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Meet Ansemfan

by on June 5th, 2011 at 9:13 pm, under Image, Text, Video

It’s easy to mistake us for being anti-autism or some stupid shit considering the amount of spergin anime faggots we feature on this site. I’m sure the majority of people in the higher autistic spectrum that aren’t self-diagnosed fucks are aware of their social disorder and through medication and therapy try their best to become individuals that contribute well to society like anyone else. Others just want to sperg about video game/anime crushes and threaten all those dirty neurotypicals. You know, like ansemfan.

Asperger's? Check. Sonic figurines? Check

Ansemfan is a 24-year-old woman and she hates our neurotypical world that refuses to cater to spergin anime fans and all of their desires. She sees through society for what’s really going on, which is apparently some kind of social autism holocaust. It’s kind of like They Live, but with Asperger’s and anime.

everything i said i believe 100% and i'm serious about.

She keeps most of her posting to various forums for games that contain characters she obsesses over and, which is an autism community forum. Apparently she’s been run out of these autism forums a few times now, maybe because she talks about being unable to drive cars unless it’s like Gran Turismo.

i wish i could muster up the courage to drive, the only way i can is if i see the whole car like 3rd person view on gran turismo, so when i play that game and accidently switch to 1st person i slam into a wall and end up losing the race. that’s even when i’m driving a car i have driven for years like the lancer evolution. so i didn’t care at all the diff between standard and premium cars in their latest game, cause i can’t drive in first person anyway.

oh and schizoid was the other illness i may have, actually if i don’t have it i will be shocked.

On her degree of autism:

i’m not sure my mom says i’m mild, but i feel like i’m more moderate or severe, i’m going to get retested someday.

back when i was tested i had gone my whole life up to that point convincing myself i was normal, not only that i’m not sure if i understood the questions or i was trying to answer like an NT would.

i also think i may have more then aspergers, someone else told me to look up to other illnesses. i can’t remember how to spell them but one is mostly extreme selfishness and the other is bizzare thinking, honestly i think i have both of those.

Most people that recognize their faults like that would try to work on them to improve themselves. That’s the path that faggots like neurotypicals take. The truly special snowflake people do things like freak out on the Dragon Age bioware forums over character discussions.


Apparently one of her fixations is on the character Anders from the Dragon Age RPG series. During a thread about how she thinks he is probably a special autistic flower like her and justified in everything he does, she derails her own topic by demanding she is always in the right because of her spergin.

I can't read anything non-autistic

They are forcing me into therapy, okay!?!?


This girl is pretty much close to a Chris-chan level in her stubbornness and weird sense of superiority. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how someone can be so aware of their flaws but refuse to do anything about them and lash out when people point them out.

Don’t expect me to do anything about it though

It seems her main obsession is with Kingdom Hearts. She keeps a series of sprite comics up on her photobucket:


And apparently keeps loads of pictures of some Kingdom Hearts character named Xemnas.

Totally normal

She, like many of our other superior autistic overlords, has a few of her own anime-style drawings to share with the world.

No one knows what this is

Obligatory autistic Sonic picture












If her artwork doesn’t convince you that she’s pretty much the greatest human creature ever born, then take a look at her Let’s Play of Minecraft:

Better bow before your autistic masters while you still have your life. If you’re lucky, you just might be spared from the neurotypical holocaust.

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  • Neurotypical

    She hates minecraft? I hope she dies…

    “I’m being deadly serious”

  • Jason

    What the heck does NT stand for. Non-tard?

  • Nathan


  • Maureen

    …Wait that’s a woman? Woah. Back up. Can’t get over the mind-screw of her first picture…

    NT Holocaust. What the hell.

