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Girls Only Date Jerks: The Intro of Richard J.

by on March 18th, 2012 at 2:29 pm, under Image, Text

What do you mean I have to bathe!?

In the world of terrible anime fans, there are certain topics you know will almost always bring out gold. I’m talking about topics like: guns are dishonorable, swords are the ultimate weapon, various claims of made up abilities and skills, and, of course, girls only date jerks. One of these threads on animenewsnetwork led us to the discovery of Richard J. Richard is a simple man, who goes to college and desires nothing more than a girl that will love him unconditionally so he won’t have to bathe or learn social skills. When someone suggested most “nice guys” are really just passive-aggressive misogynists with social issues, Richard lept (waddled) into action!

Why won't women recognize that I am a special snowflake?

Let me explain this topic in anime terms.

I don't take my own gender nearly as seriously.

Why should he have to do things like talk to girls and talk about things other than anime? He held a door open for a girl once! I’m pretty sure that means he deserves at least two units of sex in compensation. Let’s take a look at his varied interests!


Oh no! He didn’t mention his highly successful blog about loving English dubbed anime! Only he has provided a safe haven for anime fans that do not enjoy listening to the superior Japanese language. Anime is a lot better when you don’t have a language barrier preventing you from hearing out the cheesy and melodramatic dialogue. His blog tends to fulfill its purpose fairly well, discussing upcoming anime shows that are going to be English dubbed and released, nothing too offensive. Oh, he also posts tons of anime pictures with captions to make it look like the characters are talking to him.

A lonely heart


This is healthy behavior

Hopefully, one day Richard J will meet his non-jerk loving girlfriend and live happily ever after.

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  • Jason

    God forbid if a girl wants to fuck a real man. Unconditional love is earned, not given on the simple fact that some pitiful fucking faggot claims he’s in touch with his inner feminine side and can relate to women’s wants and needs. I’ll tell you exactly what women want.

    1) To know your intentions right off the bat, if you want to pursue her for either a) to eventually stick your schlong in her, or b) be friends with her. These “nice guys” always tend to pursue girls under the false guise of friendship. Then hit them with the “I have feelings for you” bullshit after she’s established said “nice guy” on her friends list. When the guy gets rejected, they falsely blame the bitch, when in fact it was the “nice guy” who tried to manipulate her with false pretences of friendship.

    2) Women want respect, but at the same time, they want to be fucked with, through humour, spontaneity, sarcasm, etc. These “nice guys” have one mode, “faggot”, women don’t want a “faggot”. Let’s take myself as an example, I work out, I’ve played competitive sports all my life, and I bathe (frequently).

    I’ve also practiced socializing with all forms of life, therefore shaping my ability to coincide within society. With that, I’ve realized that different women have different expectations, girls with big breasts and tight asses tend to want a good looking guy who takes care of himself. Average girls want average guys, and ugly girls (tend to take the scraps in hopes of not being alone).

    In fact, I remember reading a study that most people are predisposed to what tier of the opposite sex they have a shot at. Hence why I think most anime faggots delve into anime, it allows them to create the illusion of having a “Tier A” girl (big tits/tight ass, without actually earning it). In so many words, I feel anime faggots are lazy, and bitch about guys like me (making me out to be some jerk because I’m not afraid to fuck with a girl, as well as tell her to “shut up” when she’s being stupid) because they lack the ambition to do what they must do to improve their tier selection. In other words, if you want a girl with a supposed “anime” girls body, then you definitely need to chisel some abs/pecks/glutes etc, I don’t think half these faggots have ever been in a gym.

    3) Women want a guy who truly isn’t afraid of being themselves. I think that’s the main theme of this blog/website. All these faggots tend to escape into a delusional sense of who they are. They all tend to fabricate some insane idea that they have the ability to cut a man in two, and that it’s dishonourable to use a gun. I’ll tell you one thing, if you come at me with a samurai sword, and I have a gun, I’m going to fucking shoot you without hesitation.

    Anyways, these guys need to put the samurai swords away, the anime shrines, the whatever else the fuck they have that’s socially awkward, and just be themselves. Go take a bath, clean up your room (those pillows with girls on them, shrines, samurai swords, black angel wings, etc all need to go into the garbage) so when you invite a girl into it, they aren’t scraping at the walls in horror to leave. Just be your self, not an Emerald Templar, a grey acumen, a whatever else kind of animal that we’ve explored on this website.

    Anyways, i’m a faggot for typing that all out.

    • macho man randy savage

      When are these stupid nerds gonna stop watching their baby cartoons and lift some weights? It makes me so mad I could do a hundred pushups!

    • Nathan

      jesus goddamn christ

    • chad warden

      why should they throw away their anime if the goal is to be themselves? They like that shit so they should find someone else that does too.

    • GK

      @chad I think what he’s saying by “they should be themselves” isn’t that they should throw away their anime. Reading over his post, he doesn’t once say they should stop enjoying anime.

      What he says is that they should stop trying to adopt a fake persona. Stop trying to create this weird image that they pick up from anime. He doesn’t say “they should stop watching anime”, he says they should stop trying to be a character.

      Basically, they should drop all the disingenuous affectations. Look at Grey Acumen or Emerald Templar. Are those guys being “themselves?” Fuck no. They’re being some made up persona that they think is cool. They’re being fake instead of just relaxing, cutting the bullshit, dropping the affectations and the persona and just being.

    • Nathan

      he also said a whole bunch of disgusting misogynistic and homophobic bullshit

    • facepalm

      THIS!!! A Londoner approves of this rant!

  • GK

    These relationship posts are the best. Any time I come to TheAnimeReality and there is a new post about relationships, I get a little excited. Otakus discussing romance & sex on an anime forum brings out all of their worst qualities. All the delusion, passive-aggressiveness, externalization of blame… it all comes pouring out in a concentrated blurp of socially-maladjusted diarrhea.

    The rationalizing, the lack of self-awareness, the complete inability to take any kind of risks, the lies and misconceptions trotted out with qualifiers like “well, in my experience…” and “a lot of girls I’ve talked to…” It’s all there. Everything. It’s all there, in one anime forum thread.

  • ross

    yesss i love these posts, they rule


  • Prospector Chang

    Like Confucius always said ‘Men who complain about other men truly want other men for themselves’. Yee haw!

  • Anonymous

    That last picture sums it up nicely. Jason’s ego trip was hilarious and some parts true, but some of the terminology and the emphasis of competitive sports (I watch College Football and Hoops, but never participate and I’ve got a gal, for example) makes me wonder just what the true point is, be a homophobe and play grab ass with a bunch of guys in the field?

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