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VenusAngelic: Everything Terrible Rolled Together

by on October 30th, 2011 at 4:14 pm, under Image, Text, Video

UPDATE: When I first wrote this article, I incorrectly thought VenusAngelic was 18 years old. If I had known her true age from the start, I wouldn’t have written the article quite so harshly, and I’m sorry if I hurt a young girl’s feelings over it. Everyone does stupid and embarrassing stuff when they’re 14 or 15 years old. If she has a real passion for makeup and fashion, then more power to her. I still think the weird baby/doll act she has going on is really unhealthy and will attract creepy older men that imagine her as their anime waifu. If she’s trying to attract an audience, then she needs to drop the anime baby act since no one is going to get a real following by acting like that. I’m not sure if her mom is trying to build her into some kind of anime YouTube superstar, but if she is then that’s truly unhealthy.


Most of you have probably seen the previous video of VenusAngelic, where she basically becomes the worst thing in the world for two minutes and eight seconds. Unfortunately, the rabbit hole on this girl goes far deeper.

Apparently she maintains her own website, complete with its own Facebook fanclub filled with sperglords that fantasize her as their anime dream girl come to life. According to her site bio, she has no Asian ancestry, but apparently grew up “Japanese” because:

Q: When did you get interested in Japan and why?
A: I raised with it – my mom cooked mostly japanese. It seemed usual for me, being interested on Japan. We also looked to Japanese movies on TV and slept on futon.

There are a few explanations for something like this. In going from most likely to least likely:

  1. She’s bullshitting to try and give herself some minor pass to act like a spergin weeaboo
  2. Her mom is also a spergin weeaboo
  3. Her mom had some exposure to Japanese culture and tried to integrate it into her own daily life

Her website is where she primarily places up all her blurry cosplay pictures and even has a shitty memory card game consisting of pictures of her. Considering how many down votes her videos get, I’m pretty sure she gets a ton of shit talkers posting comments and sending her emails. This has probably caused her to try to reinforce her retarded image of herself by insisting everyone be nice and only send her nice questions/comments.


Her videos seem to only consist of two different categories: Bad makeup tutorials about how to look more kawaii Japaneseu desu ^_________________^ and these vlog type videos where she basically repeats as many anime catchphrases and gimmicks as she can in her hideous “anime girl’ voice.

Her actual blog isn’t too different either.

This was too much for my chibi stomach! Chewing was diffcult too, because there was a lot to chew! You know, my mouth already hurted! TT_TT But its ok now. ITS OK. At least the burger was really good. To be honest: The burger was better than any McDonalds burger!! And the fries, they were excellent too! Because burger and fries HAVE TO BE TOGETHER!! But, to my disapointment the waitress had to cheat us on 20 cents. OMG. She didnt gave us back the 20cents cash. Donde va a ser mi dineroooooo! We got back our 20cents. Thats important. Thats what counts. Thats the key to success! haha.

Now, I was trying to figure out what exactly about her videos and general persona enraged me so much. At first, I thought that it was because she was literally doing some kind of Asian blackface. She’s putting on some kind of ignorant and perverted idea of how Asian people look and putting on a show as a sperging Japanese person. You know those babies you see named after anime characters by their weeaboo moms? This is what happens when those kids grow up. This is the perfect example of how an 18 year old Naruto Goku Smith would share their anime heritage with the world.

I realized in the end that I hated this shit because it bubbled up everything wrong with the anime fandom as a whole to the surface. She was fetishizing a culture, turning it from another unique group of people and culture into some kind of warped identity and fashion statement. She was one of many that had no first hand experience with Japanese culture and only consumed tons of shitty pop culture from it, thinking that acting like a retarded anime girl is how Japanese people are supposed to act. She is the alpha and omega of weeaboos.

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  • fucknasa

    I think “the rabbit hole on this girl goes far deeper” was a poor choice of words

  • Margaret Palermo


    please take this “article” offline and delete it.
    Otherwise I have to sue you because of libel.
    My daughter is 14 years now and your choice of words about both of us is impermissible.
    Please delete it in the next 24 hours.
    Thank you and hope not having any further problems with your person.

    best regards
    Margaret Palermo

    • Yippa

      I’m sorry, but once your daughter publishes her idiocy on the internet, it is only expected that she’ll be ridiculed. I highly doubt you can sue someone for writing this harmless article. Instead of whining on the internet, teach your daughter to act less retarded. Thank you.

