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Turns out we first posted this video two and a half years ago when we had no idea who Bad Thad was. So, here it is again for fresh enjoyment. Now with bonus comments!



Even if it was kids, who fucking cares?

Even if it was kids, who fucking cares?

A possible Mad Thad sighting?

A possible Mad Thad sighting?

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  • ross

    I am glad that there are people in the anime fandom so willing to blindly rush to the defence of a pedophile, despite all sorts of damning evidence. Oh wait, they’re not doing it blindly, they’re trying to justifyfdhgdsgrblfg fuck this gay earth

    • Carmen

      I’d also like to add, Fuck these weeaboos, fuck pedos, and fuck Thad.

    • SomeGuy

      How can you not defend this guy?
      He’s a nigger who posts pictures of himself with his waifu. Shit’s hilarious. It’s usually white people who do shit like this, but he’s special, that’s why I like him.

  • Choo

    Who wants to bet that this video made his dad lock him up in his room for even longer?

  • Anonymous

    Actually I think the Tenga cup is gonna do that for an eternity of being locked in the attic

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