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by on February 16th, 2010 at 6:44 pm, under Video

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  • Doriinatrix

    The sad thing is that he’s not bad looking at all…

  • Casperx

    I like the beat and his flow. Shame he’s a niggaboo faggot.

  • Eyeofgod

    1980s: Rap was about gangstas, drugs, hoes, guns, killing cops, and etc

    2000s: Rap is about autotune and anime.

  • Eimis

    Huh, i came to this site by chance.. and wtf you guys are like “internet trolls” community? you are looking all day for stupid video’s, then post here and comment like “its such a shame” and so on? you guys need to find a better hobby. At least to and troll strangers, but seriously its nothing fun about these people, i just dont know, its sad, but you cant judge them like that..

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