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Eric Draven: Pedophile Chinese Kobold Wizard

by on June 5th, 2012 at 10:48 pm, under Text

This is how he wants the world to know him.

This is how he wants the world to know him.

Meet Eric Draven, or thedarkericdraven as he is known through most other websites. Eric Draven has taken his online handle from the main character of The Crow, and believes he is a reincarnated Chinese half-giant kobold warrior that had magic powers, a magic sword, and a “willing slave” that was reincarnated as one of his classmates named Stephanie. Unfortunately, he seems to have wiped his tumblr, so I could only grab parts from the cached version. He mainly used this tumblr to talk about how being “otherkin” was just like being transgendered, and obsessed over the idea of regaining his magical kobold powers. He also kept hope that his classmate, Stephanie, would regain her “previous life’s” memories and submit to him as a slave again.

Pedophilia on!

Pedophilia on!



Heh, see any other pedophiles around here?

Heh, see any other pedophiles around here?

Most of this information was produced when he was an active member of the TVTropes community. His frequent admissions to being an open pedophile and delusions of being a kobold finally led to his banning, especially after his defense of pedophilia-laden anime works like Kodomo no Jikan. He was given an offer to return to TVTropes under a different user name, but instead chose to join a TVTropes off-shoot site called It Just Bugs Me. It’s on these forums where he revealed he believes anime exists in its own dimension, like Toon Land in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This delusion is also why he would frequently refer to himself as a hero and talked about personalities like they were fictional character traits.

Pedophilia, a character trait.

Pedophilia, a character trait.

Guys, just forget that I'm a pedophile! Geeze!

Guys, just forget that I'm a pedophile! Geeze!

Fuck this guy

Fuck this guy

Life is a JRPG

Life is a JRPG

TVTropes: Pedophile Haven

TVTropes: Pedophile Haven

I apologize for not being able to grab more of his past life fantasies. He holds onto the belief that he was a half-giant kobold magic swordsman that fought in the Second Sino-Japanese War. He claims he fought against the Japanese in support of the aristocracy, despite the fact that the legitimate Qing dynasty head at the time was literally a puppet ruler installed by the Japanese during the war. He seems pretty open about these delusions, so once they show up again I’ll be sure to grab them for a follow up! In the mean time, I’ll leave you in awe with a picture of the man himself.

My real form is a kobold samurai wizard

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Remembering Spirit Overtaken

by on August 8th, 2009 at 2:25 am, under Image

As all of you are unaware, Spirit Overtaken was Emerald Templar‘s metal/goth/rock band. He happened to be kicked out of the band for being a fat nerd prior to the band completely breaking up, but we decided to take a look back at this young group of musicians that dared to challenge and break down the old fashioned ideas that music should do things like “sound good” and “not make people vomit.” They only wrote one song and their fan base was made up entirely of family and friends, but we know they will continue to rock on in our hearts.

I think they only hang out with that kid on the right to look less awkard by comparison.

I think they only hang out with that kid on the right to look less awkward by comparison.

Whoa, we're getting a little crazy here!

Whoa, we're getting a little crazy here!

Emerald Templar demonstrates the goth-metal butt bump move.

Emerald Templar demonstrates the goth-metal butt bump move.

Not pictured: Spirit Overtaken's millions of fans and musical talent

Not pictured: Spirit Overtaken's millions of fans and musical talent.

Sleeve-less shirt tucked in? Got leather arm bands? Sounds like you're ready to rock!

Sleeveless shirt tucked in? Got leather arm bands? Sounds like you're ready to rock!

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I Will Believe Too…

by on May 6th, 2009 at 8:03 pm, under Image

I can't wait for the anime version.

I can't wait for the anime version.

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A Healthy and Mature Perspective

by on May 6th, 2009 at 4:28 am, under Text

His favorite fantasies are the ones where he doesn’t get beaten up.


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Self Portrait

by on May 6th, 2009 at 4:21 am, under Image

Our favorite EMERALD TEMPLAR!!



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I Can’t Tell the Difference!

by on May 6th, 2009 at 4:16 am, under Image

Whoa! Which one is the drawing!?



This was in a folder named Prom 2008. He is currently 21 years old.

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Anime Goth Fan #45357

by on May 6th, 2009 at 12:10 am, under Image, Text

I’m a abnormal, infamous guy. I’m no ordinary freak in a world of freaks. Or maybe i’m just sane in a insane world… hm that is something to think about. Anyway I’m myself and there is nothing to it. I’m the kind of guy who’s sensitive, nice, kind, and funny, which some say dosn’t make me a man at all I guess… I don’t know, anyway i’m the kind of guy all girls say they want but still end up dating jerks who don’t deserve them. i’m still friends with all my ex’s so yeah. But i don’t get some people if someone asks you out and your not interested you say no right? i hate the drama. I once talked to a friend about his girlfriend when he was thinking of breaking up with her, later they got engaged. I have lived in Arizona all my life, my mind has been warped by my life and other things and i like it. I write poems and stories and everything else I want. My goal in life is to be myself and live in comfert. I have some ninjutsu skills and am developing my own sword style. I love to read Johnny, sqee, I feel sick, and Zombies as comics I read some Mangas, i’ll read books about zombies, demons, vampires, werewolves as long as it is interesting and good. I like anime and regular T.V. I love the Japanese culture. I like porn and am not afraid to admit it. I have been described as Newage Goth. I collect knives and things related to death just for the fun of it. And I do some art on to find my stuff type by:ssassin in the search bar and my works should come up, and I made my very own vampire smile :t isn’t it cute? I’m the type of person to never leave a friend because they are all to special to me. The type who would give his life for anyone even an enemy. The person who takes the bullet and asks for another. The type who knows of love but only because he has been hurt by it to many times, the type who will never give up. but that is just me.


