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Chrono Trigger – Mother Knows Best

Summary: Flea offers Queen Zeal just what she needs to rein in her troublesome daughter Schala.

Codes: F/F, Inc, MC, Slave, SoloF, Toys, Trans, Other (evil, magic)

“I demand to know the status of our Ocean Palace.” Queen Zeal sat haughty on her gilded throne, its cushions red as Earthbound blood. The sinister smirk and hypnotic stare she possessed unwavered in the eyes of all who looked upon her, an air of tainted elegance and grace tied to her every whimsical motion. They reminded of her lineage to the throne, her royal heinousness bewitching her people to her cause. Her cyan blue hair turned into an upraised plumage by her crown, she sat and listened to her commander Dalton.

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