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VenusAngelic: Everything Terrible Rolled Together

by on October 30th, 2011 at 4:14 pm, under Image, Text, Video

UPDATE: When I first wrote this article, I incorrectly thought VenusAngelic was 18 years old. If I had known her true age from the start, I wouldn’t have written the article quite so harshly, and I’m sorry if I hurt a young girl’s feelings over it. Everyone does stupid and embarrassing stuff when they’re 14 or 15 years old. If she has a real passion for makeup and fashion, then more power to her. I still think the weird baby/doll act she has going on is really unhealthy and will attract creepy older men that imagine her as their anime waifu. If she’s trying to attract an audience, then she needs to drop the anime baby act since no one is going to get a real following by acting like that. I’m not sure if her mom is trying to build her into some kind of anime YouTube superstar, but if she is then that’s truly unhealthy.


Most of you have probably seen the previous video of VenusAngelic, where she basically becomes the worst thing in the world for two minutes and eight seconds. Unfortunately, the rabbit hole on this girl goes far deeper.

Apparently she maintains her own website, complete with its own Facebook fanclub filled with sperglords that fantasize her as their anime dream girl come to life. According to her site bio, she has no Asian ancestry, but apparently grew up “Japanese” because:

Q: When did you get interested in Japan and why?
A: I raised with it – my mom cooked mostly japanese. It seemed usual for me, being interested on Japan. We also looked to Japanese movies on TV and slept on futon.

There are a few explanations for something like this. In going from most likely to least likely:

  1. She’s bullshitting to try and give herself some minor pass to act like a spergin weeaboo
  2. Her mom is also a spergin weeaboo
  3. Her mom had some exposure to Japanese culture and tried to integrate it into her own daily life

Her website is where she primarily places up all her blurry cosplay pictures and even has a shitty memory card game consisting of pictures of her. Considering how many down votes her videos get, I’m pretty sure she gets a ton of shit talkers posting comments and sending her emails. This has probably caused her to try to reinforce her retarded image of herself by insisting everyone be nice and only send her nice questions/comments.


Her videos seem to only consist of two different categories: Bad makeup tutorials about how to look more kawaii Japaneseu desu ^_________________^ and these vlog type videos where she basically repeats as many anime catchphrases and gimmicks as she can in her hideous “anime girl’ voice.

Her actual blog isn’t too different either.

This was too much for my chibi stomach! Chewing was diffcult too, because there was a lot to chew! You know, my mouth already hurted! TT_TT But its ok now. ITS OK. At least the burger was really good. To be honest: The burger was better than any McDonalds burger!! And the fries, they were excellent too! Because burger and fries HAVE TO BE TOGETHER!! But, to my disapointment the waitress had to cheat us on 20 cents. OMG. She didnt gave us back the 20cents cash. Donde va a ser mi dineroooooo! We got back our 20cents. Thats important. Thats what counts. Thats the key to success! haha.

Now, I was trying to figure out what exactly about her videos and general persona enraged me so much. At first, I thought that it was because she was literally doing some kind of Asian blackface. She’s putting on some kind of ignorant and perverted idea of how Asian people look and putting on a show as a sperging Japanese person. You know those babies you see named after anime characters by their weeaboo moms? This is what happens when those kids grow up. This is the perfect example of how an 18 year old Naruto Goku Smith would share their anime heritage with the world.

I realized in the end that I hated this shit because it bubbled up everything wrong with the anime fandom as a whole to the surface. She was fetishizing a culture, turning it from another unique group of people and culture into some kind of warped identity and fashion statement. She was one of many that had no first hand experience with Japanese culture and only consumed tons of shitty pop culture from it, thinking that acting like a retarded anime girl is how Japanese people are supposed to act. She is the alpha and omega of weeaboos.

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  • the CHOSEN ONE

    Okay, first off, im a complete american (japan loving) nerd… does that mean I dress loli style? Fortunatlly not. Does that mean I speak -idiocy ridden- Engrish? No. Do I post stupid videos on youtube, telling everyone how kawaii i am? No. I go to school and act like any normal person and when I get home, I read mangas and watch animes to my hearts content.