    • Imogen

      seriously, your underage, tweenage daughter is showing herself off as a lolita, and reeling in pedophiles. dont complain about some article that tells the truth, go correct your shitty parenting. you should be ashamed of yourself

    • Stephanie

      Your daughter is 14 and you encorage her to be a weeaboo and dye her hair? do you know that she is going to be bald at 40 and all the pedophiles stalking girls like her in the internet? Parenting: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

  • all the uguus

    you will die a coward’s death

  • Margaret Palermo


    copyright violation
    cyber bullying
    and so on
    are serious criminal acts.
    But the law says, first I have to ask you to remove the copyrighted content and after that I can take the legal steps.
    So I asked you and you said no.


    • ICNFDE

      How the hell do you claim copyright on something that was uploaded freely to a public domain?

    • stfu.

      im sorry bout the only person(s) doing the cyber bullying is you (and maybe your daughter).
      you say xiao is making money off ads on youtube. so what? she’s a youtube partner. she can do what she wants. on the other hand, if you sue any of these people you are making money doing whatever you want (plus exploiting your daughter) what kind of hypocrisy is this?
      are you sure you even have a f*cking brain? i’m sorry but there is no copyrighted content in this article. it is all opinion and there is credit (to the sources) therefore, this is LEGAL and you need to stop overreacting to people who you think maybe threaten your retarded and i mean RETARDED daughter’s so-called “fame”. they dont even fit in the same category (overall i call the act “get a camera and act like a retard”). btw, youtube is for expressing yourself + alot of people post similar (very very similar) videos. most of them have just posted a nice comment and theyve been blocked and harrassed by you. whats next? are you going to sue people for having more subscribers than you? LOL.

    • Mikah

      I agree with you, there is NOTHING wrong with somebody wanting to wear frilly dresses and look like a doll.

  • EDGE



    I WILL protect your daughter, at the cost of her virginity. By that, I meant I will let her work as prostitute in J*pan.
    Maybe you and her will understand more about the consequences of being such an annoyance to the world.

  • kyrill

    You should have tell your daughter it’s never is a good idea to whore herself out in the internet, tell her to do it on the street instead.

  • Gcast

    I can’t believe how irresponsible you are to your daughter. I’ll tell you something, yes I’m a Japanese living in US. No, I DO NOT like how your daughter depicts us. In fact, I never like how all of you pretentious bastard trying to imitate us, we are not the realization of an image created by pop cultures. We are not what you think. Especially you, yes, you.

    • mail

      I would just like to let you know there REALLY aren’t many people who act like V.A

      even the weeaboos that are left for the 80’s and 90’s kids are usually just slightly irritating at worst.
      V.A is max weeaboo, a rare creature indeed.

  • abc

    oh margaret. This does not count as cyber bullying or anything. Stop whining and realize that it is a fact that you and your daughter are just annoying to many people.

  • ret

    Cyber bullying defined by the National Conference of State Legislatures: Cyber bullying is used for electronic harassment or bullying among minors within a school context. How can you sue Yippa for ‘libel’ when he is not making false accusations.
    “In order for the person about whom a statement is made to recover for libel, the false statement must be defamatory, meaning that it actually harms the reputation of the other person, as opposed to being merely insulting or offensive. ” You are exposing your supposedly ’14’ year old daughter to the uncensored world of the internet so what the hell did you expect? It’s your own fault.

    • efgart

      Not Margaret, but
      1. “She’s fucking 18 years old”
      2. “insisting everyone be nice and only send her nice questions/comments”
      3. “She’s bullshitting to try and give herself some minor pass to act like a spergin weeaboo”

      Those could count as false statements in a court of law, even if you find it ridiculous.

  • Rachel

    Took me a minute there to realize that she was actually speaking Engrish.

  • someguy

    I flagged her videos for being racist and encouraging negative stereotypes a while back and didn’t get a response. Stay classy youtube.

