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Twitter Recap – Week of 2/5/12

by on February 11th, 2012 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Thanks to @Synkronization and @Vic_Blonde for the #FFs this week!

I'm thinking of turning back to anime because all of the real douches in reality just piss me off.
Tyler Miles
Hiding from the super bowl and watching violent murderous anime with my girlfriend.
DJ Gallagher

I'm gonna b single 4 valentines day! As always. Nobodys gonna want a girlfriend who's addicted to yaoi and anime
Naima Henry
Wait, I feel like a bitch. This anime looking kid was talking about the weather for like 10 minutes and I look over and he's talking to me..
Carly Pritchard
I am a "forever alone" girl. Know why? Because I am in love with Tatsumi Oga & Percy Jackson who only exist in a fiction novel and anime :)
Dear idiot guys in front of me: If all you know of Japanese girls is what you watch on anime porn, STFU & leave them alone. Dicks.
I'm home alone watch Anime.. while everyone is watching the super bowl with their family.#sad
Alexander ortiz
My mom didn't even stay with me today, I was alone with the nigger nurse and anime ugh why is she mad at me though idgi..
Sailor Moon
Do I look like a person that would watch Anime? Well, I love it.
I look like this ^___^...kinda like an asian anime character.
The Freakin' Rican
I'm getting tired of seeing guys that look like they've teleported over here from an anime, and starved themselves silly for weeks.
Ginny Hy
Ahh my younger brother's girlfriend is into anime... #Shouldveknown he would go for a weirdo
Shannon Haley
when your watching #anime your never alone
ザビエル奈良₰(✘avier Nara™
I should stop crushing on anime characters so much ;A;; They're fictional, that's the sad reality T^T
andrea_2198 :D
To people who say anime is their girlfriend , YOU ARE FUCKING WEIRD!
Mr. Blonde
Yeaah, your never gonna have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Just go back to anime club..
Gabriella Borrero
Watching an asian movie & I'm thinking how the actors look a lot like the anime ones & this niggas says "I want chinese food" -_-
Watching my anime alone tonight :(
Beanie (Bean) Baby
A certain weeaboo is REALLY pissing me off right now. "how come you're learning Japanese if you don't even like anime?! That's a fail!" NO.
Oh yeah, he also said "I wish I could go to japanese school, I'd get a girlfriend and it'll be just like in an anime!" OH MY FUCKING GOD...
My girlfriend's anime obsession really upsets me sometimes. I have to constantly remind myself that no one is perfect. @
daniel haire
when people say anime guys look like girls.....stop
D O B B Y :---)
Oh, okay. I'll just sit here in my corner and watch anime. Alone. /wrist
Andrea Villaflores
Ah man back to reality >< Been doing nothing but watching anime for 2 days straight.
Chan Clementine
Liking anime is okay but when I see you on twitter saying shit like "WATCHING ANIME FOREVER ALONE" or "ANIME IS MY ONLY GIRLFRIEND" fuck you
Mr. Blonde
>.>;; i do not freaking look like an anime girl
namhyeeun ♥
I like anime. Whether you look at me funny because of my shirt or not. #sailormoonisgreat
Amanda DiMaria
Pinky said I look like a anime character a long time ago. I watched Naturo a few days ago and seen the resemblance =
SheDoBad Shit
home alone with pizza and anime who needs a bf? NOT ME HAHA if u think I'm jk then u don't know me
katelyn bryan
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