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Kodomo no Jikan: I’m Dead

by on February 24th, 2012 at 2:23 am, under Image, Text

I think pretty much everyone can universally agree that one of the worst aspects of anime is the whole “lolicon” deal. It’s common to come across debates of loli anime and its fandom, with most of its supporters and fans claiming that it’s all right since the girls aren’t real. In the end, it’s really just people trying to defend the fact that they are sexually attracted to the physical forms of children. I pretty much wanted to preface this article on Kodomo no Jikan with just how horrible all this shit is, but I think this post from Fandom Secrets really says it all:

Fandom Secrets

Kodomo no Jikan is the happy-go-lucky story about the trials of a 20-something embarking on his career as an elementary school teacher. It’s a slice of life tale, showcasing all the effort and rewards about being a positive academic influence on very young children. Haha, actually it’s just about how all the 9-year-old girls in his class want to fuck him and that’s okay.


This girl is literally in third grade.

What’s that? You have a problem with how this anime/manga aggressively sexualizes young children? Heh, sorry you’re so closed-minded, you dumb baka gaijin. That’s what I would say if I posted on the MangaFox forums.

MangaFox post 1

Lolicon = Shakespeare

MangaFox post 2

I read it for the story, I swear!

MangaFox post 3

This person has never read Lolita.

MangaFox post 4

Not many pedophiles are child molesters. NOT MANY PEDOPHILES ARE CHILD MOLESTERS SDFSADF

Wait, so this thing got blocked from trying to get into the USA? Looks like the THOUGHT POLICE are once again infringing on my right to masturbate to babies! I wonder what caused the publishers to decide not to release it into the international market.

Specifically, DeAngelis stated that, during his re-review of later Kodomo no Jikan anthologies, he discovered content that he regarded as highly unsuitable for publication. The pages cited were of a scene of the main characters, Rin Kokonoe and Daisuke Aoki, stuck in a room with freezing temperatures. The two embrace in an effort to stay warm by sharing body heat, and Rin takes the opportunity to rub her crotch against Aoki’s, almost causing him to get an erection.

Oh. This is why I’m going to kill myself. I’m dead now.

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  • chad warden

    all about dat ps-triple, man. man, fuck dat anime. if it ain’t on tha ps-triple it ain’t worth doin’, you gay nigga.

  • Eli

    This… shouldn’t be a thing! Why is this in the world?! Why haven’t the society police kicked in the doors of the internet fixed this shit!

    • Eli

      and* fixed this shit.

      Apologies. But it my defense, it is remarkable that anyone one of us can assemble any sort of discernible sentence after reading about some kid compare horny nine year olds to Shakespeare.

    • rdawg

      i agree that this is wrong, but to be fair, romeo and juliet was just a bunch of horny 9 year olds ._. i mean, they see each other once then bam, they must be together forever? sounds like crazy sex apeal to me
      from pre teens . . .
      but, this is just coming from someone who thinks shakespeare is an over rated pile of shit

      to the matter at hand, if you wanna argue that this isnt wrong or intended to be perverted . . . try googling kodomo no jikan with the safe search off . . .
      id be amazed to see anyone stand up for it after that after that

  • TheManWhoDoesntCare

    I don’t care lol :D
    As if anyone cares enough.
    Anyway, I really think that there is no win-win solution to this.
    Unless, you are Darth Vader intending to take over the earth and then ban all the lolis and……….let your imagination work.

    (I see what u did there :3)

  • TheManWhoDoesntCare

    What did you understand from reading my comment?
    Tell me.
    Hey Mr. Jack,
    Is that the mouthwash your eyes
    Hey Mr. Jack,
    Is that the cause of your surprise
    Hey where you at
    On the side of the freeway in the car
    Hey where you at

    • Eli

      I would also like to mention that you do not make much sense. But, as is my understanding, you probably wouldn’t care.

  • jza

    LOL this argument is stupid, i like gore anime, that doesnt mean I would kill people. I been loving gangstah hiphop talking about “your daugther in locked up in my brooklyn basement”
    It never made me a kidnaper.
    Kodomo no jikan is one of my favorite animes of last year, that doesn’t make me a lolicon.
    I think people that take too serious just need to get their views in perspective against other ‘ill doings’ like murder, regular rape, etc.
    What is true is that US as a society is a very pro-violence/anti-sex. I know many americans being shocked at the sexiness of european commercials.

  • Choo


    >secret about how loli/shota is bad

    >because OP grew up in Japan and was abused as a child and this is obviously the fault of some drawn images of anime kids

    >rage and stupid everywhere in the comments

    why are all these people falling for such an obvious troll”

    Someone shoot me now

  • Gungerman

    holy shit son I just watched the movie or whatever. They pretty much say that their old teacher raped some of them. Like one of them hears that dicks get bigger and she freaks out for a while.

    also the main girl pulls down her underwear and threatens to call for help one time when she’s alone with the teacher. Fucking insane.

