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by on November 20th, 2011 at 9:21 pm, under Image, Text

Pretty much every anime forum has some kind of subforum dedicated to nothing but roleplaying. In these hugboxes, fat smug nerds can let their inner pre-op catboy Goku roam free and pretend to be something other than simply another suburban keyboard warrior. Let’s take a look at the epic tales these master storytellers are writing.

Absolute Anime

According to anime, being in the same room with another male makes you a gay.

I'm pretty sure I came up with the same plot when I was five.

Fish is her favorite

You could pretty much sum up every original character in these roleplaying forums like this: Asian, silver/white hair, wears dark colors, orphan, uses a katana. Basically, rename Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII into Gokutatsu Akuma and you’ll have 90% of these awkward wish fulfillment self-insert characters.

The Low Hanging Fruit: Resident Evil RP

Gaia Online is a pretty easy target, especially considering that their user base is rarely over 17 years of age.

Gotta work pedophilia in somewhere.

The Resident Evil series definitely needs anime, yes sir.


This is really the other easy target. As opposed to Gaia Online, TvTrope’s user base is largely within their late teens to mid-twenties, meaning they really have no excuse for this shit. Every post consists of them constantly trying to one up each other in being a super special snowflake as they guzzle Gamer Fuel and adjust their fedoras.

Persona RP

Ordering from McDonalds, BIG SURPRISE

I also like to pretend that life is a combination of 80's movies and anime

Yu-Gi-Oh! RP

R-Righteous desu!

Roleplaying moves in a children's card game on an internet forum


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