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by on August 10th, 2012 at 9:22 am, under Video

Comedy gold in the first 30 seconds. Which is good, because that’s all I watched.

Just kidding, the whole thing is fucking hilarious.

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  • Jason

    Anybody else notice how she pauses after she says, “anime isn’t just for children…” It’s almost as if she can’t take herself serious as she says it.

  • Anonymous

    “It keeps me away from the real world” “Saturday morning cartoons now suck” Really now? You can’t beat Captain N or Batman. I can’t stop laughing at the whole, people who watch it have a lot of imagination. This sounds like some major USI (Unwanted Self-Importance). So remember, its not for everyone, it’s only for acne scarred adults.

    • ross

      yeah the idea that these people have ‘a lot of imagination’ is a hell of a joke. THIS IS MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER, YES I KNOW HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SEPHIROTH FROM FF, BUT HE’S DIFFERENT YOU SEE,

  • fucknasa

    this is like a nine and a half minute infomercial for this site

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