    VA is creating a horrible stereotype for otakus, and its really pissing me off. :C

    • Karla

      To her and other people the videos aren’t stupid. If you don’t like them then don’t watch them. No one will miss you. She is not creating a stereotype for Otaku’s because newsflash darlin’ we already have quite a few of them and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Norm

      To me, an actual, living, breathing Japanese-American (and no, not like one of your beloved cartoon characters), I find these videos highly racist and incredibly insensitive and offensive.

    • Otaku-heart

      Thank you. When ppl ask me why I dislike venus, this is exactly why. This over exaggeration of “kawaii culture” makes me want to strangle myself. She’s creating a bad name for lolis everywhere (−_−;)

    • UK sand

      I get what you mean, Chosen one but, please..for the love of God, your parents and that crack head on the street, don’t say that she is a lolita.

      Its like saying those cheap Halloween costumes and party city wigs are the equivalent of cosplay :X

    • candida

      oh my gosh how much i wish i was japanese so i raelly now how you feel my name isnt really candida its rose i just dont have my own email account

  • Emily

    I have one thing to say.
    I don’t care what Venus does. She can upload her videos and do what ever she wants. Of course people are going to hate her, it’s normal. I don’t hate her haters… I could care less. On the other hand, I don’t hate her be use she is being herself and not afraid to show it. I have to agree, there are some things I don’t lie about Venus. I mostly enjoy her tutorials and Lolita styles. I am a huge Lolita fan myself, but I don’t agree with everything Venus does. Since she is only about 15, it is a little too young to upload videos. She does have her mother’s permission. It’s not like she is uploading nude videos or inappropriate videos, she is just a young girl having fun. I know she makes some people feel angry, but part of what she does is Lolita. Although, I do not agree with all she does. I don’t agree with some of her actions, but most of them were when she was younger. So lets just hope she learns from her recent ones. Give her a chance. It’s okay of you hate her, I wouldn’t care. Ther are some things about her that annoy me do much. I can’t do anythjng about it. As long as she is being herself, I have no problem. So hate her or not, it doesn’t matter… At least to me.

    • Maelii

      You don’t hate on her because you aren’t asian an you don’t find it racist. But there’s a find line between appreciation and appropriation, Venus is racist. Because she labels her videos as “how to look half asian,” “how to look korean,” if they said “japanese make up style,” or whatever people wouldn’t call her a wanna be asian weeaboo

    • Maelii

      She does a lot of stereotypical things an portrays many mannerisms that you could associate a japanese person with. Just because you think your acting or looking like someone doesn’t mean they don’t find it flattering. Im half japanese an her how to look half japanese is racist from tbe beginning when she states it’s a trend to be biracial in Japan rather than to look japanese she has no first hand experience in asian culture besides her fangirling an “kawaii aegyo”

  • Sayomay

    Dude calm down. Its just makeup. Dont get too upset bc she not fitting ur personal tatse.

  • Dani

    I agree with Sayomay. Its just videos of a teenager doing makeup tutorials and being silly. And you really don´t know if she thinks that japanese people act a certain way or not. Furthermore, she has never claimed to represent all japanese people. This last sentence is key. The girl is harmless, and if you are offended by what she does, you take yourself too seriously.

  • Mai

    I know I act like a retard sometimes due to watching anime and me just having a laugh about myself, but jeez this girl took it TOO FAR.

  • Charlotte

    I don’t see her as “acting Asian”. Maybe I just know more Asian people than some white people do, but I don’t believe I have ever seen an Asian person of any cultural background act anything like this. I’ve been to Japan, stayed with a host family for two weeks…no one I met acted like this or anything close to it.

    She’s acting like a weeaboo. That’s it. The only way this should be perceived as racist is if you assume that white people think this is the way Asian people act. I don’t believe they do (of course, I can’t speak for all white people any more than my personal acquaintances speak for all Asian people).

    I know I’m not supposed to have an opinion because I have white privilege, but I think it’s racist of some of you guys to say that “all white people have this belief about Asian people”. That’s. Racist.

