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by on February 25th, 2010 at 5:57 pm, under Image, Text, Video

This fuckshit has been leaving us terrible comments all afternoon about his Asperger’s syndrome, etc. Please leave the site, Eyeofgod2.

His caption for this photo on his Myspace: An awesome/bad ass picture of me

Look at this cool dude.


This is on his Myspace.

Tree of pedophilia.

I love how he makes the case that he has Asperger’s Syndrome makes him the way he is, but let me take you:
I have Asperger’s Syndrome and it doesn’t make you like that. YOU make you like that.
Also if anyone has been around the anime con scene, there are MUCH worst people out there.

~Eyeofgod2, our comments section

He claims to have received or given oral sex at an anime convention. His comment is a bit ambiguous.

I have actually done the first one at a con before and it was real, haha
None of that pretend shit! haha

Taste in Hentai: I hope I don’t weird anyone out, lol
Normal, Video game, Anime, toons, neko, Some incest, and some others

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  • Nathan

    thank fuck he stopped commenting

  • EarofJesus3

    I’ve never heard of this guy in my life but he seems pretty handsome and cool. I am a woman and a good judge of these things. Please stop picking on me- I mean “him”, please?

  • Colin

    Dude you’re famous now!

  • Eyeofgod

    Wow, I didn’t think this would happen o.o
    Sorry for posting so much, but hey, I just love this website and I didn’t know how to comment on here until just today and I though I’d just post some comments to some of the stuff I enjoyed on here.
    I did post some off color comments, but hey that’s the internet for you, just for fun is all.

    Thanks for featuring me, even if it is in this way. But Keep posting pictures and videos,
    I love Anime Reality.

    • Buzzard

      roll with those punches

      also you’re a real winner. couldnt help but notice you have a youtube video thats a tribute to a gun. a real life gun. thats kinda weird dude

  • Eyeofgod

    To Buzzard:
    Ah that is an old video of mine that I made in Battlefield 2 and it was a tribute to the M16 in the game. Not in real life, haha

    Just to note: I am odd guy and of course, because of that, I am kinda infamous on the internet. Starting from my young days when I didn’t understand what trolls were to of course, doing this. Totally didn’t mean to post so much, but it happened and it got me noticed, haha
    Of course, it won’t be the last time either.

    • Colin

      shut up just shut up

    • Bruce

      I am kinda infamous on the internet.

    • Kolby

      yeah uh guys. i dont know if you know this but im kinda infamous on the internet.

    • Nathan

      i don’t think you understand that it’s not the volume of your comments that annoys us, it’s the content of them. and the fact that you are a prime example of the type of person we started this site to mock.

    • Hoff

      I can confirm the EoG was actually pretty infamous on the internets back in the day. Imagine whatever you’ve experienced with him here, to the power of 10, on the world’s largest battlefield forums during the height of BF2. It got to the point where people were stalking him in game, TKing and teabagging him, then posting the screenshots on the forums as trophies. Those were the days. There was never any vitriol towards him like there seems to be here though; I haven’t read his comments here so I can’t comment on that.

  • Sadolf Hitler

    one time i posted a funny image on 4chan and ppl laughed and i laughed.

  • Eyeofgod

    To Nathan:
    I really can’t be all that bad. Sure, I cosplay and like anime and stuff, but I don’t take it all that serious like lot of people who have been posted on here before.
    O and by the way, I made a reaction video to all of this:


  • Quenzo

    Eyeofgod, admit it- you’re a total pedophile.

  • Colin

    Yeah, I love anime, I dress up as anime characters at age 20, but I’m not one of those NERDS. Anyway catch ya later, boarding the next train to MEGACON!! (not a nerd)

  • Sadolf Hitler

    I wish that when Hitler killed 6 million jews that instead he killed like, all the aspies in the world then people would be cool w/ him.

    Just saying.

    • Anon-a-meme

      He tried. Hitler tried to eradicate Jews, the mentally ill / handicap, those of differing gender identity or sexual orientation, as well as several local ethnic groups, and, well, just about anyone who didn’t agree with his view points or beliefs. So although the Holocaust killed over six million Jews, there were several million more unrelated casualties.

      Such a terrible, terrible shame, that those millions of brutal murders, that all that mass-genocide was not enough to eliminate genetic illness and in-breeding the world-round, and save you wasting your precious time reading a supposed “satire” article that does nothing but say “lolpplsux” loudly and witlessly, while (boorishly promoting stigma and intolerance for /real/ mental illness).

      If /only/ enough people had died to save you making the decision to waste your time like this, then, THEN Adolf Hitler would be everyone’s bestest best friend.

      Just saying.

  • Chef

    asperger powers ACTIVATE

    form of: a tire! *rolls with the punches*

  • Ross

    im special on the internet, im different to everyone else, let me tell you about my aspergers

    *continues digging own grave without even realising*


    Sure is edgy in here.

  • WTF

    what the hell? how can you be pedophile in anime? in something not real? Lolz guys.

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