  • ricd62har

    So what do you suppose a man do if he find himself with a sexual attraction to children? I have heard the phrase “suicide is never the answer” but it seems you people really want all paedos to kill themselves. I know this is extremely difficult for you to even consider because of all your conditioning, but why dont we just pretend that not all pedos are evil. You heard me right. What if pedophiles were just ordinary people who happened to get a boner when they saw kids? The only pedos you hear about are the ones who actually do something to kids, but it really is true that most pedos never molest or rape kids. Think about it. If you were a pedo, would you really just walk down the street shouting “I’m a pedophile!” No, you would hide it urgently. The fact of the matter is that it is actually difficult to be a pedo.

    Lolicon is truly a great thing because it is the only true way for a pedophile to relieve his sexual urges with no guilt whatsoever. He is keeping his distance from children and he is masturbating to something that has not harmed any children, as opposed to child pornography. Sexuality is a very important thing for the human being, and it can be hard to live with a sexual preference that is so severely frowned upon. In a world without lolicon, a pedo will have nothing to relieve his sexual frustration. The sexual desire will continue to grow and when he reaches the peak of his sex drive, it will be strong enough to make him go mad. He will stop caring about anything other than the fact that he is a pedo and may commit suicide or rape a child.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, lolicon is the best way for a pedophile to get some peace of mind and become a productive member of society. Paedophilia is not a defining trait of a human. It is just one aspect of him and you should not judge someone entirely on what makes them hard. Maybe the next albert einstein is also a paedo. I just want you to be more open minded and realize that lolicon and pedos are not inherently evil

    I probably wasted my time writing this, though. No anti-pedo would bother reading this wall of text. Even if they did, they would probably just disregard everthing i wrote because it is about the evil pedophiles who lurk in the streets wating for the next child to prey on. It doesnt help that things like LSD are illegal. This kind of drug makes people more open minded, but i am starting to digress.

    • Kirian

      I read your wall of thext and i agree with you. Btw, i like lolis stories, but only regarding anime and manga, aka fictional ones, not interested in real people, my GF is enought. :)

    • ryomisa

      that’s cool as long as you don’t try praising this shit speal of a genre as anything more then fap-material. you know like the closet pedos on mangafox.

  • Kirian

    Btw, kojijan is a great manga, very fun story but i see not all can appreciate and deep understand it.

  • Anime fan with a sense of humor

    You site is pretty funny. I can understand why poeple take offense to lolicon material, and i am glad that it’s such a taboo here in the U.S. That’s said i do want the freedom for movies like Hard Candy and other films about pedophilia that are more though provoking than sleazy.

  • Brian

    If you’re not a woman, you sure sound like one complaining about porn all the time, I hope you’re not holding your breath. Most of things your disgusted by are just the very tip of the iceberg, happy new year.

  • jack sparrow

    do keep in mind that not all lolis are actually underage, lolicon only refer to girls/women who appear to be young ie. the scarlet sisters from touhou, they apear very young yet are centuries old.

  • jack sparrow

    @ fucking douchebag, you act like you are smart, yet your choice of words say otherwise, you ignorant bastard.

  • jack sparrow

    @nathan, at which point did i defend pedo’s? i merely posted facts that lolicon referred to how they look not how old they are but i should expect another ignorant reply, think a little please and do your RESEARCH.

  • jack sparrow

    @ Fucking Douchebag the n woed is ignorant, unlike hating pedos

  • ricd62har

    Where do you freaks come from? defending people who are suffering from a serious problem and try to use lolicon as an outlet for their unwanted sexual desires? Absolutely sick. You people should have your skin slowly peeled off and then have your brain boiled for being so open minded.

    • ryomisa

      you sound like a pedo if i’ve ever herd one, chill. Maybe get professional help, fuccboi. an understanding for kid fuckers=/=being open minded.Seriously, get help.

  • no_good_name

    I thought lolicon was a convention like A-con.
    Kodomo no jikan is funny, ive enjoyed all the butthurt its generated.