    And guess what? While I was in Japan, I didn’t have “white privilege”. *GASP!!*

    • Bruce

      You went to Japan? How awesome! Was this a birthright trip? You know, since you’re Basically Japanese.

    • poopface

      Oh, and I suppose that caricatures of black people aren’t racist, because white people can’t believe that actual black people have bright red lips and speak like Sambo and universally love watermelon, grape soda and fried chicken. Yup, that’s perfectly okay.

      How magnanimous of glorious white you to enlighten those dirty ignorant yellow people. They shouldn’t be offended by a white person making a mockery of their culture, because it’s not racist if white people don’t think it’s true!

      Racism (and other prejudice) is about perception, not intent. You don’t comprehend this because of your “white privilege”, a concept that you apparently don’t even understand properly.

    • Verona

      Have you not been to Akihabara…?
      No, not ALL Japanese people act like this, but is there a subculture that does in Japan? Yes.

      “The only way this should be perceived as racist is if you assume that white people think this is the way Asian people act. I don’t believe they do (of course, I can’t speak for all white people any more than my personal acquaintances speak for all Asian people).”

      Have you not noticed the large reaction to this? The reason people are offended is because we don’t want people to look at her and think “Oh, that’s how the Japanese people act?” and be ignorant, because of what they see. I’d like to think that people would know better, but seriously, when stuff goes around on Facebook saying Bill Nye died, and a ton of people believed it, I just give up on the intelligence of Americans.

      And as for another thing. When you went to Japan, you didn’t get “white privelage”? Huh, so they treated you like you were Japanese?

    • Maelii

      You can all act like it isn’t racist but it is. Im half asian you don’t see me putting on a blonde wig blue contacts an “acting white,” or what I think is white, like talkin im valley girl she’s being ignorant an stereotypical on accident. If she titled her videos “korea style makeup” “asian style makeup,” not “how to look like an asian,” “how to look japanese,” if I posted a makeup tutorial on blackface an called it how to be black girl an acted stereotypical yoid be mad if you were black right?

  • Charlotte

    “And as for another thing. When you went to Japan, you didn’t get “white privelage”? Huh, so they treated you like you were Japanese?”

    HURR-DURR…No, moron.

    I’m saying that being white in a non-white country (excluding countries still affected by colonialism) does not convey any sort of privilege what-so-ever. If anything, there is a lack of privilege, so the opposite of what you just said.

  • Charlotte

    “You went to Japan? How awesome! Was this a birthright trip? You know, since you’re Basically Japanese.”

    I was part of an international dance team. I have no birthright to anything. My family is very poor and I earned the money for the ticket on my own. I came across the opportunity through a bulletin at a community college (which I was also paying for, in addition to receiving financial aid).

    Not all white people are rich, or even middle class. (That’s also racist).

    Yes, of course I still have “white privilege” because it is somewhat easier for me to hide an accent or learn to blend into higher socio-economic classes without detection–but nothing was handed to me other than the accident of being born the same color as the ruling class.

  • Charlotte

    “How magnanimous of glorious white you to enlighten those dirty ignorant yellow people. They shouldn’t be offended by a white person making a mockery of their culture, because it’s not racist if white people don’t think it’s true!

    Racism (and other prejudice) is about perception, not intent. You don’t comprehend this because of your “white privilege”, a concept that you apparently don’t even understand properly.”

    You’re a racist.

    I never presented myself as above anyone for the accident of my skin color. I never referred to any other people as “dirty” or “ignorant”. The fact that you insist on TELLING ME WHAT I THINK, FEEL, OR BELIEVE based on nothing more than my skin color is RACIST.

    *You* don’t comprehend “white privilege”, darling. It’s not a tool meant for you to reverse racism upon those who are trying their best to understand and work towards equality. Save your hatred for actual bigotry.

    • poopface

      I was using the superpower of hyperbole to point out the idiocy of your statements. Obviously, I wasn’t quoting you verbatim.

