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Death by Anime

by on August 24th, 2009 at 10:04 am, under Image


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a gallery of anime nerds

by on August 6th, 2009 at 12:02 pm, under Image

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In today’s world, in most societies, swords are more taboo than tattoos-full hooligans scolding vulgarities. Even in Japan, swords cannot be seen today, at least not on people. The days where samurais wore their swords and walked around is a old chapter in  history. Yet, guns are still carried around by the military, and in more open countries, commoners may have them in their pockets. Swords are…not around anymore.

I have a dream ( Reminds you of Martin Luther King, don’t I?). As controversial as I think this is going to be, I shall express my dream here, on this virtual land, manifestation of MY reality.

I hope that one day, governments of all the most mature countries would give swords the equal respects they are giving guns today. That people are allowed to wear swords as accessories as long as the swords are wrapped in cloth to prevent potential bloodshed. That governments recognises the general sensibility and maturity of the common man not to draw his sword in public. That swords become the most popular accessories next to earrings. That men and women alike embrace their swords as if they were assets.

As I close my eyes, I visualise it: People walking on busy streets, wearing a sword or two tied to their belts or waist.Some carry them on their back, like the main character of Bleach, Kurosaki Ichigo. Those who do not wear swords admire sword-lovers for a while and walk calmly past them, as if it was normal, common, uninteresting. This goes on, under bright sunlight or cape of night.

Of course, as I visualise this, there are many obstructions to my dream. The first is, too many societies are too conservative. In some countries, people with dyed hair as generally seen as “not so good”. If then, what would they think of people who wear swords? Yes, killers. People today just care too much about the details. I think in terms of appearances, Japan’s style is very open. Thats a great model for any other country to emulate. Even though, I’m not a Japanese.

Of course, more importantly, what will the government and police do about these “modern swordsmen” ? Perhaps a new type of jail called Swords Society would have to be created. I joke, but I grieve at the reality that acceptance of swords in public places is going to be far from real.
Last but not least, how much support does swordsmen need to push such a trend?If there is not even 10 brave souls who wear swords in the city, how can a pervasive “swords” trend emerge? I believe people power is the most important power in this world, and without that, great dreams cannot be fulfilled.

April 19th, 2009 at 10:24 am
Fully agreed. Let us pray for some crazy otaku to be in the government in the future. Take, for instance, Obama’s taste for videogames. But a sword society is too much of an utopia. Still… you’re not alone in this. We’re two! In fact, we’re more than two, and you can bet on that.


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Swords vs Guns MEGAPOST

by on July 18th, 2009 at 11:24 pm, under Text

This is a favored topic here on the Anime Reality, so let’s take a look at what the anime public thinks!

Hey AMN Forums, what do you think?

I don't think this guy even knows what he is trying to say.

I don't think this guy even knows what he is trying to say.

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Twin-Blade-Mike Megapost

by on July 14th, 2009 at 4:53 pm, under Image, Text

If there has been anything I’ve learned from searching out horrible anime fans, it’s that the phrase, “Guns are dishonorable!” will always lead you to gold. It’s basically the rallying cry of people suffering from bad cases of anime disease. Twin-Blade-Mike is no different in this case. As long as anime tells people they can block bullets with their katanas, people like Twin-Blade-Mike will exist.

Who would win in a fight, him or Emerald Templar?

Who would win in a fight, him or Emerald Templar?

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A Real Gundam…?

by on June 9th, 2009 at 12:24 pm, under Text

It looks like 21st Century Gundam Mech Warfare is just around the corner folks, thanks to the fine folks at Mechanized Propulsion Systems.

Mechanized Propulsion Systems is dedicated to designing, creating, and piloting the first bipedal humanoid anime style mecha in the next 25 years. The MPS Team is a group of individuals who have volunteered their time and resources for the realization of this goal.

We are a group based in Rosamond, California, near the Mojave Spaceport. We have decided to bring to life our dreams of real, working mecha, as seen in Japanese animated works. We propose to complete this task by following a development initiative plan, and using existing and proven technology to develop and meet key items in our agenda.

By using existing technology and developing new mecha technologies based on our functional concepts, our current plans envision a fully completed and operational prototype mecha within a few short years! MPS has been developing pilot control interfaces, creating proof of concept prototypes, and assembling parts since February of 2000. Slowly but surely, one piece at a time, our dream is coming together.

MPS foresees a future where mecha have been adapted to uses in the commercial, industrial, and military defense arena. With a highly modular and adaptable approach to both design and implementation, we have ensured that mecha-tech will make the grade for any situation or use.

The MPS Team

Fascinating Stuff. But how can we USE the mech?


I know I’d be quaking in my turban if I ever saw one of these bad boys!


Really, Predator drones just don’t kill enough people when they do recon.


Hell yeah boy, just imagine that mech tearin’ through post-katrina streets, saving people, enforcing justice.


Nothing is more intimidating than mecha. NOTHING.

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Meet Chris

by on May 16th, 2009 at 4:47 pm, under Image

Chris owns swords.

Chris owns swords.

Lots of swords.

Lots of swords.

Here's his collection.

Here's his collection.

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