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Yu-Ghett-Oh: GhettoKaiba and his Yugioh Empire

by on May 23rd, 2012 at 6:00 pm, under Text, Video

Yu-Ghett-Oh is the hardest Yugioh squad on the street right now. Don’t take it from me, though, here’s what GhettoKaiba, the leader of the group, has to say:

So, you think your ass can duel, huh? Don’t be bringing that weak $hit here, cuz we definately be keepin’ it gangsta with every play and ain’t scared to run you out of our tournament crying like a biatch. Throw up your gang sign and chill with the crew of Yu-Ghett-Oh!!

I am your man, the Kang of Games, Ghetto Kaiba representing the Raleigh, NC section. I’m just keeping up with my own Ghetto Kingdom Tournament I hold at my crib on Wednesdays and my new foray into the offical tourneys, so if you want more than that, take that ass over to Upper Deck and get off my site, punk!

What a fucking badass. But wait, what exactly is Yu-Ghett-Oh?

Yu-Ghettt-Oh! is just like your normal Dual Monsters, but it’s definately with attitude. We have a saying here in the ‘hood : Play Ghetto or get your ass out! It seems to weed out the weenies as we have only the hardcore, trashtalkers among us.

Shit. Are you hard enough to join this Yugioh crew? I don’t think so. I know I’m not. Not even the legendary warrior GreyAcumen could step to these guys.

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GhettoKaiba has been scammed:

Always the gentleman, GhettoKaiba dons a fedora and lets you know how to treat female Yugioh players:

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