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by on May 5th, 2013 at 4:40 pm, under Image, Video

Anime Suit 1


Anime Suit 2


Anime Suit 3


Oh, it’s our 4th birthday! Have a bonus terrible video.

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  • Jack

    To quote Danny DeVito, “you look like a dick in that tiny jacket”

    What I’m saying is that jacket is way too small. Anime nerd knows nothing about fashion, news at 11!

  • what?!

    Happy birthday you guize! (I have a feeling you will be around for many years to come as the weeaboo army is growing…)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Sultans of Satire. May you continue to flood the net with making everyone aware of the growing pandemic that is Weeaboo

  • no_good_name

    weeaboo is such an overused word, i prefer to just call them faggots.

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