  • jetfox

    well look i have a stalker isn’t that nice, it’s always nice to be cut down by a person not brave enough to go to my face.

    i’m guessing you never bothered to find out i was miserable during the time of those forum posts with chronic stomach pain, now i find out i could have i real medical issue.

    you sure put alot of effort into this but you didn’t know that congrats.

    but yeah so glad you are stalking me like you couldn’t find something better to do.

    also poke around wrongplanet some more i am a minecraft addict, i’ve been playing it for nearly 1 year or more now.

    also my friend got me the figures, i was displaying them out of respect for her.

    at least i managed to kill your video link. and you are wondering why i hate non aspies, this page is your answer.

    and i’m ugly now, it’s a wonder i have any pride at all, did you know most people deflect others with anger when they themselves are insecure.

  • jetfox

    one more thing the comic you have up there is from ansem retort it’s not my comic. i don’t remember why i had it up there on my photobucket, i was probably embeding it somewhere else. i just happened to forget it was still on there along with everything else i have on photobucket.

  • ross

    i love the implication that being diagnosed is somehow some giant revelation. if you actually had a condition i’m pretty sure you would have felt the same as before you found out

    then again what do i know

    • jetfox

      yeah i’m sure going for 15 years thinking you are normal, and then finding out you will struggle for the rest of your life with things that most find easy to deal with is an easy pill to swallow.

      back before i was dxed mental illness was viewed as something that is horrible, and so i had that mindset. i will admit i didn’t handle the news well, but i can’t help i swear i am still mentally young.

      also to the site i want to point out dragon age is a western rpg. i play both western and jrpgs, fallout 3, dragon age, on the western side, and final fantasy and xenosaga on the jrpg side.

      but i am nowhere near an anime addict, i posted all that stuff after i lost my sense of self by posting on a forum that says autism is not an illness, once i stopped accepting my faults i went ballistic.

      and now i wish i could take everything i said back on bioware what was not the place to talk about it. however wrongplanet is an aspie site and so any and all aspergers related comments belong there and all posts from there do not count they were aspergers related comments on an aspergers related site.

      but i have been racking my brain for days now, why attack me? me out of the millions of people on the internet why me? i’m not important, i have done nothing to you or this site. and then you pull a 5 year old pic of me and art that’s probably older then that. and the only nasty comments i have ever said on the net in 13 years what were said when i was going through the worst time in my life.

      how did you find me? how did you get the posts from bioware my profile was private how did you know that avatar was mine? where did you find my email? because that is the only way you could link all those accounts together. what did i do to deserve this? i like cartoons… big whoop… how does that justify getting this kind of treatment.

      and i find odd that after i found this my bioware account was hacked.

  • ross

    hey guys ignore my last post it wasn’t me my little sister wrote it

  • ross

    also i was abducted by aliens and YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE ugh typical nts

  • jetfox

    honestly you guys have no life at all. how you linked up half my accounts is beyond me.

    i blame you guys 100% for the bioware hacking email i got after finding this page, it’s very comforting to know i have a dickass stalking me online.

    how do you even sleep at night when you attack people daily for no reason. one person’s interest is not your concern.

    and if you must know wrongplanet has gone bad as well, i lost my haven. and you think you know me you don’t know squat. if i hate minecraft why do i still play it. or get two accounts just to change my email, bought it twice so i could transfer to my new account.

    failed about 20+ captchas [damn those to hell]. but you based this whole thing off of a few sonic fiigures in an old photo of mine. as for the art, i am an artist i guess you didn’t bother to browse the rest of my photobucket, i have more art then xemnas. on my harddrive i have 15,000+ pics and comics of all different kinds.

    heck half the crap i put on photobucket i forgot i had put on there, heck i’m not sure what is on there. but i don’t clear it, i’m a lazy ass do you want to cry about that as well now?

    if you think bitching an whining about me is going to change me, dream on you just gained a permanent enemy, and i might just come here when i need to verbally tear someone a new hole. god knows you deserve it for being assholes. not to mention pervs, stalkers, weirdos, creepy psychos, and brain dead idiots.