      You’re racist because the entire crux of your argument is that VenusAngelic isn’t racist because all the Asian people you know (“MY GAY/BLACK FRIEND,”) don’t behave like that, and therefore white people wouldn’t/don’t believe that Asians actually behave like that. Never mind the fact that what she’s doing is a comical caricature of Asian stereotypes, that SOME Asian people might find offensive. Dismissing it entirely as non-racist is indicative of your racism/prejudice/ignorance/lack of perspective due to white privilege/take your pick.

      Regarding white privilege: it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the fact that you’re white, just that you’re non-Asian. You could be whatever else and you’d still be racist with your current beliefs and attitude, like you currently are.

      Just because you believe you’re not being bigoted doesn’t mean you aren’t. Bigotry isn’t necessarily willful or intended. It can be unconscious.

      The fact that you claim that you’re “trying [your] best to understand and work towards equality” and yet you’re still refusing to admit your inherent prejudices is hilarious, and sad, and unsurprising. That’s where you step over the line from unconscious bigotry to willful.

  • Charlotte

    “Have you not been to Akihabara…?
    No, not ALL Japanese people act like this, but is there a subculture that does in Japan? Yes.”

    No, I have not and I was not aware of that; I was in Sapporo. However, I thought my wording was clear enough that I’d left plenty of politically correct room for explaining that I did not believe that I could make judgments about the personalities of all Asian people based on the handful I have known in my life.

    Not that it matters (I know you will all just balk at it) but none of my Asian-American friends would ever call me a racist. They know I’m reasonably educated on these matters and even if I made an occasional gaffe, because they *know me*, they’d explain to me why I was wrong rather than assuming hatred lurking an inch beneath my pasty complexion.

    (You were actually the most polite of those who responded, even if you misunderstood my statement…so thank you and I apologize for calling you a “moron”–I was feeling defensive).

    I know it’s easy on the internet to get into a tizzy, but as I said, I truly believed my wording was politically correct enough to get across my feelings without having my head snapped off.

    • Verona

      Ah, well, that’s understandable.
      The main reason people are offended by this is because those who do understand that Japanese culture, as a whole, is not what this girl portrays. But people are stupid enough to believe that this is what Japan is all about.
      People who do appreciate Japanese culture are offended by the weeaboos that call themselves “otaku” because they do not realize that in Japan, otakus are outcasts. No one wants to talk to them or associate with them.
      Not only that, the weeaboos that go around wearing anime paraphernalia acting like morons give all other people that enjoy anime, a bad name.

      It’s not because we want to be mean to someone, it’s because we want to wipe out the stereotypes that are being spread by people who claim to know what they’re talking about.

      If that makes sense. Or at least that’s what I try to do.

  • Charlotte

    “Oh, and I suppose that caricatures of black people aren’t racist, because white people can’t believe that actual black people have bright red lips and speak like Sambo and universally love watermelon, grape soda and fried chicken. Yup, that’s perfectly okay.

    How magnanimous of glorious white you to enlighten those dirty ignorant yellow people. They shouldn’t be offended by a white person making a mockery of their culture, because it’s not racist if white people don’t think it’s true!

    Racism (and other prejudice) is about perception, not intent. You don’t comprehend this because of your “white privilege”, a concept that you apparently don’t even understand properly.”

    Additionally, if you had more carefully read my original comment, you would have seen that I have already stated that I do not think this girl is acting like an Asian person. She’s acting like a dork, that’s it. It’s a matter of perception: I don’t see that particular subculture as “belonging” to Japan anymore than Rock n’ Roll belongs to America…

    (Actually, maybe we could get into a different argument about how Rock n’ Roll really belongs to black people, anyway, but that would just open an entirely different can of worms…do you really want to admit that maybe Japanese popular culture shouldn’t be exploiting black Americans any more than white Americans did?)

    In the post-internet, post-capitalist, blah-blah-blah-I’m-boring-myself age…nothing marketed on a world-wide scale really belongs to anyone. If you want to keep certain aspects of your culture “yours alone” or in some way sacred, then don’t SELL them to other cultures. In the end, this global-spanning brand of world-wide capitalism is the giant blender that will remove all of our souls…it’s a much bigger issue than white dominance, because it wouldn’t matter at this point if all white people ceased to exist. The cannibalistic beast is already alive on its own.

