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GreyAcumen Update: More Poetry Surfaces

by on January 21st, 2010 at 5:56 am, under Text

GreyAcumen, a noble swordsman and soon-to-be poet laureate, has accomplished much in life. From swinging a nodachi with the skill of a Japanese samurai to writing fiction that makes Tolstoy look like Stephanie Meyer, GreyAcumen has proven himself a master of just about every trade.

GreyAcumen began his venture into poetry with “Tired of This,” an angst-ridden piece that, while still a masterpiece by any other standard, was merely a starting point in his journey. In “I’m Missing You,” Grey revealed his soft side, adding an entirely new level of depth to his outwardly self-confident, machismo image. Months of work finally came to fruition when Grey penned his magnum opus, “I am the Sword.” In what many scholars believe to be the modern day equivalent of Beowulf, Grey conveyed a sense of glory, honor, and betrayal stronger than any historical epic poem in a mere 26 lines.

I am happy to say that these newly discovered poems contain that same GreyAcumen level of quality we have all come to expect. “Pen vs Sword,” “Gloating,” and “What it all comes down to” will forever be preserved here for future generations to study and draw inspiration from.

Graceful with both pen and sword.

Pen vs Sword

The pen is mightier than the sword

that one really has me floored

with just one swipe, one downward swing

the pen is not that strong a thing

it would break against a sword

the sword is action, the pen’s all word

A poison pen, now there’s a thought

but that reeks of a lowly plot

a sword or axe or punching dagger

when struck with these your foe will stagger

They deal with things face to face

put things blunty and in their place

So face your problems, don’t be suprised

when a sharp edge cuts it down to size

but if the problem still remains, then

maybe you should have instead used a pen?

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I kill by burning, yet my victim isn’t even singed

I work indiscriminately, blatantly,

But my victims don’t run, don’t hide

They seek me out, like suicide

They think that they are using me

I ease their nerves and calm their mind

But this isn’t free, their life’s the fee.

They can’t stop, I’m too strong

I’ll have used them up before too long

But I don’t care, there will be more

Seeking the same death as those before

Slowly suffocating, unable to breathe

They die if they stay, but hurt worse if they leave

I do more damage than anyone would expect

Who would suspect it of a mere cigarette?

What it all comes down to

I hear so many say “I can’t” It makes me shake my head.

A person can do anything, as long as they aren’t dead.

I do my best at everything, and visualize success.

And that has never failed me, no matter what duress.

Don’t give me bitter moans about how the world’s against you.

If you didn’t moan so much, the world would recompense you.

Don’t expect it, don’t demand it, as you see it’s not your due.

And perhaps since you’ve read this far, I’ll tell you what to do.

Prepare for worst, and hope the best, that is the first key.

You may not believe me, but it’s a sound philosophy.

Don’t be lax to help your fellows, and don’t demand a price.

But don’t let them make demands on what you should sacrifice.

Keep in mind that in the world, you will encounter strife.

Heed me well, do what you can, but pain is part of life.

Don’t let fear control your actions, fear’s only in our mind.

But caution is what helps us survive the perils that we find.

Don’t think yourself to be worth more than any human being

Each one may possess some skill that you simply were not seeing.

Always keep an open mind, give everyone a slate,

Leave it blank, and only judge by what they demonstrate.

Try your best against all odds, however bad they be.

As long as you retain your hope you’ve the key to victory.

Even if the chance is slim, just give it all you’ve got,

You’ll never make the winning score if you never take the shot.

Never fear to be yourself, it’s often all you’ll own,

even if you lose all else, and wind up all alone.

There’s nothing to be gained at all by hiding who you are,,

Never lose your self respect, and surely you’ll go far.

Be careful now to heed advice, from those who’ve walked your road,

Take the chance to avoid the pitfalls they’ve already showed.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, if we learn, not dwell in sorrow,

For the knowledge gained is still retained, to be utilized tomorrow.

Don’t force your beliefs on others, but it’s still alright to teach

But the only way to sway another is to practice what you preach.

Don’t give into simple teasing, but mind an honest criticism,

Accept the chance to improve yourself, don’t hide in cynicism.

Right now I’ve only scraped the surface of what the world requires

But I’d be here for many years, if I recounted to my desires.

But the philosophy is still there, the fundamental core

Stay true to these beliefs, and you’ll have all you need and more.

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