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Twitter Recap – Week of 9/18/11

by on September 24th, 2011 at 11:59 pm, under Text

Thanks to Weeaboo Stories and Shawn Elliott for the love this week.

My life right now feels like a filler arc in a reality anime. Can't advance the plot, and can't develop the characters.
Tamara Henson
@ we love to fantasize and escape from reality. It's an extension of the anime subculture ;)
Hiro Maeda

In anime if you kiss the girl you like they won't do a thing but in reality you would get slapped... anime life is so much better
Keith YongSheng Wei
My real life starts again tomorrow ... Need to watch more #anime again to distract myself from reality ...
Tempura (テンプラ) ✰
It's funny how in anime asian's have huge boobs & a giant ass, but in reality they're flat both places. #FAGime
Ayla Perry
Photo: So I drew my girlfriend in anime form. I guess I can still draw a little lol. She absolutely loved...
George Williams
I just want a girlfriend I can watch Anime with, I'd be happy.
Avery Martinez
Should I be concerned that my ideas of perception and reality were in very large part influenced and refined by an anime? #Evangelion
joanna chojnacka
Ohno, there seem to be a group of anime nerds on my freshers page. Although I love anime/manga, I WILL NOT MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE WEEBS D<
Ananya R.M
Sorry but I'm definitely an otaku . My love for anime will not go away !! ANIME FOR LIFE !!!
Benedict Chng
I love getting out of going to detention and sitting around a bunch of anime freaks.....
Spencer Miles
I read comics,watch anime,love mortal kombat and street fighter,sneakerhead and like having convos bout those things im weird i tell u
Just Rebel
waaaaaa why can't anyone i talk to love anime as much as me :cc
simon says
Yep, naturally I cried every last bit of liquid I had in my body LOL now I am exhausted. I love and hate sad anime.
My ideal girlfriend=she has to be an otaku. Cosplaying is optional, funny, likes anime conventions and hates Tenjou tenge as much as me.
☐ single ☐ taken ☑ in love with a anime character that does not exist at all. :(
The worst thing ever. Falling in love with an Anime character.
Otto Ochoa
I got told I look like an anime again today :D I love that compliment<33333
Shasmeen Rose Piche†
I want my favorite anime shows to become reality and I can be the main character #Awsomerific
Ciroc Obama
reality is not as easy as movies or anime =.=
Hio Panri
Some people just obsessed with anime girl. No wonder they ain't got any girlfriend.
#icantrespectyouif you don't watch Anime or Drink Fiji water or eat white rice & plankton ... Or love philippine and trinidadian women.
☞90's B웃by ツ PHARO
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