    • poopface

      This is a ludicrously inept, naive, ignorant viewpoint.

      Do I “really want to admit that maybe Japanese popular culture shouldn’t be exploiting black Americans any more than white Americans did?” HELL YES I DO. Just because Japanese people aren’t white doesn’t make it any better or worse than what white Americans did to black people. (Aside from the whole decades of slavery thing, which we’ll ignore for the sake of argumentative simplicity for now.)

      Your entire last paragraph is pretty much the whitest thing you could say. Come back in a few dozen years when you’ve gained some perspective.

    • Annie

      That’s the most racist thing I’ve heard in my entire life

  • Charlotte


    Alright, poopface, I didn’t want to pull this one out but here goes:

    The entire “Loli” subculture is a racist mockery of Victorian European people. Sure, I know the trend is probably over so it’s a moot point now, but seriously–petticoats and crinolines?

    Stop dressing in “ancient European drag” and I promise to punch the next white person I see wearing a kimono, deal? (Actually, I might just do that anyway…)

  • Charlotte

    Only someone who INSISTS ON HATING ME FOR BEING WHITE would read my last paragraph about the beast that is the global economy and believe that I was “pro” this line of thinking.

    I’M AGAINST IT AND PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT IT IS RIGHT. IF YOU READ MORE CAREFULLY, YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN THAT. Don’t worry, I’m not crying about it–I just think you should own up to your hypocritical racism.

    • Charlotte

      To make that clear: I do not have a problem with a global economy; I have a problem with the mindset behind it that cannibalizes every culture and sub-culture into a pop-accessible pile of crap.

      How could you possibly disagree with that!?

  • Charlotte

    “(Aside from the whole decades of slavery thing, which we’ll ignore for the sake of argumentative simplicity for now.)”

    Right *eye-roll*…and I’ll just ignore what the Japanese did to the Chinese.

    (You only made such a tacky comment in an attempt to demonize white people. The issue was about cultural appropriation, not slavery or genocide.)

  • Charlotte

    Poopface, because you insist on being a complete dick when I have tried my best to explain myself, my views and my feelings (presented entirely as opinion), but have only been met with a mindless, seething hatred from you, I don’t believe any further communication between us will be productive.

    My belief is that all races have a lot of work to do before understanding that it’s all silly bullsh*t not worth arguing about. I don’t believe that I have that opinion because I am white, though I have heard that criticism (i.e. “easy for you to say–you just want to get off the hook!”) The white race, in particular perhaps, in the Southern U.S. (where I am from) have a f*ck-ton of work to do before they get past their bigotry.

    I am an artist and nearly all of my friends are artists or musicians. As a group, we tend to be more open-minded than the general public. My group of friends includes a wide variety of ethnicities, though, because of our geographical location, we are mainly white and Mexican-American.

    We respect each other as individuals and collaborators. We don’t “culturally appropriate” from each other unless it is cool with each other. For example, recently my Mexican-American friend wanted me to play a “Chola” in one of his videos and at first I declined because I thought it was disrespectful, but he insisted that it wasn’t because it was his own artistic vision.

    I believe that’s *entirely different* from the “cutesy Loli sub-culture” because that particular sub-culture was appropriated from Victorian European culture to begin with; whereas, Cholo/a culture has always been distinctly *about* Mexican/Mexican-American identity.

    Do you see the difference? Well, I do…and that’s where we will simply have to agree to disagree. Good day to you, sir.

  • Charlotte


    (For the record, I hadn’t actually watched the videos posted here…ok, I just realized they are perhaps a little “trying-to-seem-Asian”) I have been defending the girl based on what I know of her and her videos AS THEY CURRENTLY ARE.

    She no longer seems to be so Japan-obsessed, but is still doing that “Loli” thing. …I only found this post because I was searching to see where her strange accent is from. She now claims that her accent is German and something else, but doesn’t seem to write in German very well, so I find that highly suspicious. Perhaps she just draws a country out of a hat every few years and pretends to be whatever she’s picked.

