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The most annoying person in the world

by on October 22nd, 2011 at 5:10 pm, under Video

I have never in my life wanted to mute someone more than I do right at this moment.

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  • Nero

    It’s like a Japanese YouTube V-logger… just 10X the weaboo annoyance/bullshit.

    How does one have friends when your voice is that annoying?


    ohh gawd no… she best be trolling mother fucker.

  • twobombwerentenough

    Fred and Beckii Cruel’s lovechild

  • Rurimithless

    She’s trying hard to look cute, even though she isn’t. And her voice is annoying as FUCK.

    I’ve never seen a weeaboo like this before.

  • Sarahnator

    She’s talking about summer, school, and strawberries. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT!?

  • Sarahnator

    Plus she was dropping the book bag cause it had textbooks in it from her university. Which are really heavy, there was most likely 7 stuffed in there.

  • jeanette

    this..WHAT is this?!?!?!? it’s only cute in the animes….please just keep it there…….please!!!! anyway, its way too exaggerated and girls in animes, there faces are slightly more angular, my fabulous guy friend can pull this off wayyyyyy better…..

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