    also i do have a hunting knife it’s a gerber with a black blade and a sheath, i don’t like the folding ones i have a fear of getting my fingers chopped off by those. 21$ at walmart, good deal for a damn decent knife. i mostly use it to cut clay blocks however.

    you say these people are wasting their lives by simply doing what they like to do, i find conventions a bit weird myself, never been to one and for a good reason.

    and my illness has nothing to with my moods or how i am treated [which is badly] and you guys are a good example why i can’t trust nts. they go behind other’s backs and talk crap, and it isn’t just to aspies, nts attack nts everyday.

    but these guys enjoy what they do and don’t feel pressured to do what they enjoy. but you waste your time to track these guys down and stalk them, i hope you all wind up in jail, or in hell to burn for all i care. and the fact that my current youtube account has almost no views on anything i blame on you.

    • ross

      christ almighty

    • ross

      i was going to call you out for being a piece of shit and using asperger’s as an excuse for being an unlikeable and probably mentally unstable human being but not even i can bring myself to read that wall of turd

      since they added email notification to comments now i bet you’re gonna be back pretty soon and sperg some more, have fun wasting your own time

  • Darrell

    These pretzels are making me thursdayy

  • jetfox

    did i ask for opinions. this site attacked me based on some sonic figures.

    and the rest of you support and threaten me to death.

    this whole community is garbage you can’t find anything better to do then attack a random person with no evidence whatsoever.

    that pic is nearly several years old i don’t even know if i had my excilim at that point, my current camera at the moment, i left my old forum and am on minecraft [the game you believe i hate], i have probably burned more hours on minecraft then most of my games, right now i’m doing mod troubleshooting.

    and the reason i am being an ass and yes i’m doing so on purpose, is you don’t deserve anything other then hate.

    i only am nice if i feel it’s not a waste of my time. heck i’ll agree i’m not perfect, people screw up in life it is a fact and a truth. my cat died shortly prior to all this, i’ve been going through endless chronic stomach pain for months now.

    and i’m suppose to just grin and bear it regardless, you guys are beyond reasonable. and i’ve got plenty of time to burn, i find entertainment in this anyway.

    i started writing do to my skill to type alot. and as i said whining about what i do isn’t going to change me, i just go on the warpath.

    also i don’t use my handicap as a crutch, as much as you justify this bs by saying i hate cartoons.

    so someone likes cartoons, what is it going to hurt? just your egos i can see. and i get crap flung at me like this and i’m suppose to be nice to my atackers, you guys are blind, deaf, and stupid. also i don’t have notifications on, i seek this page out willingly on a random basis whenever i feel like it.

    and you say this is suppose to be funny, you guys are worse off then me and i confirmed problem.

    and now you ask for respect, all i can say is “kiss this”.

  • jetfox

    also you obviously have on clue what aspergers even is or does.

    if it effected my moods i’d have bipolar, or manic depression, something to that effect. if i was normal as the sterotype says i would still see this and be pissed. it’s my personality i have a short fuse and a temper a mile wide, and that’s just who i am.

    when i mention my knife it’s only a “get off my back” sorta thing, when i get in an argument i try to settle things calmly, a worthless tactic as nts seem to like fighting.

    and dragon age origins was the 2010 game of the year, you must live under one hell of a rock to know jack about it.

    anyway aspergers is to sum it up not being able to communicate well.

    that is the main part at least, it is a social disorder, just has many other bad symptoms some aspies have the different ones in different amounts. the meltdowns are by far the worst, it’s like going through uncontrollable psychotic shock at pure random, sometimes it is triggered but i can go through them for no reason at all.

    and it is misserable, doesn’t help doctors don’t know much to actually help in long term] i have taken pills that gave me muscles spams, flu like feelings, stomach pain, violent mood swings far worse then this.

    i have had my own thoughts torment me, but at the same time being hostage to them.

    if you think aspies get sympathy you have no idea what goes on on the net. i say i have it to raise awareness if nothing else, the more people that know of a problem the more chances of help and relief.

