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This Is Your Military, America

by on May 6th, 2011 at 12:00 pm, under Image, Text, Video

The CGA, or Comics, Gaming, and Anime Shows are a set of anime cons spanning the Deep South in America. They have shows for Tallahassee and Ft. Meyers planned, but do you know where their next show in 2 days will be? That’s right! The U.S. Army National Guard Armory! Who needs the USO when you have live music from bands like S.S. Hanami? Here’s one of their shows from last year:


From The CGA Website :

Hailing from Gainesville, this band mixes traditional Japanese music with J-rock feel and American Rock. They have performed several cons around Florida and they will be appearing At our Show.

Geek Dance: Get your groove on and party till the end of the show.

We like to end our shows with a dance. Come on in and dance to a mix of pop and techno. With a little geek themed songs in for the mix. This is not a place to do the two step.

Super. What else could you want? Special guests? Like who?

Oh. Her again.

PikaBelleChu is most well known in the anime world for her continuing passion for Pokemon. She has appeared in many magazines, newspapers and tv such as Nintendo Power, Animerica, Anime Insider, Pokemon Fan, Beckett Pokemon Collector, Pokemon World UK,Nintendo UK,VW Trends,VW World, EGM, Star Banner, Riverland News, St. Augustine Record, Cartoon Network and is featured in a book published worldwide called, Cosplay in America.

Her highest achievement is having being featured in the Gamers Edition of Guinness Book of World Records in 2009 for having the Worlds Largest Pokemon Collection in the World and also featured in the 2010 Main Book of Guinness Book of World Records as well, with over 9,000 items and growing everyday from American to Japanese collectables and including her crown jewel of her collection. the PikaBug, the official Pikachu Volkswagen you can see displayed at many conventions and events she attends. She does numerous Pokemon events, from Children’s Charity events, Car Shows, Parades, Kids Parties and appears at conventions and other evens worldwide for her dedication to Pokemon. Also a cosplayer, she has created more than 90 costumes mostly consisting of Pokemon and her own special twist, creations called Pokewomon Princesses where she takes a Pokemon and creates a royal version of that Pokemon. Some of the costumes have taken more than 3 months to create. When not promoting Pokemon and cosplaying for events for children, she also teaches kids cartooning at local craft stores and paints murals in businesses and private homes in the area she lives.

God Bless America.

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  • VirginSexPet

    You know, I can’t really say that this was a bad band. They’re nothing spectacular, certainly, and I don’t plan on ever buying their music, but let’s review:

    – The drummer isn’t wobbling half-steps back and forth on the beat
    – The guitarist is actually pretty spiffy
    – Bag-boy isn’t a complete fuckup singer, and the schtick has some novelty appeal

    Okay, that’s a short list, but find me a Con band that has any of those things and I’ll buy you a ten pound bag of llama dicks.

    Now, does that mean I’m a fan? Fuck no. I’ve heard homeless people farting more intriguing tunes (and with better live sound to boot), and I can’t hear a single word he’s singing thanks to their live setup but I’ll bet dollars to llama dicks it’s about Naruto. Still, credit where credit is due: They ain’t really bad or stupid enough to be on this list, not when (I Want My) Nickleback still sells out arenas and Beyonce is considered an ‘artist’.

    Someone go hand Gokufeival a ukulele and THAT will be bad enough to glorify. This is just average.

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