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Ah, greetings. I go by many names, but I suppose the two names that I go by most often is either Matt or Raosoal. Fewer know me by the latter, so if you don’t understand, please don’t ask. It’s not something that many would believe, and I would prefer not to waste either your or my time by explaining something you may not even accept.

If you’ve even felt completely out of place in the world, out of touch with its people, or like you should have been born in a different age, welcome to my life. In a nutshell. I have donuts and coffee.

If I had to guess, I should either have been born in the Middle Ages or the Sengoku Era, either knight or samurai, when chivalry and Bushido were a more common thing than the rarity it is today. Yes, I, unlike ninety percent of the population, believe in honor.

I am a gentleman to a fault, or a regular “chauvinist pig”(Dresden Files reference here) as my girlfriend tells me. I open doors for girls, pull out chairs for them, stand before they sit down at a table, follow them the correct way up and down the stairs, get their coat and/or other items, carry things for them, and just about anything else there is to do. To put it shortly, I treat them with every respect and courtesy I can. And I never hit them. Ever. I cannot stand any guy that doesn’t do so either. By the way, if a guy hits a girl, my repayment plan in tenfold per hit plus tax.

Yes, I will charge you money for hitting a girl.

As such, I take relationships very seriously. To me, love is the one most important thing in this whole world. To live by, to live with, and to live in. Love. It’s the one thing that can forever bind two people together for an eternity. And that is just my wish. And now, I know I have found it.

I find it very hard to say good things about myself…I guess I’m a humble person, I don’t know. I just hate bragging, because then I feel like an ass, so I am only confident about what I know I can do. Still, I don’t do brag about them. I am an aspiring writer now working on a trilogy of fantasy, romantic, adventure novels. Not to mention the one thousand other ideas I have in my head. I also do a lot of drawing in my spare time, and I’m constantly improving. I’m now the lead vocalist to the progressive metal band Spirit Overtaken, made up of the best groups of guys I’ll ever meet. I never used to be involved in music(I never learned how to play a single instrument), but after spending time with the band, I hope to make my career with them. My singing idol is Fabio Lione of Rhapsody of Fire, and I hope to one day be as good as he is.

I am one of the most sarcastic people you will ever meet, which might be surprising to some, for I am also very reserved. I joke around when I can, and call friends names and tease them(more like roast them alive), but I don’t even mean it most of the time. Some people get confused and say I hate everyone, and nothing could be farther from the truth. Believe you me, when I hate you, you will damn well know it. Ironically, as to oppose my sarcasm, I am probably also one of the most understanding people you will ever meet, so much so that I scare people(I am really empathetic, and I can pretty much read people’s thoughts, emotions, and actions with a single glance). I am very stubborn. I could get shot in the head and I’d kill whoever shot me before I went. And I would die standing up.

I was born a Catholic, but I’ve sort of drifted away from actually being one. I tend to take a stand against organized religions, because there’s a lot of hypocrisy, brainwashing, and other bullshit involved in it. Religion doesn’t teach you how to be a good person; it teaches you how to be a good member of that religion. Which is why I am agnostic. I am, however, deeply spiritual. I just think that it’s enough for God if I am a good person. And many of my moral views parallel Christianity.

I’m a goth. Not a show goth, the ones who only shop at Hot Topic, where a bunch of white and black makeup, dress in all black with Tripps, dye my hair, and have so many piercings that I’d be torn to shreds if someone came up to me with a high-powered magnet. Not that goth. I am the original, old-fashioned goth, the one that scorns the show goths for being utter fools. I’m the one in the long coat, usually classy outfit. The one who understands what it means to be goth.

I am a black belt in Shotokan Karate, and hate the laws that say I can’t beat the living daylights out of someone who really deserves it, and also that I can’t carry around a sword(Guns are dishonorable, I hate them). Yes, I am also a self-trained swordsman in Japanese katana, European hand-and-a-half sword, and Spanish rapier styles of combat. I find myself often wishing I could employ these martial arts against certain people. This happens quite often, because we have a bunch of guys that have superiority complexes and subconsciously worried that someone has a bigger dick than them(sorry for sounding crass, but it’s true). Hence the reason for when people don’t realize that they have fucked with the WRONG person until they’re in a body cast. Sure, I’d like to slaughter every evil, dishonorable bastard out there with a sword. But then, it’s not like I could just tell the cops that ‘Sorry, the battojutsu just kinda slipped’….

And that, my friends, is me.


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