  • jetfox

    i thought i would let you know, emotional thinking leads to disaster and if you go through history you find that is a fact of life.

    i am more logical when i’m not having a meltdown at least.

    if i find someone who likes narato i have no business telling they they shouldn’t, but i have the right to say i don’t like it.

    freedom of speech only goes so far, if it isn’t threats, personal attacks, or hurting someone physically or mentally. then your opinion is valid. what you are doing here is by the bill of rights illegal to do.

    you can call it humor all you want, it is still illegal.

    and i hope and pray you rot in prison and then burn in hell for eternity.

    and i am an asshole yet you stalked all over the net attack me for no reason besides bordem. routed through my accounts by hacking them, [only way you could have found my bioware posts] bitch about anyone you see fit to attack. and i’m the asshole for defending myself, hypocrite much…

    you didn’t attack me for my illness you attacked my personality, aspergers does nothing to your mood swings. meltdowns don’t count. and if you think you can handle what aspergers or autism can dish out i will gladly trade you any day. but you wouldn’t make it for two days max. ;P see ya hypocrites… :P

  • jetfox

    to fucknasa <— your name describes it all doesn't it.

    you are probably are a worthless fucking human like the rest of these vipers.

    *viper means vile, stupid, foolish or evil.

    which sums up this nicely, but you guys have already proved why i can't trust nts. just look at your post and you'll have your answer.

    p.s. xemnas being my fav character is none of your damn business.

    and you should have seen my cat kirby that passed away or you really never looked at my photobucket, or you're blind and stupid, i'm going with the later.

    honestly i'm going to keep hounding you till i'm happy, and i decide when i'm happy.

    and i don't have an account, sucks to be you doesn't it. ;p

    i am going to make you miserable no matter how long it takes, i am stubborn enough to do so as you already know.

    i will make you regret you even saw my avatars or found out i existed. and as far as trashing my rep, i have none here so nothing to lose on my end.

    good luck you will need it. ;P

  • jetfox

    honestly i might just spread this site’s link around a few websites, i bet you will have i ton of enemies if i did.

    also i didn’t even need to look at the about this site tab to know the obvious, 2 people on here are gay. honestly looking it this piss hole of a site i expected that.

    your kind do nothing but hate and run to the authorities with your tail between your legs, when your feelings are hurt. most people deal with hate, rejection, abuse, torture, etc… and at the end only have themselves to lean on.

    war veterns come back scarred and tramatized for life, but they gather whatever they have and move on.

    do you also know of asylums, you should nts built them, and nothing i have ever read has disterbed me more then these buildings.

    the fact that bedlam came from these is no shock to me, but this is the reason i have something against nts, and if it’s wrong so be it, i couldn’t care less. i am not trying to earn respect, i give respect only if it is offered to me first.

    because respect to get respect goes both ways, if i am respectful and i get trashed how can the person i’m talking to expect kindness from me, and if i go somewhere like here and say, i’m going to be an asshole to you guys on purpose, how can i expect to get respect.

    and you say i have to and you don’t, hypocrites…
    honestly i can see how schools and families are breaking down at the core when i see shit like this.

    also do you know anything about this stuff beyond what your warped minds have developed? didn’t think so.

    also bioware is a branch from ea, EA for god sake 1 of the top biggest gaming companies. you can’t even watch tv without running into an EA advertisement, for a sports game or a simulator of any kind.

    you obviously have no clue what anime is, it’s is japanese animation, or japanese cartoon, no different then western cartoons. just made with a different style. most western cartoons gear toward humor, where as anime is more plot and story related. and dragonball z is a bad example of an anime i agree. but hellsing, from what i know is really well written.

    i only watched the first 3 ova episodes myself, kinda hard to get into something that i can’t understand. also you have 2 gay members and are against gay parings hypocrite much…. hell i hate them as well, but it is not limited to japanese cartoons or games, i can assure you of that. i run across this garbage so much it makes me physically ill. on almost a daily basis.

