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Coyote AKA Johnny Wolfe: The Man Behind the Fursona

by on October 7th, 2009 at 10:00 am, under Image, Text, Video


"My Fedora... Pure win."

After reading this reply on Yahoo! Answers I tried digging up some more on this guy. Here’s what I found.

Full Name: Britain Coyote Dekota Brantley
Religion: Wiccan
Interests: writing, videogames, comic books, sleeping, anime


When not tipping his fedora and posing with A1 steak sauce, Coyote writes sadistic, erotic fiction and poetry. Here’s his latest piece titled “I Am Your Dog”

Beat me whip me
Strike me slip me
Kick me around like I’m your dog

Call me, Tie me
Bound me, Lie me
And chain me up like I’m your dog

Knock me out with one hit
Rub my nose in my own shit
Treat me like I’m your dog

Leash me, control me
Rock me, roll me
All because I am your dog

Love me, scorn me
Hate me, mourn me
Bury me alone like your dog

Author’s Comments
bark, bark, wimper

Here’s Coyote dropping some hot gaming wisdom.

An ongoing conversation from his DeviantArt:

Coyote doesn't have time for your bullshit, god.

Coyote doesn't have time for your bullshit, god.

Coyote explains LARPing to this stupid, vapid woman (his ex-online-girlfriend):





She has yet to respond to this last post. I can’t imagine why?

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