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When a Katana Isn’t Enough

by on May 6th, 2012 at 7:03 pm, under Video

The potato man in these videos went by the name of Colonel McBadass on TVTropes. Despite TVTropes being infamous for being a haven to anime obsessed pedophile apologists, he was banned when he ranted at a 15 year old girl when she said she felt creeped out by adult men hitting on her. After being called out on his behavior by someone going by Roland Jones on a different forum, he decided to post up a video to show the whole world his greasy opinions on statutory rape laws.

UPDATE: The greasy sperglord made his videos private, so here’s a summary!

UPDATE 2: Statutory rape video is back up!


You think this is something? Give me a full minute, and a gaggle of schoolgirls(Japanese, preferably.) and see how many asses I can whup! In a good way, of course.

Cane Video: Fat guy in super puffy vest flails some old man cane for thirty seconds while screaming, “I’M LIKE THE FUCKING FLASH WITH THIS SHIT!”

That’s pretty intense! I wonder what this master fighter’s ideas on statutory rape laws are?

Statutory Rape Laws: Fat, sweaty man squeezes his face directly against his webcam. He then spends about five minutes talking about how statutory rape laws are unfair and break up innocent relationships because you aren’t a child anymore when you turn thirteen years old.

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  • Nathan


  • ross

    i hope the fbi is onto this dude, jesus christ

  • Jess

    Wow, how can you argue with someone who is so well spoken and has so many great points? -_-;;

  • Peanut

    Thirteen year olds are not kids? What?

  • ColonelMcBadass

    Deluded douchebags.

  • Rhinestone-D

    Cuz a teenager is totally an adult and not a kid. I seriously wonder what warps a person’s mind into thinking this is ok.

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    An absence of bias and ignorance, though it’s less of a warping and more of a molding. I love that FBI shit, by the way. I’m sure the feds have nothing better to do than arrest someone for having an opinion. They should probably go after all the murderers for the death penalty, and all the pushers who want to legalise Marijuana first, though.

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    Oh, wait, they’d lose customers, then, wouldn’t they? STONERS who want to legalise Marijuana. Maybe some people feel murderers and ACTUAL rapists shouldn’t waste our air. Maybe some people think Marijuana can be helpful in small doses. Maybe I’m not a selfish piece of shit like all of you, and I’m against a particular law because I feel the law is unjust. It’s so sad how ignorant you are. Two people who are physically capable, who BOTH feel they’re ready, when there’s no pressure, no manipulation, what crime is being commited then? That they didn’t wait for the minor to grow to the specific age of consent so the magic switches immediately flip in their brains? Do any of you even have a single argument? Let me guess: It’s creepy? It’s pedophilia? It’s just wrong and I don’t need to explain why? People who all believe a certain law or doctrine without actually coming to those beliefs on their own, never question them, and can’t come up with one argument for it on their own, historically not awesome.

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    I forget to mention twisting the truth, Jews are evil, Blacks are inferior, a guy who sees the statutory rape law for the injustice it is… Apparently… Fucks little kids because he’s not opposed to adults and ADOLESCENTS fucking? Oh, it’s a misconception! I see! So what you’re saying is people 14-17 count as kids, and I’ve been with them!? Not the reaction I was expecting, but thank you, I’m flattered. A little forward to go out and say stuff like that, and to be honest, I’d rather abide by the law while disagreeing with it, while it’s there. Thank you again for the compliment.

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    I still cannot fathom thy reasoning of mad trolls! Doth thou really thinketh of men and maidens 14-17 as “little kids”? Methinks thou art in dire need to read thy scrolls once more! What do youthinks?

  • ross

    jesus christ, the gift that keeps on giving

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    I don’t think those really work together. “Jesus Christ” is usually used for exasperation or bewilderment, for example: “Jesus Christ! This guy doesn’t know when to quit!” Or: “Jesus Christ! Would you shut the hell up!?” Actually, you don’t really have a reason to celebrate in the first place, considering I just made you all look like a bunch of assholes. If denial works for you, though, then keep at it, I guess.

