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Crunchyroll is a site for real anime fans. For only $6.95 a month you can legally watch the latest adventures of Naruto and support anime worldwide.

It’s a great idea, matched only by what a terrible idea it was to give those same paying members their own forums. What sort of issues do Crunchyroll members like talking about? Well, the same things all of us worry about:

From How Do You Feel About Black People?:

(click for full-size)

Black people? What are those?

It's O.K., Chris Rock talked about it once!

On Why Do You LOVE Japanese Culture?:

I hear they settle disputes with one on one katana duels, too.

I think there's a theme starting to show up in these posts...

if a guy likes a girl, does he stalk her casually?:

Yeah you don't want to be with people that'll dislike you 'observing' them for sure.

And all terrifying.

Finally, Why Do Japanese Girls Thighs Not Touch at the Top?:


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  • NarutoFan

    Japan is a wonderful paradise filled with culture, honor, respect and love for their fellowman.

    “In recent years the suicide rates of men at the 30s to early 50s—traditionally a group that had a very low suicide rate—has risen dramatically The suicides often come as a shock to family members who had no idea things were so bad. Some men chose to commit suicide by leaping from a train platform in front of oncoming train during the height of the evening rush hour, a move that often gets public attention.”

    What they don’t tell you is that all Japanese salarymen get a katana the first day on the job, and they aren’t supposed to tell anybody outside of Japan about it.

  • JacopeX

    I have an account on Crunchyroll…Couldn’t handle the stupidity there…especially from the weaboos who tried to defend their sick obssessions and lifestyles while possessing such bigotted philosophies upon the world.

    I feel like going back and injecting a little sanity for once over there.

    • Charles

      You could try, but I think they’re pretty comfy in their little fantasy bubbles where only straight white people who always get Japanese girlfriends exist.

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