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Mr. Anime murders family in cold blood

by on April 16th, 2012 at 9:16 am, under Text, Video

This is long overdue, since the incident happened almost a month ago. So, many of you are probably already aware of what happened.

Basically, 22-year-old Trey Eric Sesler of Houston, Texas allegedly murdered his parents and brother on March 20. Trey’s family was all found at home dead of multiple fatal gunshot wounds from a high-powered rifle. What makes this story relevant to us is that Trey went by the nickname “Mr. Anime” online and posted lots of anime review videos on his YouTube channel.

Here’s a video of the news coverage from CNN.

Pretty horrible! Check out some old “real” news stories from CNN, The Daily Mail and The Houston Chronicle for more details.

Thanks to James M. and David L. for reminding us to post this, as well as the informative links.

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