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Nerd Finally Lives Samurai Dream

by on November 4th, 2012 at 8:56 pm, under Video

Obsessed anime nerds of the world, it’s time to pack it in. I mean, this is it. This is finally the anime reality. You will likely never reach the level of anime this man has. Just think about all the factors that had to be in place here. He had to be in the same car as the fight, be there long enough to know about the situation, have his katana on him, and be lucky enough not to get shot after escalating the situation by pulling a weapon. Something like this will likely never happen again, or at least not for a very long time. The only thing left for him to do now is commit seppuku and allow the anime hordes to build a statue of him out of pocky and manga.

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  • Mr. Lafcadio Hearn.

    I wish it wasnt filimed with a stupid veritical camerica.

  • Jason

    How can that black guy sleep at night knowing he was saved by an anime fan with a samurai sword?

  • Anonymous

    I bet when the nerd went home, the conversation went like this:

    Nerd: Hey mom, guess what??? I saves a negro on the light rail with my Samurai sword!

    Mom: Honey, that was very stupid of you! You know you can’t outrun anyone. Did you even take your Ritalin today???

    Nerd: Mom, I just saved the life of someone. You’ve always told me to make something of myself!

    Mom: Your grades in college can improve, you know, ever thought of that???

    Nerd: I HATE YOU!!!

    He stomps off to the basement where he puts his sword back on its stand, looks at himself in the mirror, flexes, and masturbates to hentai in victory

  • Nathan

    lmao this video is hilarious

  • ReverendVSP

    See, this is a triumph of open-carry weapon laws!

    I hope I’m in the same room as this sword-carrying fellow when there’s an armed robbery. That way, when he discovers that no, katanas, especially chinese punch-steel weaboo katanas cannot in fact deflect or slice bullets, I can either draw my gun, or, more likely, just slip it out the back door with my family safe and sound, because I’m not a sword-worshiping imbecile with a cartoon hero complex.

  • Eli

    I wish my Aspergers could save the life of another as well.

  • j

    Man, I thought I was going to be watching some AWESOME STREET FIGHTING for a couple seconds there and that you guys were just exaggerating about samurai swords – hey, what’s that white guy with the stupid hat doing oh god

    Dear lord dear god oh christ oh yahweh oh allah oh buddha you guys are not exaggerating.

    i feel embarressed for everyone in that video and everyone who has to watch it. kill all nerds forever man jesus h christ

  • Solyka

    I love how the fellow basement dwelling nerd suddenly is so full of courage AFTER the other two ditch the subway train. LUL typical. I bet he’s a sonic-fag too.

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