  • Zombee

    You people are mean! This girl has not harmed you in anyway, she does this stuff because she enjoys it.Leave her alone and get a life instead of bullying this girl.I agree it is not safe for her to this but, it does not give you the right to call her bad names and pick on her.

    • ross

      If you want to post shit on the internet then you can damn well expect some backlash, regardless of what it is. Don’t like it? Stay off the internet. Basic logic.

    • matt

      the internet is a place that if your going to put yourself out there and be a Spectacle then yes we all have every right to say whatever it is we want to

    • Lee

      lol its the internet and fat nerds need a place to get angry at little girls, and get out their nerdly rage.

  • Uncomfertable _ Ness

    I have just watched numerous of her videos with a friend . We were discussing in the beginning how old she looked and how wrong it was. That even someone as young as that would be allowed to post such videos online. Not only did the thought of pedafiles come to mind , but origin of nationality. we decided to google her more , to see how old she really is. I found this article , or blog & was shocked , 18 or not the fact that she protrays herself as a five yr old of a COMPLETELY different race is Outraging , offensive , & DISTRUBING not to mention how RACIEST it is. Its one thing to be in love with another culture & its another to COMPLETELY disrespect it , Or maybe just misinterpret it COMPLETELY , Animme is one piece of Japanese pop Culture , NOT a life style , If anything a passtime. The part where she says shes Japanese becuase she slept on a futon , & ate their food. Am i Italian because i Ride mopeds & eat Pasta ? I really liked starwars does make me a cling on ? no , i am neither of those. as for the mother , i can only imagine you . nothing but shaking my head comes to mind when i imagine you , but then again it is a free country you ARE aloowed to post what you want , but you can not get mad at the responses , because its a free country.

  • blue

    PLEASE Venusangelic learn to speak proper english and stop pretending you’re japanese. Cause you’re not and you won’t ever be. Amen.

  • HoneyBliss

    Honestly, who is she hurting? She’s doing it out of love of japanese culture. Not to make a mockery like the people who use to do blackface. The personality she puts on is very much a part of japanese culture. Google lolita. Bottom line, anyone who has anything unkind to say to her is essentially just being a hater. Straight up.

    • Jason

      I watched her video’s, and they are terrible. I wouldn’t classify her as a Lolita, I would classify her as an idiot. She should be spending time rounding herself out instead of inflicting a negative stereotype of Japanese culture.

      The world needs more strong powerful women in the world, not someone who conveys themselves as stupid, weak, and vulnerable, as this girl does. So instead of acting like an idiot in her video’s, she should go outside and experience real culture first hand, instead of creating a fantasy one in front of a camera.

    • stfu.

      honestly, her videos are FUCKING RACIST.
      i’m 100% japanese living in canada
      i find this shit very offense.
      as jason said, that is not lolita (i know because i do lolita).
      her negative stereotypes are just making some people think that all japanese people act like this.
      if she were honestly appreciative of japanese culture she would just drop dead right fucking now.
      on a side note you see that picture with the caption of being nice (above)? that’s a qi pao. its chinese.. i also find that offense because everyone knows china and japan are on bad terms.

    • stfu.

      honestly, her videos are FUCKING RACIST.
      i’m 100% japanese living in canada
      i find this shit very offense.
      as jason said, that is not lolita (i know because i do lolita).
      her negative stereotypes are just making some people think that all japanese people act like this.
      if she were honestly appreciative of japanese culture she would just drop dead right fucking now.
      on a side note you see that picture with the caption of being nice (above)? that’s a qi pao. its chinese.. i also find that offensive because everyone knows china and japan are on bad terms.

    • Ana

      stfu – You should be more angry with the people who watch her videos and make those negative generalizations about the Japanese. She isn’t claiming to be Japanese or represent Japan and she isn’t making any stereotypes. She’s just embracing a small part of the Japanese culture, which she is perfectly allowed to do whether she is or isn’t Japanese.

  • Katy

    Ms Palermo,
    You really shouldn’t let your 14 year old daughter post those videos. They appeal to the wrong sort of people. I bet a lot of creeps are watching them and if you are really so concerned about your daughter you would be ending the problem from the start and not attacking some random internet source. I believe in the freedom of speech but out of concern for your daughter, you need to take her off the internet instead of having to go around making posts in her defense.

