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Twitter Recap – Week of 9/23/12

by on September 29th, 2012 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Fucked uped world i live in. Reality stinks real bad. I wanna live in the anime world!!!
I want an anime chick as a girlfriend. Bento boxes for work lunch. Ahhhhh. :)
John Pyper

Other people: I love my boyfriend/girlfriend!Me: I like... chips... and anime...
My brother's JAPANESE girlfriend has never seen an anime series. I are disappoint. ._.
ƒεмαℓε ςяч
everyone in this cafe is eating lunch with a girlfriend/boyfriend/friend and I'm watching anime
Jon Shippling
Why can't real life guys look like anime guys ?
The New Malay Girl
Sometimes.. I wish i was in an anime rather than reality..
Shamma Zahir
Sometimes I look around and starting to regret that I was not born in the anime .. or even be in a different reality ..the universe ..
Alice Andreeva
It's easier to find love in an anime compared to reality. Sure do needs a lots of guts.
yoιcнι нιrυмα
If only life is like an anime. I will look forward to everyday
Cheukwai (* ̄m ̄)
At anime club, surrounded by people just like me. Yet I still feel alone. Why…?
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