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Anime fan imprisons and tortures his waifu

by on September 26th, 2011 at 7:41 pm, under Image, Text

Sir Wilfred Camalgian

This story is amazing for many reasons. First, look at his fucking face. And hair. Ridiculous. He looks like Yugioh ran out of hair gel.

Second, his name is Sir Wilfred Camalgian. COME ON.

Third, he imprisoned his girlfriend in his home and beat her with a stick and crowbar amongst other horrible physical abuses. Absolutely disgusting. Let’s hope he gets what he deserves. You know, on top of being arrested.

Here’s the money quote:

Sir Wilfred Camaligan, 22, corresponded with the 20-year-old woman over Facebook, and she moved into his home in Chicago’s Jefferson Park in July after they met in person at an anime convention.

Lesson learned: Never trust anyone you meet at anime conventions. Especially this guy.

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