  • Kharo

    I’m surprised no one here talks about the income that’s probably generated by these videos/blog etc. It seems like a decent size profitable operation. It’s in the mother’s interest, most likely, to keep it up.

  • lucy

    i feel sorry for margaret… her daughter is just doing what she loves to do best, but now her mom is getting hated. venus isn’t that bad, what did she ever do to you? if you think that she is going to attract pedophiles and stuff, that’s her problem not yours. sure, if she does ever get pedophiles, then sure, she’s not expecting you to help her. but you sound quite worried for her which is ironic.

  • matt

    good lord this mother needs to have this kid taken out of her care if this is the way there raising her. the kid acts retarded cause the parents encourage and allow it lol 15 time to frigin grow up a lil kid

  • Kristie

    You guys are being so mean! She is an adorable little girl, emphasis on little! You guys act like she is one of those nasty girls from the tv show 16 and pregnant here in the states. As a caucasian woman with an asian (Chinese) boyfriend, I definitely have to deal with idiots who misinterpret my interest in Asian culture. I get made fun of in my Chinese class, in college mind you, by people who can barely speak English themselves. You guys make fun of her when the asian women are the ones who go out and blow money on plastic surgery to get larger looking Western eyes. you people are so ignorant, i bet she knows more about asian culture than a lot of American born Asians that I know. Venus and Ms Palermo, you have my support.

  • what

    Really? Who are you people? Leave the little girl alone. I haven’t seen her videos but there is nothing that she should be called names for. You are showing how much you want ritalin.

  • Deborah Shannon

    Umm… I am a youtuber DeborahBabeauty and i am only 13 i do like make ups and i also love japanese and korean.. I live in indonesia i am asian , i love anime and lolita i have some of lolita outfit which my grandma made for me (itsa gift) well just check out myvideos , do i made it as bad as venus? Or its good… I know my english i bad especialy the accent but i dont matter .. At least you understand… I am an ex fan of venus.. I hate her becoz she blocked my youtube account.. Whitout any reasons ..
    Thanks for reading .. Sorry if i said anything wrong


  • Kristie

    Uh oh, Nathan, your jealousy is showing. I’m not anymore racist than the people attacking Venus. White people get discriminated against too. You are one of the ignorants I am referring to dear.

    • Nathan

      “I get made fun of in my Chinese class, in college mind you, by people who can barely speak English themselves.”


      “asian women are the ones who go out and blow money on plastic surgery to get larger looking Western eyes.”


      “you people are so ignorant, i bet she knows more about asian culture than a lot of American born Asians that I know.”


      Sorry you can’t detect your own racism from your ivory white Caucasian tower. And what exactly am I supposed to be jealous of? Ignorant white girls who are infatuated with Asian culture?

      It’s not racist to attack stupidity, which is what we do on this site. You, on the other hand, are so infused with white-privilege casual racism that you can’t even detect yourself spewing it out unconsciously with every comment you post.

    • stfu.

      i’m 100% japanese
      i can tell what is racist against japanese and asian people
      venus is definately bringing out negative stereotypes of japanese people
      especially when normal japanese people dont act so fucking retarded.
      i’m on nathan’s side. go get a life you white supremeist.

    • critic

      “I get made fun of in my Chinese class, in college mind you, by people who can barely speak English themselves.”


      Right cause there are no people in college who have trouble speaking English in Chinese College classes. -_- if this was a universal statement saying that “All people of Chinese descent speak like this” then yes it would be racist.

      “asian women are the ones who go out and blow money on plastic surgery to get larger looking Western eyes.”


      Some Asian women actually do this. It is a small minority and doesn’t happen much but yes it does still happen.

      “you people are so ignorant, i bet she knows more about asian culture than a lot of American born Asians that I know.”


      Some Asian-Americans are accused of being “Too white” or “forgetting their roots” on a daily basis. I forget the exact term at the moment.

