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Girls Only Date Jerks: The Intro of Richard J.

by on March 18th, 2012 at 2:29 pm, under Image, Text

What do you mean I have to bathe!?

In the world of terrible anime fans, there are certain topics you know will almost always bring out gold. I’m talking about topics like: guns are dishonorable, swords are the ultimate weapon, various claims of made up abilities and skills, and, of course, girls only date jerks. One of these threads on animenewsnetwork led us to the discovery of Richard J. Richard is a simple man, who goes to college and desires nothing more than a girl that will love him unconditionally so he won’t have to bathe or learn social skills. When someone suggested most “nice guys” are really just passive-aggressive misogynists with social issues, Richard lept (waddled) into action!

Why won't women recognize that I am a special snowflake?

Let me explain this topic in anime terms.

I don't take my own gender nearly as seriously.

Why should he have to do things like talk to girls and talk about things other than anime? He held a door open for a girl once! I’m pretty sure that means he deserves at least two units of sex in compensation. Let’s take a look at his varied interests!


Oh no! He didn’t mention his highly successful blog about loving English dubbed anime! Only he has provided a safe haven for anime fans that do not enjoy listening to the superior Japanese language. Anime is a lot better when you don’t have a language barrier preventing you from hearing out the cheesy and melodramatic dialogue. His blog tends to fulfill its purpose fairly well, discussing upcoming anime shows that are going to be English dubbed and released, nothing too offensive. Oh, he also posts tons of anime pictures with captions to make it look like the characters are talking to him.

A lonely heart


This is healthy behavior

Hopefully, one day Richard J will meet his non-jerk loving girlfriend and live happily ever after.

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