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It’s OK, DAD ROSS is Here!

by on November 29th, 2012 at 9:42 pm, under Text, Video

SON ROSS, are you there? It’s me, the DAD ROSS. You don’t have to worry anymore, son, I took care of it. I kicked the door in to that weak baby’s house with my steel-toed boots and tactical NVGs equipped. He started going off in his dumb jock voice, saying shit like “Get out” and “Who are you?” I gave him the ol’ ROSS family zing and said, “Me? I’m a rock. And a rolling stone gathers no ROSS.” Then I let him have it with my Remington 870, double tap right to his anime-hating core.

I hope you can read this, SON ROSS. He had one of those message things that go out when you type them like on America Online. I had to delete some of his junk though, some more crap about the ROSS. Something about a show called Cat Planet Cuties and you spending  25% of a review on a musical sequence that plays out entirely in Japanese with no subtitles, removing any possible emotional context you were trying to get across. Is that a thing you watch? The cute cat planners? How do I send this message? Is it this publish button?



Semper fi

These things we do so that others may live

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16 Comments for this entry

  • Reggie

    You have issues. You seem fixated on trolling Ross Faries.

    You need to seek professional help.

  • Eugene Dammrod

    Long-time lurker, first-time commenter.

    Just wanted to say this is one of the top 10 best posts I’ve ever read on this site.

    R.I.P. Glenn

    P.S. Could we get DAD ROSS to list his Top 5 Favorite Charlton Heston Films?

  • bizarROSS

    Hey Ross, here’s another video of people making fun of you:

    Be sure to send them another 9 minute video telling them how much you don’t care

    • paradiseandfaries

      i’ve seen it. in fact, i have no problem with it. it was admittedly a weak episode and the jokes that they made, even at my expense were varied and genuinely funny, unlike these articles. i actually posted the riff on my screwattack page because i feel that they deserve the views.

  • Bec Inkster

    Dude, you seriously have issues. Did Ross fuck your GF or your mom or something? This is just getting WAY too sad. Do you actually ever talk about anime or just pick an anime reviewer to harass for a while?
    This isn’t fun anymore, not even to flame your whiny ass, you really have problems, guy. Get some help, Glenn. Please. Seriously, I’m not even mad anymore, just get some help. Be safe, hope you are ok. :)

  • bizarROSS

    Ross never fucked anything though (except for his anime pillows of underage girls maybe)

  • Orson

    dude sounds like a leprechaun

  • Tutan

    What the fuck is he doing with his hands??

  • j


  • Jason

    This Ross guy obviously doesn’t appreciate the seriousness of the situation. He isn’t dealing with ordinary trolls.



  • Paul

    What was that I heard? Minor fiasco at anime convention? DIG UP THAT DIRT GLEN!

  • Tutan

    Getting around to watching the whole vid.

    >used the boobies video as a promotion
    what kind of disturbed demographic is this supposed to attract.

  • G

    “Apparently someone went to the effort of writing an entire article flaming me!” he says with a smug grin, not realizing that he has spent how many hours compiling, filming, and editing lists of the “best” cartoon boobs and then making a 10 minute video rambling about how he totally doesn’t care that some guys teased him for spending how many hours compiling, filming, and editing lists of the “best” cartoon boobs.

  • Rustler Jim

    So unrustled that I gotta make a 10 minute video to explain it.

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