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What Don’t Girls Understand About Guys?

by on April 16th, 2012 at 1:00 pm, under Text

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of in the anime fandom, it’s hardcore misogyny. So what if I only wear anime shirts, never wash my hair, and can barely hold a conversation? They should be able to look past all that and see the real me. Luckily, has a great discussion about how those strange female creatures misunderstand men.

It's about time!

It all makes sense now.

Women are literally babies, you see.

That sounds like female talk to me! *draws katana*

Females females females

They say so in anime all the time!

Finally, a real question!

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  • Prekacheneg

    Anime is good, I like it….to a NORMAL extent (you KNOW what a normal extent is)

    except that those damn pesky a-shame-for-their-own-culture weaboos are ruining everything!
    and I’m not just talking about weaboo in US or Europe(mind you, I’m not from US or Europe), but also weaboos from everywhere in the world.
    They really are annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Someone could make the argument, well, girls have boring things to talk about anyway. Well, guess what, so do you, heh.

    I reduced my anime watching severely, people at work come into my office, see my Star Wars stuff, know I am a geek, but they know I can hold down a conversation and find me funny too. I love my escape from reality, but I come back to do my job in reality too.

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