      Granted this is a weak attempt at talking about racial issues on the posters part but if you are trying to have a discussion on it, being called racist for simple observations in life isn’t helpful. Guess there are people overly sensitive to the subject.

      As for VA …… if people watching think that it represents all of Japanese culture aren’t they the stupid ones? The main problem I have with her is her fake accent. She tries to play it off saying that she speaks a bunch of languages and that is why she sounds the way she does but if anyone has seen any Asian comedy sketches …. it’s Engrish. I find this particularly funny since the Japanese write better English papers than America does. Bottom line – I find her annoying.

  • Kristie

    Learn the different between racism and facts. I stated facts. Seriously, you are the racist, Because you really seem to despise white people. There are other websites for people like you to whine about how you hate white people. Go there and complain. I’m simply defending a teenage girl who is posting makeup videos. Makeup! Nothing I stated is opinion. It is fact based on my own life experience. I really don’t know why I am wasting time on this. You can’t argue with stupid, but still, you amuse me.

    • Nathan

      The mere fact that you conflate your own personal experiences with universal “facts” is the issue here. That you can’t see the difference and believe your maladjusted opinions are therefore not racist by their “factual” bounding is indicative of your inherent prejudice.

      We don’t despise or target white people, or black people, or Asian people, or any specific race of people on this site. Just stupid people, which is all you will find here. You’re the stupid racist person who can’t see that.

    • ross

      people like you are the reason i despise white people, and i AM fucking white

      stop fucking speaking jesus christ you’re dense

    • stfu.

      i’m sorry the fact is no true japanese person acts all weaboo and “omg im so weak help me”
      just because we dress differently according to our style does not mean you can make a stereotype out of it.
      i dont despise white people.
      until they make stupid stereotypes like this girl.

    • critic

      “i’m sorry the fact is no true japanese person acts all weaboo and “omg im so weak help me””

      I guess Akibahara is just a bunch of people trolling then. Granted that is a small part of it but yes there is a business appealing to desperate men who like lolita there. The problem I have is when others think this represents Japan as a whole instead of a specific sub culture (lolita doll) that most are not into.

  • Kristie

    Ya, so I’m just gonna go away now. You guys are just mean. Way to go, what a gentleman, belittling and humiliating women. Congrats, you must be so pleased with yourself.

    • Glenn

      Are you sure your classmates in your Chinese class dislike you because you’re in an interracial relationship? Are you sure it’s not because you’re swimming in casual racism against Asians?

    • ross

      can’t speak for nathan, but i belittle and humiliate idiots regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, or any other factor. an idiot is an idiot is an idiot.

      sorry you’re so wrapped up in yourself that you feel the need to hide behind your gender though!

    • Holly

      Hey Kristie, I am a woman and you are one of the most stupid people I’ve come across lately. Do yourself a favour and shut your rascist mouth.

    • critic

      “Are you sure your classmates in your Chinese class dislike you because you’re in an interracial relationship? Are you sure it’s not because you’re swimming in casual racism against Asians?”

      Right because all Asians just LOVE interracial couples. There is NO PRESSURE to marry within ethnicity. -_- It happens for Irish, Black, Italian, and Jewish people as well but still ….. yes even in this day and age people have problems with interracial couples. I have no idea why I am defending person since I disagree with her on the VA part in general but I find not discussing racism more harmful than good I guess. Ohh well. I think I will just bounce out of here now considering both parties seem pretty stupid to me.

    • countercritic

      critic, your counterargument here is a textbook example of a tu quoque logical fallacy, so it looks like you’re the stupid one.

  • HoneyBliss

    All I’m going to say is: Haters gonna hate

  • hakajin

    For the people who think what she’s doing is racist… I’d say it is. But I don’t think she’s aware of it. There’s a lot of racial dissatisfaction among White people. We tend to feel like White and American culture is just blank and boring. Also, we’re always the bad guys (not trying to deny White privilege or racism against minorities or anything), and it’s really common for us to want to be from another culture. I’m kind of a Weeaboo, and have wanted to be from other cultures in the past, so I speak from experience. I’ve also talked to friends about it, and I did a research project on White racial dissatisfaction and defensiveness which conformed this even more strongly for me. I mean, I understand that Japanese people don’t behave like the pop-idols we see, and can easily see why this kind of imitation is offensive… but then I’m also 24 years old, while this girl is fifteen. I can also understand why people feel defensive, want to deny racism and accuse others to show that it’s not just Whites. I feel those things, too, sometimes; I just know better than to act out on those feelings. Um… But I do think those feelings should be acknowledged and discussed, because otherwise White people feel like their feelings don’t matter, and so just continue to be defensive and unwilling to listen to other people.

