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Twitter Recap – Week of 3/11/12

by on March 17th, 2012 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Sorry for no updates this week. Enjoy a great week of tweets instead.

Anime, Manga and video games are my routes to escape from this Baka reality..
God I wish my life was an anime. Fuck reality.

Anime set high standards for girls. :/ I just realized that I am never going to find a girlfriend that like. grrr…. #nerdproblems
Benjamin Hernandez
-_- Anime... I wish you was my girlfriend ... But that's not a healthy relationship
I'm at home, Alone, and I'm watching this creepy ass anime. I'm really asking for it.
farid hafiz
Wow, he cares about his anime more than his girlfriend.
` k e l l y .
Watching some anime with my girlfriend.
Troubled Aquarian
This is the last time I let my girlfriend pick an anime for us to watch.
Troubled Aquarian
imagine anime was real so i could have a catgirl girlfriend, i would stroke her ears so that she purred
Ever notice how much anime characters look like paedophiles?
If one of you would buy me one of those anime/manga girl body pillows you'd be so kind. I wouldn't feel so alone then. 😔
I feel like that one character that's in every anime that looks like a child but in reality they're older than the main character.
Crazy Fields
"fantasy love is much better than reality love" - that's why i always fall in love with anime guys ^^
Bored, lonely & watching anime alone. This is what I get for letting my bf have friends. Lmao
Leanne Hamilton
love how on anime girls are always portrayed wit big ass boobs, but in reality they aren't -_- #annoyingasianthings
My first girlfriend was some girl I met off an anime forum(bleach to be exact) when I was like in 6th grade. LMFAO #noshame
Geoff H.
#AnnoyingAsianThings those asian people that look like they came from a fucking anime book
$moker fΔce
Another weekend being alone & watching anime ☺
Tasha †
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