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Twitter Recap – Week of 8/12/12

by on August 18th, 2012 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Sometimes I think the worst part about watching anime is having to face reality afterwards :/
Stephen J. Weber
why is it that there a more cute,nice girls in anime than reality? especially since anime girls are more friendly despite their appearance.
Fuckface Fupa Magoo
These Japanese people sitting right by me look like anime characters... #Nolie #notracist
Kinga Iwanska
watching one of my favorite anime shows, and my mum says i treat it like porn because i hide the screen from her and tend to watch alone. ew
Everyone looks at celebrities & are like "omg i want to look like her" while I'm watching anime like "omg i want to look like yui hirasawa"
I don't like boys. I think I'll stay alone forever and just watch anime and play video games. :)
This old lady told me I look like an Anime cartoon character. #IFailedAtLife
Make Love Not War
#HowIMetMyBestfriend when I asked her about her first impression of me she said I look like a japanese bc of my slanted eyes *anime freak*
bitch you look like a anime stripper.
sσмεтнιη sσ vιvι∂
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