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Welcome to The Anime Reality. This site is dedicated to preserving anime culture for the humorous benefit of normally functioning human beings everywhere.

The Anime Reality was created on May 5th, 2009 by eight of the following 10 guys.

  • Bruce – …
  • CharlesHello! I’m currently working IT at, but I’m always looking for new business opportunities!
  • ColinI see a mop down the hallway why don’t you go over there and get pregnant?
  • Darrell
  • GlennJust according to keikaku. (keikaku means plan)
  • Kolby –  I’m also gay.
  • MalcolmI’m gay.
  • MaxEver heard of a donkey punch?
  • NathanI’m hot. And you’re not. But if you want to hang with me, I’ll give it one shot. Top that.
  • PatrickHeh, maybe pick up a little book called A Song of Ice And Fire? Come back when you learn a little class, nub.

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