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Are you guys pulling a double standard?

by on January 12th, 2013 at 6:59 pm, under Hate Mail

A concerned fellow named Jason recently sent us one of the funniest emails we’ve received.

You guys are always making fun of people for liking cosplaying and liking certain anime characters. But would you guys still find it acceptable to masturbate to western characters like Wonder Woman or Jessica Rabbit? You people also seem to target cosplayers who are only dressed as characters made by Japanese people. But you guys seem to avoid people who cosplays as western characters that are dressed equality stupid like Superman (who wears his underwear on the outside) or Kratos (Dude wears a skirt).

I think the general stupidity speaks for itself. But in case Jason really wanted an answer about our “double standard,” how about this: The name of the website is “The Anime Reality,” not “The Western Reality.” Cheers!

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