    However, my argument still stands that the Lolita sub-culture IS cultural appropriation in the exact same way that a white person wearing a kimono is.

    • Charlotte

      …and here’s where I duck out and remind myself to always read the article and watch all videos before defending someone I think I “online-know”…

    • Boop

      She actually does speak fluent German, apparently. And if she’s really Swiss as claimed in this video, then she’s probably writing in Swiss German, which WILL look off if you think it’s regular German. Not defending her on what she does; just saying that she apparently isn’t lying on that particular issue.


    Charlotte, you are such an overly-defensive weeaboo. No one gives a fuck about you or your opinion. You are probably some overweight, greasy haired American chick who is getting upset because your spergin’ waifu got steamrolled by TAR and the comment section. Look at all the shit you’ve posted and you will realise how pathetic you look. 13 comments. 13 fucking comments. Get over yourself.

    • Sheesh

      Let’s not be sizeist or greaseist here.

    • Faggot

      Who’s more pathic the person that posted 13 comments to sum up the spectacular argument against some racist Asian faggots, or the person who had nothing but a hateful meaningless reply months later . Fuck Asians I like your culture but fuck your race

  • Isabella

    She is still young and can fix herself up, I mean I’m obsessed with anime to but you don’t see me making stupid videos, and besides anime’s aren’t as girl and picky as she is. If you want to make a video at least make a good one, if you ask me she’s an Anastasiya wannabe. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings Venus, but I speak the truth.

  • Kara

    I totally agree with Isabella. Her videos aren’t even that good. I mean, I am Japanese and it sorts of makes me want to puke that VenusAngelic is using this fake accent. It’s disgusting. NO offense, Venus.

    • Annie

      I agree. The problem with her is that she’s trying so hard to claim that she’s Japanese when she isn’t. By going to Anime conventions, or dressing up like a doll is nothing, you only like the superficial things about the culture, and she actually needs to be good at what she does.

  • Katie

    This girl is just a damn japanese wannabe freak. She has to get over her fricking obsession and go get a life. As an asian myself, I find this really annoying and this girl should just stick with her own culture. She should wipe off that ugly layer of makeup crap and focus on school. A girl her age shouldn’t be making youtube videos trying to get famous. I hate her voice. I hate how she thinks she’s cute, because she is not. But I don’t blame this shit on her. I’m not trying to hurt her, but she should stop wasting her time. Anyone can put on some crappy baby voice, bat their eyelashes, and blab out some anime words. If she really wanted to post videos, she could at least do something more useful. Again, people please don’t hate on me for saying this stuff. It’s just an opinion.

  • malware_detected

    her fans are anarchist. i hate how they say:
    -if you dont like it, dont watch it
    -you leave rude comments on her youtube channel, its a cyberbullying
    but they think it’s ok if venus & her mom cyberbullied people, lol

  • Elizabeth

    I wish we could all just get along.
    Let me point out something.
    If you don’t like her videos, why are you watching them? You only have to watch one video to decide whether you want to be a fan of her or hate her guts and stop watching her videos. I can’t say I agree with everything she does, but her tutorials have saved me several times for cosplaying.
    And let me get this straight.
    That, my friends, sickens me.
    I don’t care if she has bullied other people, you are attacking a 15 year old girl for doing something that doesn’t affect you in any way. You people are what, 30 or so? That is sick. I hope you people are proud of yourselves.
    And, she does slightly exaggerate her accent, but having lived in Germany I have heard people who sound very similiar to that.

  • WOW

    Who is anyone to judge another? As long as she isn’t hurting anyone she has the right to experess herself however she wants. I feel pity for narrow minded, hateful, selfish people that can’t appreciate someone being happy. Maybe focusing on making one’s own life more fulfilling instead of criticizing another’s would do humanity a favor. Negativity is a waste of energy.

    As for the comment that she might attract creepy old men, it is not her that is the problem. The creepy old men are the problem. No one should have to hide or be ashamed of who they are because there are sick perverts.

    • Annie

      For you to sit here, and proclaim that everyone is judging her, you need to wake the hell up. It’s not because she wants to dress up like a doll that people hate her for, it’s the drama, arrogance, and greediness she portrays while “expressing herself”.

