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Grey Fatcumen

by on May 26th, 2011 at 7:18 pm, under Image, Text

It appears that Grey Acumen (aka Brandon), the man that started it all, hasn’t been working out with Moon Cleaver as often as he used to and is starting to put on the pounds.

Notice the black angel wings.

Maybe they don't fit him anymore.

Apparently Minecraft has been his new spergin obsession. He’s developed some kind of crafting mod that has apparently gained some kind of popularity. I, for one, am glad that he has been able to put his dedication and drive for doing fucking nothing his entire life to good use. I’m sure his parents are proud that his tireless efforts have allowed countless Minecraft players the ability to craft things better.

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  • NarutoFan

    It’s no different than a third grader that shifts their attention span from hot wheels cars to legos. It’s a shame that such blatant and shallow escapism isn’t criticized as much as the other goofy stuff people do… I watched his two previously posted vids, though. So sad, so funny.

    Also, if you have a couple of suggestions for sites you want us to mine for comedy gold, I surf the net while at work, I’m sure I could find something good :D

  • dd

    Is that my little ponies on his forum avatar?

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