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  • Anonymous

    Arrested for using an anime themed credit card. Regardless of my agreement in it being stupid and not testing the card first, that is fucking EPIC

  • fdde

    I tried to go to that site but only saw inane comments beneath the article

  • Matt

    More like: “Man” Arrested for Trying to Pay with Anime Credit Card

  • Jason

    You guys haven’t updated in a while.

  • Jakky

    Guess you can’t keep a blog running on petty spite alone

  • pumpernickel bracket

    please we need more anime

  • no_good_name

    More updates would be nice, its been far too long since your last article.

  • The new king

    I afraid this just won’t do. See, for one: You’re all a bunch of assholes. Not the somewhat likeable kind, or the kind that does bad TO the bad, no you… prey on people you deem dorks 98& of whom have hurt nobody, you also show yourselves to be a nasty little bunch of neo-nazis what with all the “sperg” comments… You’re scum, plain and simple.
    Oh, and for two: This is MY time, and I don’t need you pieces of garbage raining on my shit-talking parade. I’m the new king of insults, and you’re pretenders to the throne. Oh, uh, by the by, I found it quite amusing that you pieces of shit were harboring an Uncle Ruckus of sorts: Tell me something, Eugene… Does your lawyer daddy know about you building an online career of “necessary spite”?(Though I’m sure he’d put it in different terms…) Want me to call your house during
    Christmas dinner and find out? I’ll tell you what, Huge Euj: You play along and go back to being a bad memory, this info disappears. I guarantee it’ll never be seen on the pages of the net again. However… If you choose to piss me off you’ll see spite on a level few in existence ever have or ever will.

  • The new king

    Ha ha ha “Huge Eug”(So I had a typo, bite me!) That’d make a pretty good porn star name, actually. Too bad you look like the lovechild of Jonah Hill and James Carville. Zing.

  • The new king

    OOOPS! Ha Ha Ha… 2013, it was. Hee Hee. My bad…

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