the images, however, in case the files are ever taken down from imgur for whatever reason.

I’m assuming the reason this document is being shared so freely online is because it’s a matter of public record or something. I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. Either way, it’s a fascinating read, if also a bit sickening at times. And also strangely funny, like how Thad dismisses almost all of his disgusting Facebook comments by claiming they were jokes. (Sections 12.a – 12.p, pages 4-7.)

There’s also the folder names he chose to hide his child pornography in. (Section 13, page 7.) And also what else he was storing on his USB drive. (Section 16, page 8.) Go ahead, take a look. I won’t spoil the fun.

Join us tomorrow for another installment of THAD WEEK!

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Hey, remember Mad Thad McMichael? Of course you do! He looks so harmless and happy with his imaginary anime waifu. A perfectly victimless fantasy existence, right?

Kawaii and happy

Kawaii and happy


The Detroit Free Press reports that Thaddeus McMichael, 21, of Southfield, Michigan was arrested Wednesday after an FBI investigation that was sparked by comments Thad made on Facebook. Comments like, “all cp isn’t rape, Sometimes the kids want it. Most of the time they NEED it,” and “What if I adopt a little girl? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind becoming my sex slave if I take her away from the orphanage.” McMichael reportedly said that these posts were a joke. Ha ha ha, you crack me up, Thad! And COME ON, joking isn’t against the law, right?

According to the FBI affidavit, good ol’ Thad was also “actively discussing child pornography and methods for downloading pornography from the Internet,” including comments on the topic of how to obtain child porn and how to encrypt the images. But still, just talking about how to download and hide your child porn isn’t the same thing as actually possessing it, right??

Too bad the FBI took a peek in Thad’s “electronic media sources,” which I suppose is fancy FBI language for “computer,” and uncovered the smoking gun. Or rather, between 300 to 350 smoking guns, as in that many images and videos of ACTUAL FUCKING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Thad sure isn’t doing the already sometimes dubious anime fandom any favors.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Thad appeared in federal court on Wednesday, the day of his arrest. As of Friday, March 2 (that’s today), Sir Thaddeus McPedophile is now free on bond, under the condition that he wear a tether and not use the Internet, which means he can’t read this post. Good thing, too, because I’d be terrified of him coming to rape my children. Actually, I still am.

Parents of Southfield and Detroit, I implore of you: Hug your kids and lock your doors. Scumbags like Thad are a harrowing reminder that such human grotesqueries can lurk in our very own neighborhoods, like an alligator poking its eyes through the surface of the muddy Florida swamps. An alligator that wants to fuck your kids, that is.

Special thanks to Greg K. for tipping us off. We’ll leave you with this image:

Thaddeus Pedophile McMichael, Esq.

Thaddeus Pedophile McMichael, Esq.

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Kodomo no Jikan: I’m Dead

by on February 24th, 2012 at 2:23 am, under Image, Text

I think pretty much everyone can universally agree that one of the worst aspects of anime is the whole “lolicon” deal. It’s common to come across debates of loli anime and its fandom, with most of its supporters and fans claiming that it’s all right since the girls aren’t real. In the end, it’s really just people trying to defend the fact that they are sexually attracted to the physical forms of children. I pretty much wanted to preface this article on Kodomo no Jikan with just how horrible all this shit is, but I think this post from Fandom Secrets really says it all:

Fandom Secrets

Kodomo no Jikan is the happy-go-lucky story about the trials of a 20-something embarking on his career as an elementary school teacher. It’s a slice of life tale, showcasing all the effort and rewards about being a positive academic influence on very young children. Haha, actually it’s just about how all the 9-year-old girls in his class want to fuck him and that’s okay.


This girl is literally in third grade.

What’s that? You have a problem with how this anime/manga aggressively sexualizes young children? Heh, sorry you’re so closed-minded, you dumb baka gaijin. That’s what I would say if I posted on the MangaFox forums.

MangaFox post 1

Lolicon = Shakespeare

MangaFox post 2

I read it for the story, I swear!

MangaFox post 3

This person has never read Lolita.

MangaFox post 4

Not many pedophiles are child molesters. NOT MANY PEDOPHILES ARE CHILD MOLESTERS SDFSADF

Wait, so this thing got blocked from trying to get into the USA? Looks like the THOUGHT POLICE are once again infringing on my right to masturbate to babies! I wonder what caused the publishers to decide not to release it into the international market.

Specifically, DeAngelis stated that, during his re-review of later Kodomo no Jikan anthologies, he discovered content that he regarded as highly unsuitable for publication. The pages cited were of a scene of the main characters, Rin Kokonoe and Daisuke Aoki, stuck in a room with freezing temperatures. The two embrace in an effort to stay warm by sharing body heat, and Rin takes the opportunity to rub her crotch against Aoki’s, almost causing him to get an erection.

Oh. This is why I’m going to kill myself. I’m dead now.

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by on February 25th, 2010 at 5:57 pm, under Image, Text, Video

This fuckshit has been leaving us terrible comments all afternoon about his Asperger’s syndrome, etc. Please leave the site, Eyeofgod2.

His caption for this photo on his Myspace: An awesome/bad ass picture of me

Look at this cool dude.


This is on his Myspace.

Tree of pedophilia.

I love how he makes the case that he has Asperger’s Syndrome makes him the way he is, but let me take you:
I have Asperger’s Syndrome and it doesn’t make you like that. YOU make you like that.
Also if anyone has been around the anime con scene, there are MUCH worst people out there.

~Eyeofgod2, our comments section

He claims to have received or given oral sex at an anime convention. His comment is a bit ambiguous.

I have actually done the first one at a con before and it was real, haha
None of that pretend shit! haha

Taste in Hentai: I hope I don’t weird anyone out, lol
Normal, Video game, Anime, toons, neko, Some incest, and some others

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Voluntary Sex Offender Labeling

by on January 19th, 2010 at 2:25 am, under Image

Make yourself a billboard for anime porn.

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“Which K-On character would I do?”

by on January 18th, 2010 at 4:24 pm, under Image, Video

One of these things is not like the rest.

Bonus: Fanart presentation

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Otaku Age Limits

by on October 19th, 2009 at 6:04 am, under Text

Be an otaku forever. Follow your heart's twisted desires.

Be an otaku forever. Follow your heart's twisted desires.

Well, heh, you could say I'm a modern otaku. But aren't we all?

Well, heh, you could say I'm a modern otaku. But aren't we all?

Dead Hentai Otakus

Dead Hentai Otakus

*pedo alarm blares across the valley*

*pedo alarm blares across the valley*

So close.

So close.



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It’s a scary pillow surprise!

by on October 17th, 2009 at 5:59 pm, under Image, Text

I think I'd rather be homeless than to live without spending $100 on my anime pillowcase

I'd rather be homeless than live without spending $100 on an anime pillowcase

Oh my god

Yeah, I can see how this would be more important than ... wait,

My personal preference is to not sleep on pillows that look like little girls

My personal preference is to not sleep on pillows that look like little girls

I can barely wake up in the morning without wanting to swallow a bullet and die. But this anime pillow might change all of that!

I can barely wake up in the morning without wanting to swallow a bullet and die. But this anime pillow might change all of that!

Thanks to Dylan for this horrifyingly comfortable submission!

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by on October 12th, 2009 at 1:58 pm, under Image, Text





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