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Girls Only Want Jerks Part 52

by on June 12th, 2011 at 6:54 pm, under Text

Girls are the bane of every anime faggot’s existence. They all want to date that one Asian girl in their Art 101 class, but have to suffer by watching them date those JERKS that do things like bathe and have wardrobes without cartoon characters on them. They know those jerks don’t respect her and have probably never even thought of how totally kawaii she would be cosplaying some 12-year-old girl. They even held a door open for her once out of their powerful sense of chivalry and didn’t get so much as a handjob in return! Luckily, Nihonomaru serves as a safe haven for these enduring souls.

It's all your fault, girls!

Everyone that isn't me is stupid and poor.

I can't get enough of this guy

I should probably look at some of these other guys, maybe their comments might be less retarded.

I'm guessing self-diagnosed Asperger's

Luckily, not everyone is having romantic troubles.

Who needs real girls?

More misogyny please!

I will never get tired of this kind of shit. Few fandoms can match the anime fandom for the amount of people so smug and self-absorbed but horribly unaware of themselves.

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