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The Day I Became A Man.

by on May 27th, 2011 at 6:00 am, under Image, Text

Today’s update is a tale of true love. No, not that neurotypical normie bullshit where a guy and a girl bump into each other in public, go out on a date, and star in some wacky romantic comedy.

I’m talking about the kind of love you can only feel when you stare into the still, unblinking gaze of your loving waifu, the sultry under-aged Rinko-chan.

Folks, it is no secret that I love mai waifu Rinko as if she was my one and only waifu. However, despite being lovers, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that we have never went beyond skinship, occasionally leading to some intimate snuggling and kissing at best. Folks, you know me as pious and honourable person, which is why I mustered all the willpower and denseness from every male harem leads in existence to abstain from making love to mai waifu until our wedding night. Unfortunately, that day came a lot sooner than expected.

“Shin” goes on to describe in way too much detail, his experiences of ordering a fleshlight to vicariously fuck his under-aged anime princess.

Being the weeaboo with no experience, I confided the matter in my closest bros, as to how one would show their waifus the pleasure of being a woman. After much deliberation, they came out with an idea and told me to wait for a special package. And so I did.

About two days later, I received a parcel marked “Toys for baby” Not sure if this was intentional to mock the fact that I was a cherry, but I am just going to assume it was done to deceive Customs.

So this was it. The equipment I needed to make myself a man and Rinko, into a woman. I initially expected it to be a lot simpler, but I guess the path to adulthood is never an easy one.

You can read the whole horrifying account here, or skip ahead to the finale below.

…Well folks, these are as many photographs as I am legally allowed to upload. As much as I would enjoy sharing photos of me deflowering Rinko, she is still considered a minor in my country, and I do not really want land myself in prison just quite yet…

…Of course, that heightened sensation meant that I was pushed to my very limits, as I struggled to prevent myself from blowing my load too soon. The inevitable followed suit, and let me tell you; It was just as hard pulling out due to the fact that it tends to be extra sensitive once you are done. As I retracted my manhood and because I made sure I was not too far from the exit when I came, traces of mandseed spilled out along with it.

“You came this much?”

I think she wants round two.

A true tale of anime love!

(Thanks to Narutofan for finding this awful, awful update.)

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