    once again i do own a hunting knife, i sliced my finger with it opening a bag of sour patch gummies. first taste of blood it got, i sharpened it that morning as well like the idiot i am. thought the blade needed sharpening, it doesn’t now. i talk about it only because it is there, seriousily i keep it on my desk, and i tend to talk about things i see alot.

    but threats i make to inflict physical harm are just a warning to get off my back and nothing more. why i jump on threats when i’m pissed your guess is as good as mine. like why do people resort to drugs when upset?

    no one knows the true answer because not everyone does or will do so. and i went through withdrawls from trazadone and several effects not much unlike street drugs, and i can honestly say i hate the effect of being high, it reduces my awareness and i hate walking around like a zombie, if i want to feel like a zombie, i can simply get sleep deprived, does the same thing, it kills the logical side of the brain and puts you in a dreamlike state. and it is miserable when i go through that.

    how can drugs be appealing with effects like that. i went through the withdrawls by choice when i went off my sleep aid, because i knew it would only be temporary.

    and i ask this, take down the drawings at least. my art is horrible i agree, espeashily 4 years ago or something when i drew that. but the black haired girl is mine. my character, her name is torch and i will be damned if i will sit back and let you drag her through the mud with me.

    i have spent a good solid 10+ years developing her, and i will not sit back when she is mocked. if you have a problem with me you take it to my goddamn face cowards, torch has nothing to do with this bs. so quit hiding behind your site’s so called rules and face me like the men you claim to be.

  • jetfox

    haha, i can’t say i’m surprised that you didn’t have a comeback for that.

    you guys are the wusses i see you as, you talk tough about this stuff as long as you can hide behind the website, but when a person comes against you your cower like the dogs you are. when i have a problem i fight that person tooth and nail to their damn face.

    you guys obviously ain’t got the spine to face me because you know i would gut you easily with little effort.

    course they say big talkers are usually weak, and i see you are tempting fate by disgracing my character still, so how about this, if you don’t take that down, i will hound you for an eternity if that what it takes. remember i’m stubborn i have the drive to do so, and you should know you don’t screw with stubborn people with a short fuse, it’s about as smart as lighting a firecracker in your hand. i have nothing to gain, or lose here.

    also thank whatever gods you have that i don’t legal copyrights over torch, cause cause i’d trash you in the legal system in a heartbeat. more like be thankful i am not god.

    and honestly i am starting to find a sick amusement from this activity, so when i feel like crap i’ll come here and throw it on you, it seems to help cheer me up at least. :P

  • jetfox

    i have to say how can you determine my own art as anime? when you didn’t draw it? talk about ignorance. my style is cartoon and how do i know, well i drew it i should know shouldn’t i…

    i see no one else has the gall to come after me anymore, good. they should be afraid.

    i can’t wait till you start feeling pain in some sort of way. probably emotional nts are weak like that.

    but i like this as my ranting area, if anything i’ll scare others away from this page, because people love to read rants so much. but this is the first time i could trash gays without bitching. i like that finally i can get out all the anger i’ve been harboring.

    but i love how this site works

    “Content posted on The Anime Reality is solely for the purpose of satire and entertainment, and is not copyright anyone associated with this site. Especially not us.”

    your excuse to be bigots, satire\entertainment, i seriously doubt any of this wouldn’t piss someone off, and satire is humor, but this is not satire, these are personal attacks and nearly threats. freedom of speech doesn’t cover this arrogance.

    not copyrighted, but clearly using it to inflict harm purposely.

    Especially not us <— 'oh it's not our fault these attacks got up here', biggest load of bullshit i've ever seen.

    also what is the differance between having an interest in cartoons, or war planes, or trains for that matter. any interest can be abused,'like your fetish with bitching about others' a person obsessed with war planes could go out and purposely shot by one, a person obsessed with bombs may make one to commit a crime.

    it is rare, but i've seen more bizzare shit on ripley's, people taking obsessions to the extreme, i could see it easily.

