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Got some extra cash on hand? Then please burn it and do not donate to these people.

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Final Fantasy (Finaru Fantaji)

by on March 24th, 2013 at 8:09 pm, under Text

The Final Fantasy series has lost a lot of its brand integrity over the last few years, hasn’t it? Maybe most of us just grew out of the target demographic and don’t find Philosophy 101 styled anime soap operas all that appealing anymore. Square Enix has nothing to worry about though, since there will always be an audience out there just frothing at the mouth for the next installment so they can start writing their fanfictions starring their Original Characters (do not steal). Smug anime nerds and Final Fantasy fans go hand-in-hand, so let’s take a look at the Final Fantasy Forums and see what they’re up to.

I can already see where this is going.

I can already see where this is going.

Catholics love it.

Catholics love it.

I don't see why so many people complain about Uguu Toddler Kiss.

I don’t see why so many people complain about  Uguu Toddler Kiss.

Third World Countries: Pedo Paradise

Third World Countries: Pedo Paradise

Anime scents? Stale tears and Mountain Dew, I guess.

Anime scents? Stale tears and Mountain Dew, I guess.

Drag this person out into sunlight, please.

Drag this person out into sunlight, please.

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Cosplay in the Park

by on December 2nd, 2012 at 7:05 pm, under Video

If you can’t make it through the whole thing, skip to 2:40 and finish the video from there.

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LeetStreet Boys Breakdown

by on August 19th, 2011 at 5:05 pm, under Image, Text, Video

I’d like to take a moment here to talk about the LeetStreet Boys and why they’re deluded pieces of shit. I know we’ve featured some of their auto-tuned pop rock “music” before, but we’ve never taken a look at the train wreck that is the actual band members. Let’s start with the most prominent member and co-founder of the band, Matt:

You may need to increase your resolution to fit his entire ego on your screen.

Matt is the lead singer of the otaku super group Leetstreet Boys. Like Japanophiles across the country, Matt’s obsessed with all things anime and video games, which are his main preoccupations. He also writes about falling in love, and the mix of fandom and romance in his songs have charmed otaku girls nationwide. Audiences packed with fangirls scream for him at conventions!

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This is the best post on the internet.

by on August 16th, 2011 at 1:50 pm, under Text

Given the norm rap cannot stand up to other genres of music
No matter how popular or accepted it gets. Everything it lacks, one finds elsewhere.
Rap is the lowest form of stealing – fourthly when compared to other genres.

Notable rap songs (that still pale in comparison to everything else in my music collection): Satoshi Ise – Stage of Finalfight: Needle, Staffroll; Kenichiru Fukui – Shudder; Jun Senoue and Fumie Kamatani – Wild Canyon, Meteor Herd, Unknown from M.E. – Theme of Knuckles

Rap bands or ‘artist’s I’ve hard that suck: Will Smith, Eve, Missy Elliot, Outkast, Eminem, Jay-Z, Ja Rule, DMX, Nas, P. Diddy, M.C. Hammer, Ice Cube, J. LO, Pink, Sisqo, Quincy Jones (should have stayed with jazz you fop fool!), Pharcyde, Nappy Roots, Beastie Boys, Busta Rhymes, Shaq, Run DMC, Coolio, Snoop Dog

So you can’t say I haven’t listened to enough rap to know that it isn’t music.

Songs more appealing than rap:

Nobuo Uematsu – The Landing, The Mission, Force Your Way, Find Your Way, Heresy, The Spy, Eyes on Me, Premonition, Lunatic Pandora, Martial Law, The Castle, Maybe I’m a Lion, The Extreme; One-Winged Angel, Still More Fighting, JENOVA, Jenova Absolute, Main Theme of FFVII, Battle with X-Death, Battle with Gilgamesh, Cursed Earths, The Firepowered Ship; Vama ‘alla Flamenco, Decisive Battle, Celyrya Trunk, Iifa Tree, Gurugo Volcano, Terra, Pandemonium, Memoria, Battle with Kuja, Last Battle, Figaro Castle, Terra, A New Continent, Devil’s Lab, World of Ruin, Decisive Battle, Fierce Battle, Dancing Mad

