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Hey, remember Mad Thad McMichael? Of course you do! He looks so harmless and happy with his imaginary anime waifu. A perfectly victimless fantasy existence, right?

Kawaii and happy

Kawaii and happy


The Detroit Free Press reports that Thaddeus McMichael, 21, of Southfield, Michigan was arrested Wednesday after an FBI investigation that was sparked by comments Thad made on Facebook. Comments like, “all cp isn’t rape, Sometimes the kids want it. Most of the time they NEED it,” and “What if I adopt a little girl? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind becoming my sex slave if I take her away from the orphanage.” McMichael reportedly said that these posts were a joke. Ha ha ha, you crack me up, Thad! And COME ON, joking isn’t against the law, right?

According to the FBI affidavit, good ol’ Thad was also “actively discussing child pornography and methods for downloading pornography from the Internet,” including comments on the topic of how to obtain child porn and how to encrypt the images. But still, just talking about how to download and hide your child porn isn’t the same thing as actually possessing it, right??

Too bad the FBI took a peek in Thad’s “electronic media sources,” which I suppose is fancy FBI language for “computer,” and uncovered the smoking gun. Or rather, between 300 to 350 smoking guns, as in that many images and videos of ACTUAL FUCKING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Thad sure isn’t doing the already sometimes dubious anime fandom any favors.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Thad appeared in federal court on Wednesday, the day of his arrest. As of Friday, March 2 (that’s today), Sir Thaddeus McPedophile is now free on bond, under the condition that he wear a tether and not use the Internet, which means he can’t read this post. Good thing, too, because I’d be terrified of him coming to rape my children. Actually, I still am.

Parents of Southfield and Detroit, I implore of you: Hug your kids and lock your doors. Scumbags like Thad are a harrowing reminder that such human grotesqueries can lurk in our very own neighborhoods, like an alligator poking its eyes through the surface of the muddy Florida swamps. An alligator that wants to fuck your kids, that is.

Special thanks to Greg K. for tipping us off. We’ll leave you with this image:

Thaddeus Pedophile McMichael, Esq.

Thaddeus Pedophile McMichael, Esq.

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  • Eli

    Holy shit.

    Good on the feds.I really hope that the FBI has a special division devoted to hunting down internet creepos. If that’s a thing, I’m going to submit my resume right now.

  • Chris


    It’s actually called “The Child Exploitation Task Force” the post office also has a division for this sort of thing.

    I guess we wont see anymore videos of this guy fucking his body pillow anytime soon. Thank God

  • ross

    well i have to say, not the most surprising turn of events. glad they got him, though.

  • EDGE

    DEAR Gawd sweet jesus. and i though he was just a derp funny otaku black man. but shit and giggles no more. well a bit.

  • Skyward

    350 pics?

    Chump change!

  • Paula Pates

    Just a note from a parent of a 20 year old arrested for the same thing, currently serving 6.5 years in prison plus 10 years supervised probation – Parents of young boys and girls that are not aware there is a difference between “types” of anime. WATCH WITH YOUR KIDS!!!! Make sure you are aware of the sites they use, the stories they follow. It was only after his arrest that I discovered Lolicon sites in among the Bleach and Naruto. Lolicon needs to die!

    • Glenn

      That is truly terrible and I’m sorry something like that happened to your family.

    • Paula Pates

      Thank you Glenn, I know that all anime is not bad, I LIKE Bleach myself. I just think people need to be more aware that all anime isn’t pokemon and dragonball Z, that young minds (my son was 12 when he discovered lolicon) can be damaged by the images they see and read about in lolicon anime.

  • Realist

    Your son was just weak willed. Blame him – not the lolicon anime. It’s just animation and if your son can’t handle it then he is obviously weak. I’m sure he was arrested for a reason.

    I was 10 years old when I discovered the fun, yet disturbing world of internet. Together with my friends we would access the internet from school and go to the “banned” sites that would often feature something considered immoral – like anime porn(yes, even lolicon porn), gore, etc.

    We watched all sort of disturbing stuff, movies and games and yet I still grew out fine. I have a cute wife, well paying work, a kitten.. I recycle, I help others and I play violent games like Prototype or Skyrim.

    I’m not trying to justify lolicon, but I’ll say this: don’t blame the lolicon anime, and instead go to your kids and teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s your responsibility as an adult and if something goes wrong then you probably didn’t raise them properly.