    • Prospector Cheng

      These fine folks here at the anime reality are trying to show you what your problem is. Like Confucious say ‘shut the fuck up and listen’.

  • Choo

    haha jesus christ

  • Jetfox

    Oh good fresh meat, you were begining to bore me.

    And how can these screw ups be fine people?

    And how does liking cartoons justify you bashing my character?

    Hacking my accounts and generally stalking.

    If you think i will learn anything from this you guys are really screwed in the head.

    But truthfully i really am not an anime fan, i grew up with loony toons. I watched a few animes but not enough to be spastic crazy. And other then that i am a gamer, but i spend more time gaming then watching tv shows.

    The only thing this site will cause is basicly an internet war.

    • ross

      legit question: do you seriously have nothing better to do than sit there watching your inbox for reply notifications from this site?

      additionally i’d love to know how hacking comes into this, as far as i’m aware this is all information that was in the public domain (put there by you, in fact), obtained by the simple act of utilising the ‘ctrl’ and ‘c’ keys.

    • jetfox

      to ross

      i stated before i had my bioware account set to private. i hate others snooping around where they aren’t wanted or tolerated.

      so i have no clue besides hacking on how they tracked all my posts. and obviously alot were missed, mostly on wrongplanet which i told them to ban my account. the site was getting kinda nasty i couldn’t even have a chat about music without bashing. i was curious on what the others liked, nothing more.

      also i posted before i don’t get notices. but when a site attacks you it is hard to ignore, even more for me because i have held grudges for years, honestly not sure why, i would rather give up the anger but i can’t seem to.

      but as far as attacks i had worse on conquer online, then again that place is like a tank of piranha in a frenzy the forums get really bad.

      it may have been public, but the comic posted was not mine, i hosted it to embed on wrongplanet years ago. as for the dark haired girl with the cat tail, she is mine, and not anime. the tail and ears were a cause of not knowing how to draw a human ear. and i thought the ears were out of place without the tail. and human poses and anatomy is something i am not very good at, i’ll admit it. and i can see if some think she is a guy, she does look more like a guy then a female.

      also when most of this was written i had lost a dear pet of mine, a cat i had for 14 years. the only one that survived in az, bobcats got the rest of the litter, and no need for hate i still blame myself 10+ years later for not growing a brain and keeping them in. i was young at the time. anyway losing my kirby was painful, and i was upset, i took it out the wrong way, and i was stupid to do so.

      but why i keep coming back is the blatant hate on my character, and the false accusations of hating minecraft. in which my current map is One Nighter seed, and i have been supporting it since alpha. in truth i was a skeptic off the bat, then again screenshots often don’t give you a true idea on what the game really is, at first it looked pretty cheap, and not much to it. once i got in the game, i realized that there was so much more.

      and i could write a book on the things i have done in minecraft at least what i remember. but i have forgotten some, as is human nature.

  • Franky

    I’m the only one who thought that she is a 12 year old boy?

    I mean look at this photo!


      Haha, I did a double-take too and re-read the first two paragraphs out of disbelief. She looks like a 14 year old guy with a jewfro. I wonder if she scrubs up nice — crazy chicks are always amazing in bed.

    • jetfox

      ok i take offense at that thrillho. i look guyish as a choice, i like loose clothing, i have problems with anything tighter then a t-shirt. mostly stitching i don’t like. certain kinds of stitching i can’t stand.

      and as for sex, i’d rather be dead then let that happen.

      also i’m not jewish, and that remark seems racist to me.

      the photo is fairly old as well, i also don’t like drawing attention in public and have no desire to.

      but to be honest i don’t mind being refereed to as a guy as much as some girls would. the net is mostly a guessing game when it comes to others. i can’t tell what gender someone is and i don’t bother to stress over it. the remark under the pic ‘ugly’ is beyond what i tolerate.

      but the only thing this site has taught me at all, is some people out in the net really deserve no respect.

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