Yasunori Mitsuda – Tyrano Castle, Battle with Magus, Ocean Palace, Time Circuits, Black Omen, World Revolution, Lavos’ Core; Dragon God, Another Termina, People Seized With Life, Dead Sea Ruined Tower, Chronomantique, Predicament, Ancient Dragon’s Fort, Radical Dreamers, Chronopolis; Unique Person’s Banquet, God’s Fist, Fight!! Then Riot; U.M.N. Mode, Gnosis, Durandal, Battle, Albedo, The Miracle, The Resurrection, Omega, Last Battle; Forest of the Black Moon, Id, Thames – Men of the Sea, Knight of Fire, Ancient Dance, Dazil, June Mermaid, Omen, Jaws of Ice, Awakening, Baring Fangs at God

Masashi Hamauzu – Majestat, Feldschlact I, Naturvolk, Trotzkopf, Erlkonig, Heimatlose, Untergrund, Besessenheit, Thema, Variation, Dithyrambus, Todfiend, Feldschlact II, Botshaft, Erfolg, Nachtigall, Interludium, Feldschlact III, Weltall, Feldschalct IV, Manie, Todesengal, Blitz Off, Thunder Plains, Decisive Battle, Challenge

Daisuke Ishiwatari – Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead), Writhe in Pain, Blue Water Blue Sky, Feel a Fear, The Original, Babel Nose, Liquor Bar and Drunkard, A Solitude That Asks Nothing in Return, Awe of She, Still in the Dark; Boom Town Blues, Midnight Carnival; Black Soul, Prologue (Shout and Burning), Suspicious Cook

Noriyuke Iwadare – Liligue, Fight!! Ver. 1, Carbo, Fight!! Ver 2 – Purification of Darkness, Fight!! Ver 3, Fight!! Ver 4 – Last Battle, A Deus, Cancaoa do Povo; Decisive Battle, Ganbo, Dight Village, Boss Battle, Mullen, Zilpadon; Boss Battle, Hiro Battle, Behind Pentagulia, Growing Fear, Melancholy Heart

Yoshino Aoki – Casually (Overworld Theme 2), Flight!, The Champion, Fighting Man, McNeil Manor, Turning Point, Donden, Conflict of Dragons, Technology, Even the Sun is Happy, Boss Battle; An Easy Win, Fighters, A Warringt God, Bastard Sword, How Long Will the Rain Last, Brave Heart, . . . And Yet the Merchants Will Go, A Raging Emporor’s Banquet, Dragon’s Blood, Turismo, Seagull Flies

Konami – Dance of Pales, Finale Toccata, Tragic Prince, Wood Carving Partitia, Rainbow Cemetary, Tower of Mist, Festival of Servants, Enchanted Banquet, Death Dance, Marble Gallery

Michiru Naruke, Damzen, Battle with Cocytus, Battle with Kuiper Tentacle; There’s Only One Schrodinger Family, Crossfire Sequence

Satoshi Ise – Stage of Geese: Vigor Force, Stage of Sakazaki: Scrap Beats, Stage of Terry: Higher and Higher, Stage of Paopao Cafe: Sonic Party, Stage of Sagat: Naked Blow, Chun-li vs. Mai, Ryu vs. Kyo

Jun Senoue and Fumie Kamatani – Escape from the City, Green Hill, Pyramid Cave, Theme of Sonic, Theme of Tails, Theme of Amy, Crazy Gadget, Final Rush, Sand Ocean, Radical Highway, Dry Lagoon, Security Hall, White Jungle, Final Grudges, All of the Darkness – Theme of Shade, Boss the Biolizard

Yoko Shimomura – Theme of Aya, Primal Eyes, Sotto Voice, Out of Phase, Influence of Deep, Under the Progress, Plosive Attack, Missing Perspective, Matrix, The Omnission of the World, Wheel of Fortune, Kyrie, Across the View, Femme Fatales, Somnia Memorias, Concensus; Pain the Universe, Bedight Orbit, The Darkness Nova, Orwin on Reflection, Earth Painting