    The sexual connotations going on here… well, that’s another issue. She does look cute, but I think this does attract the wrong kind of attention.

  • anon

    How the hell is venus racist? Just so you know whit people do get discriminated against EVERYONE does learn your facts, don’t fight me on that one cause I know you will! She loves makeup and she is 15 where in the law of youtube does it say that a 15 year old girl can’t post videos? 9 year olds are doing it. So why should venus be taken away from her mother just because she allows her to post youtube videos? Don’t you think the parenting fails are the girls that go out and want to drink, do drugs, and have sex? So seriously don’t be going and putting racism and legal purposes into this. I know she is going to get backlashed at but seriously, you guys make something so big about something so little. Get your facts straight ON EVERYTHING. If you want to discuss racism go somewhere where you can but learn your facts ALL races get discriminated against! Its not racist to do lolita tutorials

    • stfu.

      it is racist because she bases everything off stereotype.
      no we japanese people do not act fucking retarded like she does acting all weak and shet.
      and we sure as hell dont cake 9-10 layers of make-up on and try to act white.

  • Caitlyn

    She’s not being sexually perverse in any way, she never wears anything revealing or uses suggestive language, she’s just being cute. She does have some good skin care regimes and I love her makeup; I don’t care if it’s anime-inspired it still looks good when she’s not intentionally bulging her eyes. She’s just young, extroverted and bubbly. And she’s beautiful. All you people are gonna be so mad when you see her on the cover of Vogue in 3-4 years.

  • Ten

    I’m not even going to apologize for this.
    I find her utterly detestable, disgusting, and disturbing. All great words to describe her. I don’t even need to continue. If I did, it would span several paragraphs and then I wouldn’t be getting any sleep. Now, that won’t do will it?

    • critic

      Not seeing thongs, short skirts, bras ….. you know what? nevermind.

    • countercritic

      Oh, so cleavage and bare midriff on a 15-year-old girl isn’t sexualized unless you can also see a thong or bra? Are you literally retarded, or do you just pretend to be on the internet?

  • Prospector Chang

    Like Confucius always say ‘man who fetishizes youth is a piece of creepy ass shit’.

  • Anto

    I agree with the comments and the article: she looks retarded and she needs a psychiatrist as well as her mother.

  • An Observer

    To the person who wrote this article: Venus, as well as Dakota Rose or Kota Koti, are both frauds who use lots of image and video editing. When I started comparing and contrasting unedited stills of Venus from that interview on tv I could tell right away she was using the same editing as Koti Koti, who has already been exposed as a fake. These girls are exploiting others, like Kota Koti who got a modeling agency in Japan interested in her, which thus exposed her when unedited photos and videos were shown. They are also encouraging young girls to believe in false beauty ideals that don’t really exist without heavy photoshop or Abobe Aftereffects. This Margeret woman or mother of hers should be ashamed of herself. Don’t support any of these fakes! They are just exploiting everybody!

  • Sakura

    I actually find VA very extremely irritating and annoying.. i am not insecure on how she looks, i am proud to be an asian, not trying too hard to look like an anime… and intentionally trying to squeak my voice to make it sound like a little girl..

    • stfu.

      same here.
      i find her really offensive actually.
      im proud of my asian heritage and i dont need some white girl with a shit ton of makeup acting asian to tell the world what japanese culture is.
      she’s doing it wrong.

  • MJ

    Her mother must be extremely stupid!!! Shes destroying her daughter completely!! Exposing her on the internet like that, making fun of herself, dressing like a sex-doll, and acting like a retard! If I was them, I would be afraid of going outside…..

  • BlueIvryClo

    Margaret you are the bully not any one else but you leave Xiao alone she tried to be nice but you made a fuss she is not a pedophile so leave her be or you will have lots of people against you!

