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Twitter Recap – Week of 9/30/12

by on October 6th, 2012 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Man. The anime scenarios in my mind in which I selflessly sacrifice myself... Reality's a bitch...
Anime cartoon make the Asians seem like they have some bomb ass body, but in reality they skin a'f
I wish iwas an anime so icould be th girlfriend to mosta these characters #ifonly
I finish watching a genuinely awesome anime and all of a sudden reality kicks in and life sucks.
17 yr olds in Anime. Nice face. Six pack abs. Tall. Strong. Smart. Big boobs. Big butt. Wth. Reality is so far different.
I fckn hate Asian bitches that look like lesbian anime characters #pissoff
when people annoy me and wont leave me alone i tell them iam going to marry sasuke a anime character and have halfhumancartoonbabies lol
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