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Twitter Recap – Week of 8/26/12

by on September 1st, 2012 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Not trying to be racist but why all of these anime have big eyes but the reality is they japanese look like they wont open it.
If anime was reality so many people I know would be brutally murdered right now .
† Soroya †
Anime gives my troubled soul peace. It is my escape from reality
Judiel •애니메이션 인형•
No more sad tweets. Who needs a girlfriend when you've got anime?#Narutotime
Will Billau
someone seriously just said "DO U KNOW WHO U LOOK LIKE" so I kinda rolled my eyes and said "WHO" they said "AN ANIME CHARACTER!" haha omg! 👱
Miley Ray Cyrus
A nigga used to get the hardest time about anime and manga in middle school. All you could watch then was VH1 reality shows.
Chandler Bing
I'd rather spend time playing my PS3 and watching anime than putting up with some dumb bitch girlfriend.
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