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Anime Foot Fetishists Rejoice!

by on May 5th, 2011 at 11:47 am, under Image

The rest of us? Commence barfing.

Oh Yes
Oh Yes

These images are courtesy of the Anime Feet blog.  These fetishized cosplay pics are the best thing to come out of that site, however if you want to witness one man’s descent into madness, check out the blog’s previous posts.  Each post typically focuses on a single anime girl, and is then followed with about 5,000 screencaps of said character’s footshots.  It takes about three minutes to scroll through any given blog post.  I’m horrified.

Wtf is wrong with her toe...

Wtf is wrong with her toe...

Come to me, pocky breath

Come to me, pocky breath

Could you please put on your Naruto cosplay and walk around in Cheeto dust for a bit? I need this.

I can only see the photoshopper, drooling from chapped lips, licking his Mountain Dew stained teeth, trying to keep his 3-inch boner in his family guy boxers.

Also on the site are links to interactive stories, which I assume are like the choose-your-own-adventure books from your childhood, only about Naruto licking feet.  I wasn’t brave enough to venture forth, but perhaps you are.  Let me know in the comments.

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