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Bring Back Misty!!!!!

by on February 26th, 2010 at 9:39 pm, under Text, Video

Thanks to vyabsley and Movavi Video Converter Tech for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

From the guy who uploaded the video:

…Brock is a bad influence on the kids. Besides, I do not want to try and just get laid on every single woman. I just try and analyze every woman discreetly, and when I find one that is respectable as well as good, I try to introduce her to myself, we connect to each other, and then we get married. I do NOT want to act like Quagmire, Charlie Harper, or Brock when it comes to women. We straight men should treat women with respect, not as toys that can be disposed of.

Look, I did this [Video] to try and warn everyone about the dangers of this stereotype. in case you haven’t noticed, several people are dying from anorexia, and modeling magazines are a major contributor.

Misty’s probably our only chance at bringing this world to a true balance, seeing how our just trying to boycott several magazines/protests simply aren’t enough.

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