  • Pope

    Thanks! I hadn’t heard of this anime :3

  • Themiddleman

    You know it’s not at all surprising that people are not “O.K” with the whole idea of a 9yr old girl wanting to have an intimate relationship with her 23yr old teacher. I can’t say it’s necessarily ok for that to happen *or at least in our day and age*. Here’s the thing, I really enjoyed this anime and thats hard to say for me since im not a anime fan and i hardly watch anyways. However based on the depth of the story, if you actually analyze the backstory, you might just come to understand why the story is the way it is, why Rin behaves the way she does. I can also tell most of you have not dealt with young girls around 9…and let me tell you when i was 17 and worked at a tennis camp, you can best bet that they are very curious and ask questions about stuff that make your brain cramp trying to figure out how to explain in pg. Many of them esp the ones that seem the most happy and go lucky, usually have some problem whether at home, at camp, or about something and those are the ones very similar to Rin that I can see, make Rin a somewhat reasonable and realistic character. To the extent that Daisuke Aoki had to deal with younger kids, i can relate to…i suppose i can relate to having to deal with a crush or two by girls around the age of Rin but of course nothing quite as extreme as Rin …and yes like Daisuke, it’s hard to explain to them that they are too young and that it can’t happen and that’s how its gotta be. One of the girls i taught, told me something that helped me also to understand why they develop crushes on older guys and it’s because they feel they can trust elders and since girls do mature faster than guys, they tend to be annoyed by guys and like the fact thay older guys are usually more caring and understanding, this is something that can be seen in Kodomo no Jikan as well. I could go on, but i guess what im trying to say is that, yes it’s a bit taboo, the whole storyline, BUT the idea of the storyline is something very deep if you take the time to understand and from a some what similar life experience, i recognize how the anime is realistic to some extents, I’m just being fair though.

  • Glenn

    You know, all these passionately angry pro-pedophilia rants by creepy beardlords has really turned my head around on the subject. I’m heading to my first NAMBLA meeting next week. Thanks guys.

  • Themiddleman

    And you mean creepy beardlords as in the people who don’t have any experience in life right…? I think it is sad that there is so many inappropriate things in life and in fact do not support pedophilia, however i do not shun those who are into that stuff and unless they phyically do something, i won’t complain. I think it’s interesting how discrimination still exists in the world of today, however im not at all surprised because i recognize that in every generation, what is socially accept, changes. Taken from all the comments i read, both sides being very clear about how they feel, i have to say that it’s clear that *for this show in particular* there is not really one right way to approach it. Since i never even knew what the show was, i just watched it and happened to like it.

  • Perle Gouthier

    anyone with the intention of sexual attraction to children is “F.U.B.A.R”…. doesn’t matter if you didn’t physically molest the child.

    Imagine if it was legal!( some countries are actually legalizing it ).

    They would think it’s okay to marry children younger than 9 and seducing them. SMH! I say no mercy for anyone with intentions that evil.

  • Anito

    Being a pedophile is something you were born with. There is no cure to it.
    Child Porn is wrong because the children are introduced to a world of pain and are being taught of things that they are not prepared for. Lolicon on the other hand promotes a wild imagination without harming anyone.
    Sincerely yours,
    A Responsible Pedophile

  • niggerbitch

    lol, yea this was a pretty messed up anime, and the author was female…. but yea, its not “good for the story” its just fap material like others mentioned, and if your one of those who do fap to it im sure a good 90% arent pedos, a pedo is an exclusive attraction to real children… in this case they look nothing like actual people, and hell im not defending it, if your one of those your most likely the kind of person that faps to anything that moves, reguardless of anything… and that pretty much sums up a chunk of the internet.. and when most of the internet is on that side theres not much you can do to stop it… that sums up being a pervert, and hell you cant stop that now can ya? i spent 90% of my time laughing my ass off during this anime though. it was so unrealistic, they gave rin the body of a child and the personality of a sexually deprived prostitute….

  • niggerbitch

    lol, yea this was a pretty messed up anime, and the author was female…. but yea, its not “good for the story” its just fap material like others mentioned, and if your one of those who do fap to it im sure a good 90% arent pedos, a pedo is an exclusive attraction to real children… in this case they look nothing like actual people, and hell im not defending it, if your one of those your most likely the kind of person that faps to anything that moves, reguardless of anything… and that pretty much sums up a chunk of the internet.. and when most of the internet is on that side theres not much you can do to stop it… that sums up being a pervert, and hell you cant stop that now can ya? i spent 90% of my time laughing my ass off during this anime though. it was so unrealistic, they gave rin the body of a child and the personality of a sexually deprived prostitute…. if you think thats bad look at a good chunk of japenese H games

  • Zero

    I think that Kodomo no Jikan is a masterpiece. There is no Anime that can compare with it, and ther enever will be. Manga is even better. I highly recomend to read it, you wont regret it i swear God. I dont know whats with people talking shit about this Anime. There are psichopatic movies with ridicilous killers and rape and they find KNJ dangerous. What about the movies with ridicilous way of killing. How about googling and checking how many psichopats used the stuff from movies just to check if it works the way that holywood presents -.- there is load of similar stuff, and if they want to ban stuff like that, maybe they should start with porn… i dont see anyone giveing a damn about that.

  • Sunrise

    You know, Noble from Lost Pause, one of THE BIGGEST (and most lovable) WEEABOOS on the internet, thought Kodomo no Jikan was, in his words, a trainwreck.

    When one of the biggest weebs in the internet decides enough is enough, you know you screwed up BIG TIME. Still not even a sixteenth of the atrocity that is Boku no Pico though, I’ll give it that.

    I don’t know what else to say at this point.

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