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“Gotta Go Fast”

by on May 1st, 2012 at 12:04 pm, under Image, Text

The purple thing is a fursuit mask.

The purple thing is a fursuit mask.

Hi again! This is quite old by now, but I wanted to post about it anyway.

Two furries, who posted videos of themselves on YouTube joyriding around in their fursuits (this video has since been deleted), got into a huge fucking accident and died last month near Silver Spring, MD. The news report states that they crossed over the middle line for “unknown reasons” causing them to slam into an oncoming vehicle. I guess blind spots are a pretty big issue inside of fursuit masks. Surprise.

Furry News Network quickly issued a eulogy for the deceased, highlighting their fursonas ahead of their real identities.

Double Tragedy Strikes Furry Community

The furry community suffered a double blow last Thursday when Vex (aka Ponybird on FurAffinity) and Loki both died in a car crash while driving eastbound on Piney Branch Road near Silverspring, MD.

The 26-year-old Vex Windarian (real name Olin Dale Sorenson) was driving with Loki Blackfang (23-year-old Sylvia Clarice Taiko Reiff) in the passenger seat. Police do not as yet know why, but for some reason their car crossed into the westbound lane and was struck head-on by a tow-truck. Loki passed away at the scene. Vex was taken to a nearby hospital but was later pronounced dead.
The tow-truck driver, Melesio J. Monterroza Cartagena, sustained non-life-threatening injuries.
Vex had recently moved with his mate, Serpy Arkavia Thylacinus (SillySerpentine) to Maryland from California. Serpy is still in Maryland, but wishes to return to California. She and her mother are working on funeral arrangement.

They buried the guy with a fursuit mask and a dead, mangled bird.

They buried the guy with a fursuit mask and a dead, mangled bird.

And the best for last, of course:

"Associate at PETCO"

"Associate at PETCO"

This was a real double whammy.

This was a real double whammy.

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Anime Kills Children

by on May 25th, 2009 at 1:24 am, under Text

A 10-year-old Washington state boy died Monday of injuries he suffered Saturday when he buried his head in a sandbox during a play date while mimicking a favorite cartoon character.

Codey, a fifth-grader, reportedly was playing among a group of children near his age late Saturday morning when the group came up with an idea inspired by the popular anime-style character “Naruto.” According to the official U.S. Naruto Web site, the character is a 13-year-old aspiring ninja who likes to play pranks more than he likes to train.

The mimicry involved Codey’s playmates burying him head-first in a one-foot-deep sandbox, Joshua Quantrille told ABC News’ Seattle affiliate KOMO-TV. Quantrille, 30, is Codey Porter’s half-brother and his three sons were among the boys playing in the sand box Saturday with Codey.

Quantrille said the other children initially thought Codey, buried from his head to the top of his chest, was joking when he started to thrash around. By the time they got help, the boy had already stopped breathing. Adults at the house tried unsuccessfully to administer CPR before emergency medical personnel arrived.

The boy was transported first to Providence Everett Medical Center and was later flown to Seattle, where he remained in critical condition at the children’s hospital until his death Monday.

Five children interviewed by investigators told the Swohomish County Sheriff’s Office that the burial idea came from the popular cartoon. Sheriff’s office detectives, who also spoke with the parents of the children, ruled Codey Porter’s death a “tragic accident.”

Source: ABC News

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