      If she’s prancing around making sexual inuendos on her videos, she’s digging her own grave for these creepy perverts to see her in a bikini.

    • Frostitsyogurt

      Thank you :3
      Annie needs to stfu. Please.

  • Annie

    I’m the same age as her, and that doesn’t give her a pass. She’s come across as a spoiled bitch who thinks that she’s above everyone because she “looks like a doll”. Her makeup tutorials are shit. Don’t bother to attempt watching one. Simple slathering on expensive makeup doesn’t make you “kawaii”, you actually need some decent skill. Secondly, it’s the fact that she’s provocative in her videos like the review about the circle lenses when the image of her video was of her in a bathing suit and the word “censored” was under it. So obviously nobody would’ve really hated her if she didn’t cause drama for herself. Just saying.

  • monsta

    Damn, hater much, you’re just nameing all the bad stuff, and thb, there is not much bad stuff about venus, like wtf, you’re just exagerating, let the girl be who she wants to be. she’s perfect the way she is. stop hating!

    • Frostitsyogurt

      Omg thank you so much. I totally agree. They’re all major racists against white people actually liking Japanese culture. HEY JAPAWEENIS! YOU WOULDNT HAVE ALL YOUR DOKI DOKI ANIME AND STUFF IF IT WASNT FOR US AMERICANS!!!
      Seriously, I’m a big otaku ;w;

    • Annie

      Hater? The hell? Is that the only excuse you can some up with? The reason she gets hate i because she’s making a mockery of an entire race you arrogant douchebag.

    • rose

      i totally agree with you like you said let her be who she wants

  • Boop

    One thing to say about this:

    This girl is apparently homeschooled, has apparently gotten full approval to do all this from her mother, and apparently only really interacts with fans online/her friends who are like her.

    I’m not endorsing anything she does. I do think her portrayals and fake accent are stereotypical and racist. However, this actually IS apparently a case of someone growing up in a vacuum, getting a lot of positive reinforcement for what they do, not having anyone explain why it’s wrong, and not having an enlightened or expanded worldview to see any differently. Couple that with the fact that she’s a young teenager, and they frequently don’t get the magnitude of their actions.

    Hopefully at some point she will get out of her bubble and stop the act. In the meantime, perhaps instead of bashing her it would help for someone knowledgeable to sit down with her and have an honest, open and calm chat about exactly why this stuff is not OK.

    • Kevin

      Boop, you couldn’t be more right. Children who grow up in vacuums are typically children of narcissistic parents who live their unlived lives through their children. In order to accomplish this, and create the vacuum, the narcissistic parent must isolate the child from the views of others. The child becomes “engulfed”, thus sucked into the vacuum.

      The mother daughter relationship now becomes symbiotic and dysfunctional, as it serves to meet the emotional needs of the mother. One of the symptoms of this dysfunction is apparent in Venus. Identity disturbance. This is conclusive in her obsession with being Japanese. The poor child honestly doesn’t know who she is outside of her mothers false image. Given this insight, I agree with this blog’s author that much of what Venus is expressing is unhealthy and serves to further the financial interests of her mother.

  • Frostitsyogurt

    Omfg. You racists need to get a life. This is really bothering me because you shouldn’t be telling people how to live their life. But you guys on the other hand need to shut the fuck up.

    Y’all need some Jesus.

    Peace out racists (not to some of you)~

  • Lauren

    Venusangelic is a nice person and no one should judge her! Its better than dressing like a thug and doing drugs! I for one like her style and her voice is already that way she knows lots of different languages and all of the accents are mixed together!I’m sure there are other people who agree with me!

    • Kurokuro

      Just because she speaks many languages doesn’t mean that all of her accents are gonna get mixed. I speak three (Four I suppose now) languages fluently. Do I get the accents mixed? Of course not. Many of my friends speak more than two languages and they don’t get their accents mixed up. What Venus Angelic said is pretty much bullshit.

      I quote:
      “My mom told me that I should grow up a bit more. But I said: No mom, I want to be kawaii & kinda retarded forever!

