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Anime Shrine: “Wolfheinrich”

by on September 19th, 2009 at 4:36 pm, under Image, Text


Nickname: Wolfheinrich
Age: 36
How many years have you been an otaku: Now that’s a tricky question, I was not aware of myself becoming an otaku when I was still very young, the series that pushed me over the edge was Golden Lightan, so that put it at roughly 26 years.
Nationality: Naturalized American Citizen (Chinese)
Outline of my collection: Mostly anime figurines, Gunpla, DVDs, CDs and most recently Dollfie Dream
How much your collection cost: About $20000 USD on my figurine collection, probably $25000 USD overall.
My Favorite Item: Dollfie Dream Dynamite Escalayer
Your website address:

Additional photos can be found in my flickr site:

I have been a lone wolf otaku for many years since none of my off-line friends are otaku by nature, I stumbled upon by total accident and I have been making quite a few friends since then. Ever since I have become a regular visitor here and I have learned how to communicate with other otaku through blogging, something I have never attempted before.

I enjoy my otaku life style very much and at the same time, I also want to work hard and be a contributing member of the society, I worked very hard to develop my career and I want to help prove that otaku can be a very productive member of the society.

Click through for his collection.

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