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Twitter Recap – Week of 12/25/11

by on December 31st, 2011 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Happy new year, everyone.

My love for anime guys has returned. The only flaw they have? They're non-existent.
CHR1571N3 ♥¹³
To qualify as my Asian girlfriend you gotta be able to make sesame chicken, wear the "X" chopsticks in yo hair & draw anime.
KingBeats™ #OVO

I want a girlfriend man... A smart pretty woman that likes video games and anime. And weed. Is that too much too ask for?
AlejandrO Sosa
yes RT @: I want a girlfriend man. A smart pretty woman that likes video games & anime. & weed. Is that too much too ask for?
ροrchιά brαdfοrd
Just want a girlfriend to watch anime with...
That moment youve been watching so much anime that the real world starts to look like an anime too #itlooksamazing
Asians make the cutest faces.. I mean the ones that look like they should be in an Anime Cartoon or some crap.. Big eyes and all.
Das Johnson
Imma gamer and anime geek. Dont I look like one.
DRAGONMAN JENKINS reality anime.. My week explained...with junk food and pee breaks in the middle (ToT)/~~
#TurnOff A dude that cant tell reality from a goddamn cartoon/anime...Its kinda funny,yet sad in a way.
Bree Angelique
I love anime. I don't care if this makes me a loser or I'll never get a girlfriend. I love life and that is fine with me.
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