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Twitter Recap – Week of 4/15/12

by on April 21st, 2012 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Im lookin for a Hot nerdy girl, who likes anime, video games but has a social life and is down with reality. i love being pickey.
The only thing I like about school is I get to stalk cute ginger people that look like anime characters.
yer maws maw ☺

Ya know, a lot of anime characters look like white people. What's up with that?
Khari Adebisi
Thats it. I'll just...fall in love with an anime character like normal. And die forever alone.
I hate the asian ppl that are editing their pic's so much so that they look like some kind of a retard alien anime whore's. There -
Pyon( *´ސު`*)
There are some girls that are thinking "i wanna be a anorexia girl like her" and they can't look like "anime alien dolls" so they do Suicide
Pyon( *´ސު`*)
Why do I get attracted to anime/game characters more than to people in real? Does this mean I'm forever alone?
Julia Chang
I saw a skinny white guy wearing an anime t-shirt, holding his Japanese girlfriend's hand, and thought, "He's exactly where he wants to be."
Dylan D. Erwin
I'm such a nerd, and not the cool skinny jeans wannabe kind, the I sit at home alone and watch anime while wishing I had a girlfriend kind
Ted von Lichtenstein
Television, movies, and (above all) anime make me hate myself. Why can't I look like that?
yoo i can marry a Japanese Anime Character .. like they are too hot.. especially those in Toriko.. look at Sani, Coco <3 <3
Adelina Naa Merley
If u want an asian with big ass and big boobs just like in manga and anime, look for mixxed asians... Just sayin
No offense to those who like anime and manga tho, just dont compare us to it or expect we look the same lol
I can never tell which characters are boys and which are girls while watching anime cartoons. They all just look like lesbians.
Brie Browning
It's so cute when people on facebook deem themselves anime nerds when they watch Dragon ball z, when in reality they aren't even close
Temika A. Jackson
The nerds in my school are wanabe sex addicts well i say leave me alone and stick to your anime porn ✌
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