Hitoshi Sakimoto – Trisection, Desert Land, Remnants, Apoplexy, Random Waltz, Antipyrectic, Bloody Excrement, Espionage, In Persuit, Antidote, Ultema the Nice Body; Climax of the Graylands Scenario, Minotaur, Golem, Wyvern, Abandoned Mines Basement 1, Iron Crab, Dark Elemental, Snowlfly Forest, Curly, Factory, Abandoned Mines Basement 2, Ogre, Ifrit, Battle with Guildenstern; Lost Forest, Boss Pipe Organ, End of the World; Chivalry and Savagery, The Fortune Teller

Motoi Sakuraba – A Feeling of Oppression, Field of Expel, Shower of Blossoms, Heraldic Emblem, Dynamite, Pyroxene, Invasion, KA.MI.KA.ZE., Decisive Battle, Field of Nede, Deadly Hatred, Theme of Rena, Mission to Deep Space, Tangency, Invade, Fight to the Last, Beasts of Prey, The Incarnation of the Devil, Integral Body and Imperfect Soul; Confidence in the Domination, Hopeless Resolution, At the Bottom of Hell is Distortion, Hard Chain Reaction, Rise Above the World, Circulate on a Windup Doll, To the Last Drop of my Blood, Behave Irrationally, Systematic Enemy, The True Nature of All; Scholar, Heat Wave, Relentless Assault, Invisible Hand, Visage, Botanical Gardens, Concrete, Aerial Fortress, Clock Tower, Descent Into Vice, Betrayal

Michiel van de Bos and Alexander Brandon – Cannonade, Organic, BOTMCA#10, Enigma, Seeker2, Mission Landing, Razorback (Unreal Mix), Fire, Three Wheels Turning, Skyward Fire, Mechanism Eight; UNATCO, Battery Park, Bunker, Area 51, Lebedev Airfield

David Arkenstone – The North Wind, Dark Alliance, Defenders of Arrakis, Tribute to Evil, The Machine, War for the Spice, Invincible, Vicotory is Inevitable

Kenji Ito – Caballero’s Factory, Dungeon #1, Battle #1, Battle #2, Battle #3, Booby Trap, Backstreets of Kowloon, Hell, Battle #4, Battle #5, Last Battle -Asellus-, Last Battle -Blue-, Last Battle -Red-, Last Battle -T260G-, Last Battle -Lute-, Last Battle -Emilia-; Perdu dans la Foret

Tate_Norio and Masahiko Hataya – Splendly Evil, Fairy, Seoul Love, Villainously, Pops Beat, Heavens

Tosikazu Tanaka – Heavy African, Ruins Excavation, Windy Day, Zoom Down, Intrigue, Bottom of the Sea, Speeder, Fierce Battle, Final Attack (Dency’s Arrange Version)

For all those idiots who say I haven’t listened to enough rap to know it isn’t music I can play that game as well. Since I’ve listened to roughly 30% of suggested rap (and wasted much time in the process) I’m going to waste your time. You have to listen to 30% of my suggested VGM list (or other VGM composers) and have a decent understanding of the musical aesthetics in each song for any of your comments to hold water. Otherwise, your non-points are moot.

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by on July 19th, 2011 at 10:40 pm, under Video


Edit: This is one of the worst users/groups I’ve ever come across. Expect more on them. Can only handle so much of this shit at once.

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Dream Assassin

by on June 1st, 2011 at 1:01 am, under Video

Fuck this world.

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sjbonnar: Terrible Cosplay and Photoshopped Biceps

by on September 18th, 2009 at 5:34 pm, under Image

I would do a write up on this guy, but there’s not much to say. He doesn’t run any horrible sites or journals, but he does have hundreds of images of him in awful cosplay. His favorite type of characters to play are the ones who weigh around 200 pounds less than him. Also, his name sounds like boner.

Here are his best moments:

His bicep is so big, he doesn't even need a shoulder.

His bicep is so big, he doesn't even need a shoulder.

His body: Almost as wide as his sword is long.

His body: Almost as wide as his sword is long.

Touch this chest.

Touch this chest.

Click through for the rest.
(continue reading…)

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