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    Jesus Christ, I guess I wouldn’t want to admit to getting owned by a greasy sperglord, either. Do not admit your defeat! Pretend you, with your lack of arguments and pitiful attempts at humor are superior to one who thinks for himself! Your ignorance is all you have!

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    I should thank you, though. Every time you prove how stupid you are with your replies, I feel that much more superior. Jesus Christ! You’d think you’d actually notice that I’m the only one here giving any reasons for his beliefs, or using regular logic instead of the insane troll variety! Well, thanks for cheering me up! I’m going down to the Y to lose some more weight and buff myself up, you losers feel free to stay on one of the least-known anime sites and fail to see what dumbasses you are.

    • Lilith

      You want to fuck children. Just a friendly reminder. Nothing you say matter, because YOU WANT TO FUCK CHILDREN.
      Also, staying on “less known anime sites” (I don’t think you ever realise what kind of site is that) doesn’t make you a loser. Screaming bullshit to a webcam, harassing teenage girls and having no life outside the internet makes you a loser. Who will never get laid, may I add, and who will never achieve anything, unless some big change happpens. You’re way too obsessed with the internet. Nobody cares about you enough to meet you and give you a chance to prove your badass creed or whatever. Some of us only care enough to report you to the cops. And others just laugh, because you’re really an internet manchild at its worst.

  • ross

    i’m not sure how fast you type but i’ll just assume between those three awfully spergy, hilariously holier-than-thou comments (i’m not even sure i’d call them replies, given that i didn’t exactly say anything worth replying to in the first place), i wasted roughly ten minutes of your time so you could make an even bigger idiot of yourself on the internet

    my work here is done, feel free to write another 500 word essay on your delusions of grandeur

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    No, MY work here is done, correcting you one last time is all I need to say.

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    Or do, whichever.

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    I hope when I find you filthy bigots you’ll have the balls to say this shit to my face.

  • ross

    oh man, i’m terrified. fucking terrified, let me tell you.

  • ross

    actually maybe i should be, you seem unstable and sociopathic enough to be the next shooting spree perpetrator

  • Frederick R. McBadass

    I wouldn’t be opposed to shooting you in the shoulder or maybe give you a grazing wound, but there wouldn’t be any challenge to it. I’d rather just beat the shit out of you. In case you’re thinking of throwing the shinkaito affair in my face,(If you’re aware of it.) I backed out because the idea of beating up an innocent guy who thought he was challenging the scum of the earth didn’t sit right with me. Regardless of why you feel justified in hating me, you’re a bigot either way, and I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep if I beat you to a pulp.

    • ross

      so you’re definitely a murderous, violent sociopath then? okay glad we got that out of the way!

    • ross

      please make a youtube video wherein you try and justify why it is okay to engage in assault with a deadly weapon over something somebody said. please.

    • Nathan

      so you’re opposed to “beating up an innocent guy” and yet you keep making tough guy threats through the safety of the internet. why don’t you just admit that you’re a fucking pussy, because your bravado is so hollow it makes the moon landing look real.

    • ross

      all the other guy would have to do is walk away briskly and he’d be safe anyway

  • Jack

    This is the greatest superiority complex I have ever witnessed

  • eve

    You say you’re too honorable to beat up an innocent men, and then in the very same paragraph threaten to SHOOT and assault some guy over the internet for the crime of making fun of you a little bit? That’s a special kind of hypocritical.

  • Delicious Idaho Potatoes

    So did you fight shinkaito? Who won?

    • Famous Potatoes

      He didn’t show up. Fatty was a whiny loser coward who will invariably get the tubers beaten out of him

  • gups

    you are ugly and fat and desperately try to assert your superiority through passive-aggressive means because you have the emotional maturity of a toddler

    $500 or your insurance provider plz

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