  • anna

    hes a pedo,or him JUST have pedo movies?
    cause in deep web we can find it A LOT

    i see porn ,but that doesnt mean that i actually have sex ‘-‘

    • ross

      i’m pretty sure you can’t really accidentally download over 300 images of child pornography. i could understand accidentally finding it, but why download it unless you are into that shit? frankly you start being a pedo the moment you willingly save any of that to your pc regardless of whether you found it intentionally or not.

      the whole “openly bragging about being sexually aroused by children” thing doesn’t really help his case either

    • anon

      It’s a witch-hunt mentality. Each image or video is a seperate charge, and they don’t give a fuck if it was only in your cache (and if you delete it they can reconstruct it). My advice – Keep a low profile, avoid the deep web, and physically destroy your hard drive when you throw out your computer. Though this is good advice for anyone in the day of the Big Gov Panopticon.

  • Sheik

    Fuck you normals, thad was a bro and didn’t deserve it. Child Porn laws NEED to be lowered.

    • Krill

      Yes, because making the damage of children easier is totally justifiable when it comes to a ‘bro’

    • Kevin

      Ok all retards in Nazi America. I have killed 1+ million peps online & games yet never killed a real person. I have had over 10,000 wars yet never gone too a real war. I have seen vids in school of 7million jews killed by Nazi. Then once seen a old movies called faces of death. So if you get 5+ years for seeing CP like thad did then what should you get for seeing though Jew movies the death sentence. then for though of you retard that think your government in the right hows 20 year in prison for stealing a pair of socks. 5 years for hacking your own phone or death for rolling up your window too a cop. that’s right the u.s. is now Nazi Germany and hr347(no free speech) NDAA, Patriot remove any rights you had.S5q10 will force you too eat government crap. Wake up retards!!!!

  • Krill

    One of the worst parts of this sordid tale is the people who actually think he’s done nothing wrong, and that he should be arrested.

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed near a computer.

  • a person

    This is a conspiracy to blackmail animu people

  • Gungerman

    Yo, y’all should know our boy Thad is out on bail. Dude’s apparently up to his old tricks too. He wasn’t supposed to have internet access but I guess they gave it to him.

  • lololol

    You guys don’t seem to understand a few simple points:

    Thad had real child porn
    Lolicon is not real child porn
    Lolicon is not even considered child pornography on a federal level because it is an artistic depiction and does not depict real children

    Note that some state and local jurisdictions have outlawed lolicon. But Jesus Christ you all sound like a witch hunting mob. I’m pretty sure we have bigger fish to fry in the United States than a bunch of pedophiles, like say… I dunno, our entire government being full of corruption and general bullshit? Just a thought.

  • Catherine

    Actually lolicon is banned, they’re going to change the laws in japan as well to make lolicon go under the same laws at regualar child pornography.

  • Catherine

    Actually lolicon is banned, they’re going to change the laws in japan as well to make lolicon go under the same laws at regular child pornography.

  • luna

    I just saw this dude posting on his twitter, I can’t believe he’s out.Seriously 350 pics of child porn?! I knew he was…off but, not like that!

  • Kayla

    I just found a website called that has ‘Toddlercon’ on it. I’m sickend to my very core that that exsits. I fucking love anime, but that shit made me slightly ashamed to be a fan when all these sick piece of sh*t are talking about how much they love watch babies/toddlers have….stuff done to them. Anyway, anyone know how I can report this crap? You never really know how much pedos are out there till you stumble on one of these sites like Allthefallen….*shivers*

  • Christina

    found his tumblr even and he said that he doesn’t have any regrets if the police were after him. He also put that “I love mai waifu Kotonoha and young underaged white girls. An asian is fine too.”

  • Tim

    I’m scared for my family

  • Simon

    Oh man, if he ended up going to prison and the inmates found out who he is, guaranteed he became someone’s “girlfriend” by the end of his first week there.

    Add his delusion about an anime character being his “waifu” to the mix and he won’t last in prison.

  • donots

    The idea od child pornography is something I find absolutely horrendous, but even more horrendous and ddisgustingly irresponsible is the implication this news post by Nathan has made: “Having Child Pornography videos/images = Person is a child rapist”. And that having said media is HARMful even when technically no one is harmed.

    If the guy keeps CP, you may want to keep tabs on him to watch out. But don’t distort the truth like a fucking ignorant. Really doesn’t help the already-dubious image on the general United Statian of America in how ignorant they normally are as people.

  • Cavejohnson

    Trump will stop the weaboos

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