  • true

    I’m Japanese. Born and raised. And find her videos extremely offensive. I hate the stereotyping that she uses.

  • Tristian

    To be honest, when Xiao first defended her and linked a video, I watched it and was disgusted. I have been studying the Japanese language and culture for 3+ years, and have even been to Japan as a foreign exchange student. They don’t act the way she does in Japan. Hell, my host sister dressed in the gothic lolita fashion, but I digress. If she’s enthusiastic about the culture, more power to her, but the way she goes on about it is disgusting. It angers me, for many reasons. I’ll be honest, although I am a 19 year old female college student, I feel as though I am a Japanese person stuck in an American’s body. You don’t see me going around using a false accent, trying to look Asian, and all that crap. I do cosplay though, but I’m not all “OMG WATASHI WA TOTEMO KAWAII NE~!”

    The truth is, she’ll never have something that the Japanese possess, and that’s humility.

  • Innocent Bystander

    Ms Margaret Palermo, its nice to train your daughter to be someone desirable but what you are doing now is WRONG. You need to realize that fame is not only about getting “nice comments”~

  • sunny

    “She was fetishizing a culture, turning it from another unique group of people and culture into some kind of warped identity and fashion statement.”

    You see, I’m not even into her and yet by this part I can tell that she and her mom might be huge weaboos, but you’re a even bigger one. “Baww, someone fetishizing my precious japanese culture?” Welcome to real life, every people and every country is blatantly fetishized.
    Hell, I’m from Brazil, and anytime I say that on a international community I have to hear about Rio de Janeiro, tanned hot girls, Cristo redentor and caipirinha. Japan also has it’s own stereotypes and she’s just incorporating it.

    Now go find yourself a doctor to treat that weaboo gland of yours.

  • marta

    Is this blog making money from this post? if not, put credit under the pictures (say where pictures come from, and date when you went on original internet webpage).
    After it is almost impossible to even find you and then sue you for this post, and if somebody even try so, that person would loose.
    Just put more credit under photos, even everybody knows you didn’t steal it. Sorry for a broken English.. I hope you understand :)

  • Akane

    “Donde va a ser mi dineroooooo!” What…? I don’t even…
    Where will be my money? Money is a person who becomes something…?
    And really? to freak out for 20cents? I’m poor and I would surely not make a scene over that…

    This is all so forced D:

  • Jeremiah

    I think that the child’s age is merely a reflection of her mothers braincell count.

  • Ana

    It isn’t VA’s fault if some sick pedos are attracted to her videos. She’s not doing anything sexually stimulating other than being a girl. She can dress as she pleases. I understand that some people simply don’t like the way she dresses, but that gives them no reason to say that what she is doing is wrong. Besides, pedos are attracted to little kids, not girly girls. She may not be the ideal role model for girls, but she’s a great role model in regards to being who she wants to be.

  • Ana

    Also, VA isn’t making any claims as to what the Japanese culture is. She’s not intentionally making fun of Japan in any way. Anime and lolita just happen to be part of, but not all of, the Japanese culture. She’s not racist simply because race isn’t the same as culture. She might offend some people, but she isn’t trying to. She’s trying to praise Japan if anything. I don’t see how people could be offended by that when there are so many people who intentionally put down other races, cultures, religions, etc. VA never claimed to be Japanese or that what she is doing represents all of Japan. I think that some people are being a bit too paranoid. She’s imitating anime characters, not Japanese people.

  • Jack

    “pedos are attracted to little kids, not girly girls”? Sounds like someone should watch some To Catch A Predator

  • Hack7

    Seems pointless talking crap about a girl you don’t even know. Your basically just another internet troll that speaks the first words that come to his mind without thinking twice and the way you write isn’t even about criticizing her but rather explaining your opinion in a harsh manner that clearly won’t get you anywhere. You practically wasted hours of time writing a wall of text and your only punishment is your waste of time and your bad sense of humor… I’d spit on your shadow, if you had one…

    • ross

      You classify this article as a ‘wall of text’ and assume it would take hours to write? What, are you borderline illiterate or something?

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