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Twitter Recap – Week of 10/14/12

by on October 20th, 2012 at 11:59 pm, under Text

if i had a girlfriend and she told me she dont like manga/anime movies, oh lawd
I need a girlfriend instead of watching anime all day wishing I had one .-.
Steezy Steve

All asian little kids look like pokemon and anime characters lol
sat in the student centre alone listening to a group of anime freaks laugh about a girl that committed suicide omg rage
Well every girl wish that she is that girl who lives in a romance anime. Every guy wish that he has a pornstar as his girlfriend. I think?
I want that nigga who watches anime, skates, weird, funny, intelligent, and OPEN-MINDED. No one is like that so, I'm forever alone.
Me, while watching an anime: Ahh they fit perfectly together <3. Me, after watching an anime: Forever Alone.
Hye Kyu Beom
I love anime because reality is just too fake
Shawn Sw@y
Good god I'm the anime kid at work!..... man I need a girlfriend.....
some 24 year old messaged me on tumblr asking for advice because hes never had a girlfriend and i go to his blog and its all anime....
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  • Jason

    What’s with all the hard core looking black guys who like anime? What the fuck?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, reality is too fake? I can see some parts, but the kid needs to elaborate

  • j


    There are huge goddam insufferable nerds of every race.

    Oh, and people casually watching that anime nonsense and proceeding to make a dumb observation about it or people just being ironic. I wouldn’t be surprised if like a majority of these twitter recaps were people making fun of anime fans.

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