      I like being kinda retarded & shy, it makes me feel cute ^.^”

      “I think that accepting your body is a shameful thing, too. @_@”

      Yeah that’s totally nice. //Scoff scoff

  • Elzahra

    oh God. I dunno if u guys would believe this or not but my sister’s friend went to London a few months a go. She told my sister that she had just meeeeeeet that LIVING DOLL called VENUS in a cafe. She said that it was fckin insane, but SHE HERSELF HEARD THAT VENUSFLYTRAP SPOKE IN BRITISH ACCENT, so PERFECTLY, AWESOMELY FLUENT. she was speaking like the normal britain people. she added some German into her sentence, but her english was perfectly fine. I can’t judge my sister’s friend, but she said that she was sitting right in front of Venus… Okay I know my English is bad. I’m just a poor girl from venezuela. I’m sorry for all the faults

  • Elzahra

    and one more thing. I know its kinda weird to say this, but I also do love doing make up all over my face but I regret doing it lately. I used to make Venus as the best example in “beautifying myself”. but lately, I guess Venus did too much. She didn’t realize that her act would just make people think like “Geez, so this is the reason why the cute japanese girls can looked like dolls?” I bet she didn’t realize that she’s just being too much. God Bless you all

  • Lee

    lol thank you kind white guys, for defending Japanese culture and people from this evil little white girl dressing up in dolly cosplay. She should stick to only Western comic culture, unless she gets a proper Otaku card like all of you…

  • Honestly

    I sincerely just fucking hate her fans they literally looking for anything ANYTHING bad written about her and use the same stupid fucking arguments i don’t mind her its’s her fucking annoying fans that can go die in a hole because they are like fucking stupid ass shit guard dogs and just fill the need to defend her every fucking second of their waking lives TO ALL FANGELICS GO SINCERLY FUCK YOURSELVES YOU SCUM OF THE EARTH GO EAT SHIT …the end

  • Cheyenne

    Ok… First off, I think you’re an asshole for even thinking this, let alone publishing it. If VenusAngelic wants to be cute, let her be fucking cute. It’s her life, not yours. You say how she’s being racist and all, but actually, that IS how some people act and dress. She just wants to share it and make the subcultures more popular. You may not know it, but I was offended by reading this, because I actually think she’s adorable (not in the creepy way). She’s actually one of my role models because I think she’s pretty. So if you post your thoughts, don’t fucking make them offensive and rude. At least put it in a nice way (that does NOT include calling her lifestyle and interests “shit”), and maybe you won’t get hate comments. Bye, Bitchface McGee.

  • Yoko

    Ok first of all I opibion won’t mean anything but I love anime culture but I woldn’t make a YT channel and start talking like a Japanese peach and….. Yeah U get it. The thing is just that I beleve she is her mum’s puppet, I get that Venus love’s her mom even if it is that way but that she start talk differentially, act different, look different and say different just to be her moms perfect little living doll and earn money on it on her pervert followers on YT, I ask myself, is it worth it?
    Hope u read what I said.

  • Yoko

    Ofcourse she can keep doin it but, maybe she wants it way, and ofcurse not all of her followers are perverts, only 80%
    So yeah if she likes keep doin it, does.not bother me.

  • VenusAngelic

    No but I’m kawaii desu nee unlike you who is just jealous

  • VenusAngelic

    Also guys check my new haul video tomorrow it’s gonna be kawaii haul video to my lovely pinkie inky fangelics <3333333333 luv'ya

  • Helena

    *Rabid fangelics come*
    *Raeg everywhere*

  • Jon

    wow you spent that much time to insult a person and one has a massive fan base and is successful at what she does.

    entered lolita style fashion in Japan as a model. ummmm…. she is now rich, enjoys what she loves doing and a manager of a mum and does everything for her.

    she is not asian and i don’t see what being asian and loving anime and manga has to do with what she loves.

    I’m not her fan but you wasting so much time just to explain why you hate her so much. Her make up and costumes out plays the ones on this sites background. She enjoys being a living doll and you enjoy your life the way you want right?

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